"As Time Goes By" Future Imperfect (TV Episode 2000) Poster

(TV Series)


Geoffrey Palmer: Lionel Hardcastle


  • Jean : No Madge?

    Rocky : No. She sends her apologies. She...

    [kisses Jean hello] 

    Rocky : She's wrestling with the local operatic society at the moment.

    Jean : Well, why is she wrestling the operatic society?

    Rocky : Oh, they're planning a production of "Irma la Douce".

    Jean : Well, I would have thought that Madge would have approved of that.

    Rocky : She does. Trouble is she wants to play Irma.

    Lionel : This could be a long wrestle.

  • Lionel : Mrs Bale didn't mention the shipping forecast once, and that's not natural.

    Jean : Well, she did say, "Que sera will be."

    Lionel : Why didn't she say "Que sera sera"?

    Jean : What, a whole sentence in a foreign tongue? I don't think so.

  • [first lines] 

    Lionel : Damn and blast. Damn and blast!

    Jean : Do you want a hand, Lionel?

    Lionel : I can manage. Thank you.

    Jean : Fine.

    Lionel : Will you come out!

    Judith : Is she the sister?

    Jean : No, she can't be; the sister went to Australia.

    Judith : Well, she looks like her.

    Jean : Unless there's a third sister we know nothing about.

    Judith : That's not very likely, is it?

    Jean : Well, none of it's very likely, is it?

    Lionel : Look, I know you're in there; will you come out?

    Jean : [to Judith]  I've just got comfortable.

    Judith : What's the matter, Lionel?

    Lionel : Who said anything was the matter?

    Judith : Fair enough. She could have come back from Australia.

    Jean : What, she only went last week!

    Lionel : All right, it's this stupid printer.

    Judith : Oh, what's the matter with the printer?

    Lionel : It won't print.

  • [last lines] 

    [Lionel has just been speaking to Rocky on the telephone] 

    Jean : Who's buying the house?

    Lionel : *He* is.

    Jean : Oh, that's perfect! He and Madge belong there. For that matter, so do Mrs. Bale and Lol. I don't know why they left it in the first place.

    Lionel : Oh, my God!

    Jean : What?

    Lionel : He gave me the house, and now the old fool's trying to buy it back from me. I'm rounding off a wonderful day by robbing my own father!

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