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Season 5

24 May 2011
Episode #5.1
The team is called out when a giant,subterranean insect surfaces to drag victims to its nest - including Connor though Matt manages to save him. Connor is recruited by Burton to his New Dawn project,supposedly to harness energy from anomalies and he is given a glamorous,if mysterious helper,April,who stresses the top secret nature of the scheme. After Abby has caught Matt hacking into Connor's computer she learns that he is a visitor from a very bleak future,sent by Gideon to save the world and that Burton is merely using Connor for his own ends.
31 May 2011
Episode #5.2
A Liopleudon enters submarine HMS Gartside through an underwater anomaly, though the sub's captain bans the team from bringing their weapons on board and it is left to Connor to try and shoot the creature back through the hole on a torpedo. However the craft is sucked through the anomaly,causing a loss of power and is surrounded by a school of the creatures. Whilst Sir James dissuades a gung-ho admiral from nuking the area the team discharge the animal and return to their own time where Abby tries in vain to dissuade Connor from working for Burton before showing a ...
7 Jun. 2011
Episode #5.3
When a raptor comes through an anomaly at an art exhibition Matt pursues it back to Victorian England,where it is credited with being the mysterious bogey man Spring Heel Jack. Matt also encounters Emily,who is investigating the creature,incurring the wrath of her nasty possessive husband Henry,who wants her committed. Circumstances allow Emily to return to the twentieth century with Matt though the raptor and Henry are less fortunate. Abby meanwhile manages to secure evidence of Connor's work for Matt,though she incurs April's suspicion.
14 Jun. 2011
Episode #5.4
Still naively believing that he is working to make free energy Connor completes his first task for Burton - creating an artificial anomaly,which he claims is too small to be dangerous. Needless to say he is proved wrong as thousands of deadly beetles swarm through,killing a guard and almost finishing off computer operator Jess. Abby and Matt are able to send the creatures back thanks to the information they stole from Connor's hard drive. However Connor now realises that Burton is not to be trusted and,worse,has created a machine capable of making far larger anomalies.
21 Jun. 2011
Episode #5.5
As the team explains to James that Burton was in league with Helen Cutter in wishing to return the world to its primeval state a huge T Rex which has come through one of his anomalies and is on the rampage in London needs their attention. Anomalies are opening the world over and Burton leaves Connor to die at one nearer home though fortunately Abby comes to the rescue. The team tries in vain to get Burton to close down his New Dawn machine but,after pterodactyls have seen off April,Burton closes all the other anomalies worldwide putting all their power into a huge one...
28 Jun. 2011
Episode #5.6
Abby and Matt follow Connor through the anomaly,finding themselves in a vast wasteland,in which they fight off predators before returning to their own time. Eventually realising that he has been used by Helen Cutter Burton sacrifices himself along with the destruction of the New Dawn machine but the team still have to close off the giant anomaly by merging it with the smaller one created by Connor and causing it to implode. The world is saved but,as the team heads off on another mission, Matt has a disturbing confrontation.

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