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gavin694210 March 2015
A businesswoman (Rachel Nichols) is pursued by a psychopath (Wes Bentley) after being locked in a parking garage on Christmas Eve.

The film was directed by Franck Khalfoun, written and produced by Khalfoun, Alexandre Aja and Grégory Levasseur. The trio previously worked on "The Hills Have Eyes" (2006). Aja has said, "With a strong plot in the vein of High Tension, P2 gives us a chance to further explore the survival aspect of the terror movie." This really is a tense, suspenseful film.

The film is almost disgustingly gory, especially with the office chair death. Horror fans will eat it up, even if it makes them squirm in their seats.

Although reviews were mixed or negative, one man surprisingly came to its defense. Roger Ebert liked the film, giving it 3 out of 4 stars, and stated in his review that "although the plot may seem like a formulaic slasher film, P2 is in fact a very well made, atmospheric thriller with gritty yet realistic characters." Ebert is spot on, and coming from someone who is not generally kind to horror films, this praise is well-received.
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A creepy, solid horror flick
guyfromjerzee18 November 2007
I admit, I'm usually rough on many horror movies that come out nowadays, because...well...they suck. "P2," on the other hand, has many exciting moments and I was engaged the whole way through. The acting is solid. The actress who plays the lead does a great job at conveying real terror. I also like that she wasn't the typical big-breasted female lead who seems ripped from the pages of Maxim magazine. She is attractive, yes, but not your traditional Hollywood beauty, who's cast simply so she can have a scene where she's taking a shower and has to flee from the villain naked, with her gargantuan boobs bouncing in close-up. I loved Wes Bentley in "American Beauty," and was quite disappointed to find out that he fell off the radar after delivering that great performance as Ricky Fits. He would only pop up occasionally in braindead slasher flicks like "Soul Survivors." In "P2" he was given a chance to redeem himself, and that he did. He is a perfectly creepy villain, especially with those dark, piercing eyes. The movie is not without flaws. It has some of the expected fake scare moments and, without giving anything away, let's just say that I'm SURE it would take less than 20 minutes for the cops to show up after you make a 9-1-1 call. The filmmakers do a great job at setting up a creepy tone, starting off the film by playing "Santa Baby" over the opening credit sequence. That's ten times creepier than, say, playing a standard horror movie score. If you're sick and tired of many of the braindead teen slasher flicks that have been hitting theaters lately, this should come as a refreshing surprise. I think this film is sadly underrated.
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P2 effective, if unspectacular
rparham7 December 2007
With the resurgence of the horror/thriller genre in recent years, writers and directors have started to utilize a number of locations and situations that have proved unsettling in real life to be the center point for a film. P2 is one of those films. Who among us hasn't felt a little uncomfortable in a empty, dark parking garage, with no one in sight to call out to if there is a problem? P2 proves to be an effective, if not exactly original, thriller that does a good job of keeping the audience on the edge of its seat.

Angela (Rachel Nichols) is a workaholic who is trying to get out of the office on Christmas Eve to reach her sister's home, where the family is waiting on her. After having to complete a last-minute task, she finds herself one of the last people to exit the building's parking garage. However, her car won't start, and she seeks help from the garage's nighttime security, Thomas (Wes Bently). Although he appears to initially be helpful, it is quickly obvious that he is a little off. When Angela determines that the building is locked, she returns to the parking garage for help, where Thomas subdues her and then chains her to a chair in his office, dresses her in a revealing outfit, and plans to spend a pleasant Christmas eve dinner with her.

Angela quickly realizes that Thomas is determined to prove that he is the perfect man for her, but his methods are on the homicidal and creepy side: he threatens her with his dog, causes her to call her family and tell them she isn't going to make it and threatens her with physical violence. She eventually escapes his immediate grasp, and a chase through the garage ensues that takes a number of different turns.

