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22 Jan. 2017
A student of medicine announces on the Net that he has abducted his parents and threatens to kill them. The Austrian investigation team takes a while to find out that his girlfriend committed suicide because she failed in an exam, and could not bear this failure as her immigrant father did not believe in women in professions anyway. So he goes on a virtual crusade against "the system".
5 Feb. 2017
Der scheidende Schupo
Ludwig Maria Pohl, aka Lupo, goes rather unnoticed by his inspector colleagues at the Weimar police station. This changes overnight when he becomes the target of a bombing and a deadly ricin poisoning is detected. Lupo only has two days left to live. Kira Dorn and Lessing have to find his murderer. Surprisingly they discover that Lupo is the son of a recently deceased owner of a traditional Thuringian porcelain manufacturer. Up until now, this fact was unbeknownst to anyone. Lupo is therefore entitled to one third of the considerable inheritance - much to the disdain ...
19 Mar. 2017
Borowski und das dunkle Netz
A masked hitman shoots and kills the head of the cyber crime division in a gym. Kiel detectives Borowski and Brandt investigate
26 Mar. 2017
A man is thrown from a bridge and run over by a lorry. Investigations show that he was dead before falling. Cologne DIs Ballauf and Schenk proceed to investigate the neighbourhood where the man had lived. The neighbours have all kinds of relationships: quarrel over a boundary, fathership of another's daughter... but where is a motive for murder?
30 Apr. 2017
Der Tod ist unser ganzes Leben
A serial killer is able to escape from his transport convoy of four policemen.
21 May 2017
Die Liebe ein seltsames Spiel
A woman is found dead by her neighbor - her husbands alibi, his doctor who is also his liaison, is soon found dead too. Leitmair and Batic try to unravel the love triangles around their main suspect.
11 Jun. 2017
Level X
During a live stream a famous prank artist gets killed. Hanni and Karin try to investigate.
10 Sep. 2017
In einer Stuttgarter Wohngegend liegt ein totes Mädchen auf der Straße. Der einzige Zeuge ist erst drei Jahre alt und entsprechend unzuverlässig, wie Sebastian Bootz bei der mühsamen Befragung feststellt. Der einzige Fluchtweg vom Tatort führt in den Stau auf der Neuen Weinsteige. Also macht Thorsten Lannert sich auf zu der Wagenschlange, sichert Spuren, sammelt Aussagen und begegnet dabei der ganzen Bandbreite von zunehmend gereizten Heimkehrern. Einer von ihnen muss der Täter sein.

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