Tatort Poster

(1970– )

Episode List

Season 1

29 Nov. 1970
Taxi nach Leipzig
The East German authorities are calling the West German Police for assistance on a case. The body of a boy was found at a Truck Stop near Leipzig. The boy wears shoes made in West Germany. Some time later the assistance call is withdrawn. Phoning his colleague in East Berlin, a man he worked together with in the past, investigator Paul Trimmel in Hamburg is told: "There is no work for you here." But Trimmel investigates on his own. He finds out that the wealthy Erich Landsberger is the illegitimate father of the dead kid. Landsberger and his other son have moved to ...
13 Dec. 1970
Saarbrücken, an einem Montag...
After receiving a dubious Phone call at work, Eva Konalsky, a typist working at a Steel Factory disappears without a trace. The Saarbrücken Police sends the two cops Liersdahl and Schäfermann to investigate. Both of them have a very different view of how police work should be done and they are not very fond of each other at first. When another person of the Steel Factory's personnel is murdered they both have to do their best to solve the case.
10 Jan. 1971
Kressin und der tote Mann im Fleet
Customs officer Kressin is on holiday in Hamburg and sees the tour guide acting suspiciously. He ignores it, but the day after the guide is found dead in the water.
7 Feb. 1971
Auf offener Straße
Aboard a vessel in Mannheim Harbor young sailor Walter Hubert is preparing for shore leave. His first stop is a local pub where he has his first beer and is looking for a new job. A job that would not take him too far away from Milli, the girl he intends to marry. Too bad Milli doesn't think the same. She never planned to accept his proposal. In the middle of the night Hubert finds himself out in the street, gets into a fight and in the heat of the moment a knife is planted in somebody's gut. It's now up to investigator Eugen Lutz and his team to find out what ...
7 Mar. 1971
Kressin und der Laster nach Lüttich
Kressin is back in Cologne, where he works for the customs office. Soon he is ordered to a new case. A gang of bootleggers keep outwitting the customs authorities. Kressin's colleagues can't find any evidence of a crime. Everytime the suspicious trucks are checked at the border, their load is always correct, as declared. Kressin now has to find the liquor and the bootleggers' HQ.
4 Apr. 1971
Frankfurter Gold
In Frankfurt con man Johannes Stein is making easy money with his latest trick: He is selling "Gold" to unsuspecting people. He too talks the Wimper family into buying some, later to be stored in a Swiss bank. After seeing proof, Grandpa Wimper is eager to buy. Little does he know about that "Gold". When Stein tries to sell some more to a business tycoon, he gets busted and has to flee. It's now up to investigator Konrad to track down the swindler and to arrest him.
2 May 1971
Kressin stoppt den Nordexpress
Kressin is in Copenhagen at an information event when his boss is calling him back to Cologne. He decides to go back by train. On the same train are the two gangsters Brockhoff and Katolli, being escorted back from Sweden by some policemen. Their accomplices plan to free them as soon as the train reaches German ground. When Kressin gets wind of this, he does everything possible to stop the gangsters.
13 Jun. 1971
After a few days away from home with his girlfriend constructor Breuke from Sieverstedt hurries home to convince his wife he is not having an affair. On the road home he hits a bicyclist, but drives on instead of calling an ambulance. Arriving at his house he deliberately hits the post of the driveway gate to disguise the damage of the accident. All the while he is unaware that his wife is watching him. Hauptkommissar Finke arrives in the village after the local police has taken Peter Reichert as a suspect. His assistant wants to investigate further. Meanwhile Breuke ...
11 Jul. 1971
Prisoner Edmund Frank is offered a large amount of money by the editor of a magazine, to tell the real story of his crime and the hiding place of the one million Mark he stole from the bank he worked for.
12 Sep. 1971
AE 612 ohne Landeerlaubnis
Max Bergusson hijacks flight AE612 from Milaan to Beirut. His wife's murderer is on board and he demands the captain to fly to Hamburg instead. Before he boards the plane, he informs Hauptkommissar Trimmel through a curious message.
10 Oct. 1971
Der Richter in Weiss
Brigitta Beerenberg calls the police to inform them she has killed her husband in self-defense. Trimmel wants her to be examined by a psychiatrist.
7 Nov. 1971
A dead woman found in the Donau, is the wife of a very important guest of the Austrian Government. Oberinspektor Marek is asked to investigate the case very gently.
9 Jan. 1972
Münchner Kindl
In München a child is abducted by a woman that escaped from a mental hospital. Kriminalhauptkommissar Veigl inspects the case but is not sure whether the woman is a threat to the child. The parents set a reward of 5000 DM.
Sep. 1974
Tote Taube in der Beethovenstraße
In Dead Pigeon on Beethoven Street, an American private eye is shot dead in Germany by an international extortion gang, and his partner arrives to seek revenge.
31 Aug. 1975
Schöne Belinda
5.9 (15)