P2 isn't an ambitious film, to be sure. However, it crafts this simple premise into a generally unsettling experience. P2 is largely driven by the performance of Wes Bently in the role of Thomas. Bently is at first glance an amiable guy. He seems awkward and a bit shy, but he eventually reveals himself to be delusional and lacking much in the way of conscience. At the same time, he actually manages to make Thomas a somewhat sympathetic individual, tapping into feelings of loneliness and alienation. Thomas in the end is certainly a deranged individual, but Bently manages to make him more than just that.

Rachel Nichols is competent in the role of Angela, providing us with the appropriate reaction of someone trapped in an ever evolving nightmare. Angela wavers between anger, false sympathy for Thomas and fear. It isn't a demanding role, but she delivers as necessary.

P2 doesn't pull many punches in the violence department. There are several grisly scenes (including one involving a fingernail) that will put those with a weak constitution on the edge of their seat. Unlike a recent raft of PG-13 horror films, P2 doesn't pretend to not know what some percentage of its audience wants to see.

If P2 falls a little bit, it is in the fact that this film is something of a variation on a theme from other recent thrillers, so once it has played most of its cards, you can find yourself generally able to determine where it seems to be heading. There is still plenty of tension, fulfilling its primary mission, but not without traveling some paths that have already been well trodden.
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So Surprised How good this was....
BenjaminFoxDickerson12 March 2008
So, P2... it looks like it would be a crap movie. But it's actually pretty good. I KNOW!!! Coming from an art background and as an avid fan of suspense and horror films I found this film was pretty smart and responsible. Rachel Nichols performance was really good, and the scenario plays out believably while avoiding a plethora of gender stereotypes, as well as confrontational stereotypes.

The characters are interesting and dynamic is great. From their first interactions, and the interplay between them it's clear how involved the process was in trying to capture those moments.

As far as the story goes, it's a pretty standard fair for a suspense thriller type of film. What makes this one work is the consideration given to selling the moments truthfully and keeping scenes honest. Right down to the end of the film. Wes Bently is a really gifted actor, his performance was candid, truthful and filled with a lot of well expressed anxiety and isolation. But never really expressed vocally, but it's always present in his character. Rachel Nichols is straight aces with her exploration of her characters pensive and diplomatic displacement in the situation she finds herself in. These two carry the film. The only problem I had was that one character was never really at the center, and I really wanted to know more than what I was being provided. I think some more time with either Bently's or Nichol's characters could have made a world a difference in really attaching us to them. I would say more so for Bently's security guard... he has an implied back-story, but I wanted to see more... how he functions outside of his job a little.

Something that really divides Seven from all it's other rip-offs and variations is the focus on the subtle specifics of Mills and Somerset's world, how definite and impractical their ethics are in the environments they inhabit. And then, how liberal and apathetic they are when faced with John Doe's absolute nature. This dynamic is that missing ingredient from P2. You're not really given an identifiable attachment to either of the core characters.

But overall, a movie I greatly under-estimated... This film does deserve a good look, but don't expect it to be something like "The Eye" or "Skeleton Key". It's a much richer and culturally considerate tapestry than films of that ilk, but isn't rich enough to be a classic like "Seven". It's a good film that I am sure didn't fully get it's dues.
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It's OK -- nothing special
jwerwin8010 November 2007
This movie takes a long time to get going, and I frequently found myself throwing in the flag. There are a lot of events which happen that just don't make sense and don't ring true. Initially Wes Bentley irritated me, but eventually I got to like him and his character. He's pretty good at playing a dissociative psychopath. Once the story got going it was easy to forgive the obvious mistakes and just have fun with it. The setting, a parking garage, is very cold and unforgiving. It's all concrete. That aesthetic helps set a tone that Thomas is going to be unforgiving. closed, and cold with people he doesn't like. Angela (Rachel Nichols) doesn't suffer from stupid chick syndrome. She makes a few smart moves, and that makes it easy to root for her and empathize with her. You want her to kick butt, but Thomas is a pretty strong opponent.
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Christmas cracker versus Christmas crackpot.
BA_Harrison20 March 2009
Workaholic Angela (Rachel Nichols) leaves her office late on Christmas Eve with the intention of spending the holidays with her family. However, psycho security guard Thomas (Wes Bentley) has other ideas: he wants the pretty woman to spend the festive season with him and will do anything to get his way.

In my humble opinion, an underground car park—particularly an almost deserted one late at night—is the perfect setting for a scary movie: full of hard, unforgiving, concrete surfaces (perfect for inflicting pain), dark menacing shadows, and eerie echoes, this unique environment offers horror film-makers maximum scope for scaring the bejeezuz out of an audience (I still shiver thinking about the car park scene in Zach Snyder's Dawn of the Dead).

Certainly, P2—to my knowledge, the first film to be set entirely within such surroundings—benefits immensely from its creepy locale's ominous ambiance: with little more than a routine 'woman in peril' scenario for a plot, director Franck Khalfoun relies heavily on his cavernous, subterranean environment to provide atmosphere and scares. Narrow corridors of light surrounded by blackness; flickering neon bulbs; ever vigilant surveillance cameras; claustrophobic elevators and uncomfortable crawlspaces: every aspect of the car park setting is cleverly used to breathe new life into tired material.

Spirited performances from the film's two leads also help to gloss over the film's numerous plot holes and clichés: Bentley is required to over-act as though his life depends on it, and obliges with an impressive, no-holds-barred display of nuttiness (in one hilarious scene, he even gets to pretend he's Elvis!). Nichols also handles her role well, scoring maximum points for her screaming, running, and ability to look unfeasibly hot in a flimsy dress (worn for no other reason than to permit viewers a chance to ogle her impressive cleavage).

Occasionally, the material does get a little TOO predictable for its own good: a couple of moments that attempt to deliver the 'surprise factor' fail spectacularly, and the result of the climactic showdown between Angela and Thomas is telegraphed way too early (close-ups of leaking petrol and a sparking Taser can mean only one thing...). However, with one particularly violent set piece guaranteed to shock all but the most desensitized of gore-hounds, and the constant distraction of Rachel Nichols' magnificent heaving chest, I find it fairly easy to be forgiving about the film's weaker moments, hence my possibly-too-generous rating of 7 out of 10.
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Make no Mistake it's an Aja film
rivertam269 November 2007
Make no mistake this is an Alexander Aja film. Like his masterpiece High Tension and his mega disturbing remake of Hills Have Eyes P2 aims for the throat and never lets go. Although the film is a little absurd and over the top in places it still makes for a fantastically entertaining watch. The film is polished ans stylish and features a powerhouse performance from rachael Nichols. she stars as Angela an overworked young business woman who becomes the victim of an obsessive security guard who murders in her name. What starts out as a timidly intense little thriller eventually turns into an all out splatterfest with blood galore and tension to boot. Audience members were clapping and some ran for the doors. P2 is a surprising new addition to an otherwise old concept. It's energetic and scary and just a lil silly.
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Better than you would think it should be
dbborroughs24 December 2007
Woman working late on Christmas eve is trapped by a psycho security guard in her office parking garage. Better than this has any right to be, this is actually a good little thriller. Psycho stalker films are not my cup of tea, but this one is actually pretty good thanks to a sense of humor, sense of horror, and a sense of place. if you've ever been in a garage you'll feel right at home at being uneasy. The director was an actor in the French horror film High Tension a film that I thought fell apart in the end, Here he's taken what worked in the earlier film and manages to make it work all the way to the end. If I have any real complaint is that the film is probably much longer than it should be, still if you like this sort of thing you're sure to be pleased.
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Didn't expect much....got even less.......
lotus_chief15 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I'll admit that the premise of P2, 'horror-thriller' set in a parking garage had me interested. Good way of changing things up a little. I knew what I was going into, so I wasn't expecting very much. What I got out of it was even less.

The setting for the film was the only thing intriguing. The acting wasn't very good; the 'psycho' in this is beyond annoying...and a lot of what he says just doesn't make sense. Yes, he's supposed to be crazy but come on! The heroine was decent in her performance, attractive I must say. But the story was just downright silly; the movie could've been done in a half hour. And if that's the case, its obvious that the script needs to be tightened up. This is indeed the case; as I couldn't help but think that the makers were just adding a lot of filler so the film would last at least 90 minutes. The heroine could've gotten out of her predicament a few times (the first time almost immediately as she's FREED from a chain around her leg), but she's too much of a wuss to really do anything about it. There's the obligatory gore here, most of it out of taste. I wasn't disgusted, but more disappointed that they stooped to that level of cartoonish violence. The fingernail scene was just ridiculous, they had to think that would've been "cool" and just threw that in there.

P2 is your typical run-of-the-mill horror/thriller that's just not a very good film at all. Don't waste your money on this one.

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More Violent & Bloody Than I Thought It Would Be
Matt_Layden12 June 2010
A business woman has to work late on Christmas Eve, when she finally finishes and heads down to the parking garage, her car won't start. She asks the parking attendant to help her, but what she doesn't realize is that he is a deranged psychopath who has been watching her and wanting to be with her for quite some time now.

I had pretty low expectations for this film, after all it is set in a parking garage. Yet P2 surprised me, not only was it suspenseful, it had great performances and a pretty surprising amount of violence. With a lot of horror/thrillers these days they seem to skim out on the bloody violence, but P2 uses it very well here. It's not overly done, only used sparingly. When it is used, it's gruesome, which adds to the ick factor. P2 gets a thumbs up from me because of that.

Wes Bently plays the parking attendant and he plays crazy very well. His calm demeanour is even more sinister than what a loud lunatic would be. He wants to be Rachel Nichols' friend desperately, he is madly in love with her. In his sick and twisted way, they need/have to be together. He is there to help her realize this and is willing to kill those who either get in the way or mistreat her. This takes us into our first death and one of the most gruesome parts of the film. For those that are squeamish, they should look away because one characters gets beaten repeatedly and then some. I find myself liking Bently more and more with every film I see him in, with the exception of Ghost Rider...ew.

Rachel Nichols is the female lead, she is suppose to be the clichéd blonde bimbo in distress. P2 switches the tables around, no longer are we stuck with a stupid character who falls over when they are running away from the killer. We are given a smart and determined business woman, who is constantly showing off her cleavage. Yes, this movie for some reason has put our heroine in a white dress that was most likely done to please the male audience.

P2 isn't for everyone, I'm sure there are dozens of things wrong with it. Such as why doesn't she simply pull the fire alarm, just for starters. But the film did what it was suppose to do. Put a female in danger, have a strange and sadistic murderer follow her and the film becomes a cat and mouse game. In the endless list of films that do this, P2 is surprisingly well done. It's definitely underrated as many people seemed to have overlooked it. I wouldn't suggest you rush out and rent this today, but if you were ever interested even a little bit, check it out. That is, if you've ever heard of it.
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starts off strong and stays strong
nyFITguy9 November 2007
I have been anticipating this film for awhile. i heard it was made by the people who brought us high tension and I knew the film would be good. The film tells the story of Angela, who is working late on Christmas Eve. She is leaving for a get together with family when her car will not start. If that wasn't bad enough, she is also locked in her work building. Angela is helpless and someone wants to help her. Someone wants to be with her. On Christmas eve, Angela is held captive in the parking garage and wants to get out. She'll do anything to get out. Before going to the movie today, i had read so-so reviews saying that the film is predictable, boring and unoriginal. Sorry, but what horror/thriller film is original these days? The plot is not original by any means, but it does have one thing that makes the film great and that is realism. The film is very much realistic, and it's just one of those situations you could see happening to you or one of your friends. What also makes me love this film, is that instead of getting some villain killer in a mask chasing some helpless girl, you get a regular guy, who in times, you feel sorry for, and a woman who is just like an everyday person. She is the heroine, but at the same time, remains the victim. She is smart for a character and has some very kick ass moments, but she is still scared, crying and nervous. The acting was good. It was a bit eh at parts, but for the most part, remained fine. Rachel Nichols shined in this film and really plays the character well. All you want her to do is go home to her family in the end. And Wes Bentley, is superb in this film. Everybody says that his acting was bad in this film, but i don't see that at all. He is so psychotic in the film, yet acts like a friend at the same time. Other than that, other characters were just extras. The film paces itself pretty good, but in parts drags on and you're just thinking to yourself, come on. The character development is good. You get to know the main character and you feel for her, which is the main object. Not only that, but also, at times feel for the villain.

Overall, the film is great. There are flaws, but seriously, what film doesn't have flaws. It can't be perfect. So, Good Characters, Good story, and just an edge of your seat thriller. If you can see this in theaters, you should. Recommended. If you like High Tension, you will like this film.

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Though a bit mediocre, it doesn't fail at being fun
Dragoneyed36318 June 2009
Warning: Spoilers
P2 was recommended to me by a friend who really loved it. I looked it up and it seemed interesting enough and right away I was ready to watch the movie whenever I got the chance. Well, when it started off I was immediately interested. The film starts off pretty strong as you see Angela (Rachel Nichols) getting ready to go home for the holidays. However, the obsessed Thomas (Wes Bentley) has plans of his own as he "invites" Angela for a "nice little" dinner with him. All in all things go horribly wrong for Angela as she ends up trying to escape the maniac's clutches.

This film, for me, had quite a lot of new material, such as, I loved the way Jim died, for it was a fresh, cunning death. Some other things I also enjoyed were the dog chase scene which I found really intense, and I liked how even though Bentley's character became quite moronic at times, he never actually stopped being intimidating. The film itself had nice suspense too. However, the movie's cliché level is what really drags it down a few points; There were just some things I found so unnecessary and predictable to the point where it wasn't enjoyable at times. It does get a bit mediocre, and of course it's no masterpiece.

Overall though, P2 was a very entertaining and exciting movie to watch. I thought both Nichols and Bentley gave pretty good performances, and while the movie isn't the best of the best, it's worth the watch.
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Thank god I didn't pay to see this movie
jwb25-26 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I just returned from a FREE screening of this movie, and all i have to say is...wow. This movie started off bad and did not even come close to be entertaining. This movie is all about a woman who gets "kidnapped" by a security guard in the parking garage of the building she works in. Good story right? Wrong. There is nothing about this movie that is suspenseful or thrilling. Every move is predictable. There is not a hint of good acting. The movie tries to be funny when you don't want it to, but then on the other hand some scenes where they are trying to be serious are laughable.

There were many scenes where i found myself laughing at the obvious things that were overlooked. There was a scene where a character walked right over a cell phone and did not see it. This is just an example of how bad this movie is. There are so many scenes where i just went....wait, they are serious.

I want to go to the people who made this and tell them not to release this and get publicly embarrassed. The only reason it gets a 2 and not a 1 is because the girl is wearing a pretty revealing dress the whole time
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Unusual And Entertaining Holiday Horror-Thriller.
drownnnsoda9 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
"P2" is about a young businesswoman, Angela Bridges (Rachel Nichols) who finds herself working late on Christmas Eve in her New York city office building. The last one to leave the building, she finds her car won't start. Parked on level P2 in the building's underground parking garage, she runs into a security guard, Thomas (Wes Bentley) who tries to help fix the car. After the failed attempt, Angela is scrambling to try and make it home where her family is waiting for her. But when she becomes locked in the parking garage, she finds herself in a fight for survival when Thomas, a psychologically unstable man, kidnaps her and intends to spend Christmas Eve with her... if she can stay alive through the night.

While it may have a rather obscure title, "P2" is a pretty solid thriller that came about just in time for the holiday season. I enjoy Christmas-set horror movies, there's something gleeful about yuletide scares for fans of horror films, and I typically tend to enjoy them, "P2" being no exception. And while the fact that it takes place during Christmas has nothing to do with the story whatsoever, it gives the movie a little boost of something different. The film starts out at a steady pace and not much happens for the first thirty or so minutes, and then afterwards things begin to kick in and the thrills and spills start up, welcomely, of course.

Written by Alexandre Aja, a French filmmaker who brought us "High Tension" and "The Hills Have Eyes" remake, the story is something halfway original. It takes the typical struggle between a psychopathic man and a strong-willed woman and places it in an unusual environment which provides for some pretty unique occurrences and plenty of great opportunity. Parking garages are creepy places anyway, with their low-ceilings, cement walls, and dark and damp atmosphere - so why not set a horror movie there? After our protagonist is kidnapped, the antics between her and the psychopath ensue, and I felt that this was fairly well-written. The pacing has a few problems, things would become extremely intense, and then the movie would slow to almost a stop, then kick in again, which became a little tiring, but it wasn't enough to kill the film for me.

Rachel Nichols performs well in her first leading role here, playing the strong-willed Angela, and Wes Bentley is plays the quirky, offbeat character (it somewhat reminded me of his character in "American Beauty", just in a psychopathic-murderer form) well. Both actors have talent, and do well throughout the majority of the film, although some moments do come off as a little campy - I'm sure the writing had a little fault with this too, but it isn't a major problem. It's not a terribly gory film, either. There are a few pretty nasty moments, but they are for the most part few and far between. The atmosphere is damp and dark as a parking garage, and the Christmas setting (brought through with some Christmas tunes to play along with a few scenes) is effective and neat. There are a handful of excellent and memorable scenes (the car-ride murder scene and elevator being most clever). Most of the movie is what could be classified as a 'psychological thriller' in which Thomas is playing a cat-and-mouse game with Angela. The ending is quite the kicker, and I thought it was a good way to close the story.

Overall, "P2" is an above-average horror/thriller. It delivers enough thrills to keep the audience entertained, and is well-written for the most part. The premise may not be terribly original, but the main thing that this film has got going for it is it's unusual but effective setting (that is made well-use of). I enjoyed the majority of this film, and while it is a bit campy in moments, overall it's a fun movie that horror fans should be advised to check out in conjunction with the holiday season. This will likely fall under my little list of must-see Christmas-themed horror movies, because it's one of the better ones. 7/10.
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Nice Girls When Covered In Blood Turn Savage
Kashmirgrey12 November 2007
P2. Let's pray there is never a P3 or even a P1-The Prequel.

Ambitious, overworked young woman becomes the obsession of a crazed security guard who manages to orchestrate holding her hostage in the parking garage of the building she works... on Christmas Eve, no less.

The whole cat and mouse-mouse gets bloody-mouse turns tables on cat premise has been played and overplayed, and now it is just plain being abused. The stalking scenes are boring. The psycho (Wes Bentley) is an obnoxious twit, rarely scary, always annoying. Rachel Nichols does a fair job here as the victim, but ironically falls "victim" to Hollywood's whoring her out in a white slip boasting her cleavage to maintain the attention of feeble minds and teen mallrats.

Miss this and I assure you, you won't miss a thing.
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Watch Out In Those Parking Decks!
TheDraytonSawyer24 February 2008
P2 has to be one of the best movies I've seen of late 2007. It has tons of action and is just non-stop. The movie is pretty gory at times too, there's one scene that is very realistic! I won't spoil it though, but it's pretty nasty! P2 is about a lady that gets stuck in a parking deck on Christmas Eve. Of course her car won't turn on, and he's stuck there all by her self. She's not alone though, there's a crazy killer on the loose! If you're looking for a very entertaining thriller/horror movie I think you'll enjoy P2. It is one movie that will definitely make you scared to go in parking decks by yourself. Alexandre Aja also helped out with this movie. He did a fantastic job on the story/screenplay! I give P2 a 9/10
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Man stalks Woman
MovieKid619 November 2007
I read in a previous review that this movie is like "High Tension" or compared to it. P2 was a decent movie, no where in the arena of High Tension. Wes Bentley (Thomas) did a good job in the movie and definitely was a creepy character. Overall its a movie that probably can wait until DVD to watch. There are several cheap scares that get the crowd pushed back in their seats. I feel as though this movie was probably rushed when made. The movie probably could have been shot all in one night if it really wanted to be. Overall though, there are some scares. I just think that this movie could have been made to be a lot more creepier than it was.
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Save your ten bucks.
brittjunk11 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
I think we've seen this movie about a million times before. Dainty late-20's female outsmarts her captor.. the only twist this time around is that it's in a PARKING GARGE. That's the creative part. It smells vaguely of Wrong Turn, Black Christmas, etc.

There were several scenes in which you wanted to yell out to her to just do the obvious (which would end the movie far too early, of course) and the acting could use some work. Rather than add more to the plot itself, they filled it in with blatantly poised scenes of her cleavage.

A few scenes were downright illogical. And to top it off, if you're an animal lover, there is a completely unnecessary scene in which she murders a rottweiler with a tire iron.
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I don't understand what people are seeing!!
blondejm5710 November 2007
I will never give a movie a 0-1 because I know how much goes into making a movie and to make it this far its not a 0-1. This movie was terrible, the script had to be written by a 7 year old, and the acting was horrible. There were parts of the movie when I didn't know if I should laugh or be scared, if there was any suspense to this movie at all. The lead character, (the security guy) was a terrible terrible actor and played his role out like a whiny girl at times in this movie.

I found myself looking around not sure what people around me were doing in the "empty" movie. So I figured I'd give it a shot and a comment here gave it a 10 out of 10. By no means was this a 10 out of 10 because at some parts I felt like I was watching a horror movie spoof where they make fun of other horror movies. I am not a harsh critic and don't point my finger and say "that sucks!!". Never in my life have I thought about getting up and leaving a movie, for the fact that I felt like I was going no where and it was an utter waste of time and money.

There are very good thrillers out there, ones that keep you on the edge of your seat, ones that keep you guessing, and ones that just mystify you:

This one kept me on the edge of my seat because I didn't know if I should walk out or not.

I am someone who does get scared and I am not afraid to say I was scared, but I jumped at one point in this movie, and thats it. A thriller should be jumpy and have you guessing whats going on, a thriller should have you not expect whats going to happen next, and P2 seriously did none of those for me. The only things that weren't predictable was what that security guard was going to say or do next because I swear everything was horrible improv.

I never leave comments and I rarely go out of my way to do this stuff, but please do not watch this movie, save it for BEE movie or something that you will actually laugh a couple times. I was sickened at how bad this movie was and sickened that other people like it, I would love to see this movie in the 3's because thats what it deserves. IF for some reason you don't follow this guide, which is totally understandable, I hope you come back and read this again and say, wow he was right.

I gave this a 2 stars out of 10, not out of hate or harshness to anything, but I gave it a 2 only because they had to put a lot of time into making the movie....THAT IS ALL!!!
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Great Xmas Horror!!!
matt_fresh26 March 2020
DUDE!!!! I thought this movie was gonna suck but stuck at home trying to avoid COVID I was looking for some mindless horror films to watch and stumbled upon this one. I instantly recognized the weirdo from American Beauty and he's 10x more messed up in this one. I don't hold my breath much in thriller / horror films but I have to admit I did a few times in this one and it was actually very well acted and at times terrifying. There's a few scenes you will never forget and it's not one of those horror movies where you're saying omg are you kidding me... the girl being terrorized is actually very intelligent, she doesn't do any of the cliche horror film idiot chick moves, she's a survivalist sealing with a deranged obsessed maniac. It's gripping at times and keeps you guessing and pining for more excitement. Very gory and suspenseful and this could happen to anyone. It's a hidden gem for those of us who like these heinous films. My girlfriend left the room cause she couldn't take it. LOL. Merry Xmas!!!
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Festively bloody in a parking garage
bloodybonger12 December 2019
In this movie we get to see the true psychotic side of the holiday spirit. As a parking garage security guard kidnaps and kills his way through a holiday rum that is fun for the entire Horror family.
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Very good thriller.
castletopdolls15 June 2019
No dull moments, kept me watching, as woman gets locked in a parking garage at her job by a psycho cop who messes with her car so she cannot leave, he pretends to help her but then kidnaps her and takes her back to his office, it takes place at Christmas time and she cannot get home to see her family instead she is stuck trying to get away, he also forces her to beat up for male coworker who has kidnaped and put in the parking garage who sexualy harrsaed her earlier but she refuses so he ends up killing him in front of her, this part is gory but very scary, keeps you on the edge of your seat kind of movie !
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Below average slasher flick
dean290011 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
It was quite obvious that people involved with this picture in some way wrote some of the early reviews giving this a 10/10. Anyone who gives this movie above a 6 has some sort of tie with the motion picture.

First, let me say it is not terrible. That is the only compliment I can give though.

This is nothing more than a woman being locked in a building with a psychopath. You have seen it before and this brings nothing new to the genre.

As with movies of this sort, any person met before the main character is abducted by the madman will be killed along the way. Cars don't start, cell phones don't work when you need them to. This one went with the NO SERVICE theme as opposed to the battery dead theme.

The woman desperately tries to escape as with all similar movies and when she realizes at the end that their is no escape, she kills the madman and then is able to walk out of the building.

The movie is played seriously and has no intentional humor. It is honestly is very ho-hum and if you have seen more than 3 similar movies then you will be bored.

Skip this one.
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Claustrophobic and Tense
claudio_carvalho26 May 2008
In the Christmas Eve in New York, the workaholic executive Angela (Rachel Nichols) works until late night. When she is ready to drive to her family's Christmas party, her BMW does not start and she calls a cab. However, she is unable to leave the building, since all the exits are locked, and she returns to the garage, where she meets the night watch Thomas (Wes Bentley). The security guard tries to help her with a battery charger, but the car does not start. Angela asks him to open the gate; however, she is unexpectedly attacked by a psychopath, beginning her night of horror trapped in the building.

The claustrophobic and tense "P2" is a surprisingly good low-budget movie. The plot takes place practically most of the time in one location, more precisely in a garage, and the story is credible in times of worldwide insanity. The gorgeous Rachel Nichols has a great performance, half naked and barefoot, running and hiding herself from a maniac stalker. Wes Bentley has also a good performance in the role of a lonely deranged character that is omnipresent in the universe of the suspenseful story. "P2" blends suspense, horror and black-humor in right doses, and there is basically only one gruesome scene; the rest, is pure psychological horror. My vote is seven.

Title (Brazil): "P2 – Sem Saída" ("P2 – No Way Out")
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Been there done that!
emiliosparks19822 May 2008
I don't really know where to begin. I think for me what was the killer mainly was the casting. I am a huge fan of the genre so (not really much that can shock me) i expect the female character to escape 95% of the time but it was so easy i was left yelling at the screen.

Just bad acting across the board not to mention they crashed my Pontiac Sunfire (that did hold weight on the rating lol). But seriously i cannot find anything good to say about this movie. If you really wanna see it make it a rental.

I am glad that i did. If you want a good shocker or two. Go for "Catacombs", go for "Storm Warning" or "Murder set pieces". This one is comical at best and an insult to the genre.
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