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Fashion Police
shadowduster259 May 2013
I honestly agree with one viewers opinion on the show. One host in particular is a joke. Please some one tell me why Joan Rivers is a "Fashion Police" Host. I have watched this show few times and she makes me sick. I mean honestly why is she of all people talking smack about how others look and dress. I take it she doesn't own a mirror. She wears way way to much make-up. Her choice of clothing is even worse. In fact most of the celebrities she mocks actually dress 99% better then she does yet the show keeps her as a host. She is plain annoying. Yes I understand that is what the show does but please get a host that isn't such a hypocrite like her.
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aceellaway201015 January 2013
I'm ashamed to admit I watch this show. The 4 "reviwers, need to take a good look in the mirror-particularly Kelly-although she seems the least bitchy of them all. The poor girls lavender hair has become a joke- she needs to watch Mrs Slocum in the BBC comedy "Are You Being Served" and Edna Everage. The looks is the same, and its not even flattering to her skin tone, WHY are the other participants not telling her this? Or are they and the poor misguided twit just doesn't listen? Joan Rivers has gone beyond bitch, she is now just a C***. Sorry, but if she has Gay fans-and I am gay- her hatchet job on Jodie Foster's private life on the Golden Globes review was sickening.. In a few words she need to THINK, just spouting sexual content is not funny in itself. The participants and network should tell her to "Shut the F*** up"
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Absolutely terrible.
mossdrake562 August 2013
Warning: Spoilers
I completely hate this show. They talk bad about people left and right. maybe 1% of the things they say are positive. The other thing i hate is that because they had an argument with lady gaga, they have to talk bad about everything she does. They say shes not good with fashion, when in fact they look like fat Women that like to wear a lot of makeup. I despise everything they say. They probably think making fun of others that makes them better, when in fact they are just fat old hags, and i wish i could spit on each of their faces. The only reason i rated this one star is because it cant go any lower. I would never advise this show unless you want a reason to slap each of them.
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Love the show, get rid of Kelley
vkrouse-990-5530522 May 2014
Love the show except for Kelley. It's May 1. Last week I couldn't even wrap my mind around what she was wearing. The skirt reminded me of my Home EC teacher in the late 60s & the top was a tied dyed type thing I can't even label. Bottom line, made her look bigger than she is. How many times does she dis others for that? Tonight her makeup is so gruesome I can't stand to look at her, black lips with lavender hair. She can look good but enough with the hair & lose that stylist. Take a lesson from Giuliana, George & Joan who always look great, then I might be able to handle you dissing others. Love the show & everyone else, but Kelley Osborne? Nope.
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It's a fashion show with great fashion
Shopaholic351 February 2014
Look I know some people are not impressed with the negative comments that are expressed by the panel of judges but fashion is a tough and opinionative industry. Everything is subjective and you cannot honestly tell me that you yourself have not thought b!tchy comments about someone walking down the street in a pair of crocs.

I find that the panel consisting of Giuliana Rancic - E Correspondent, Kelly Osbourne - Rock offspring royalty and George Kotsiopolous - Fashion Stylist make up a good balance of varied opinions. And the best thing is they all have one and they stand by what they say with conviction even if the others don't agree. It's also nice when celebrities come onto the show as it gives you a chance to see them as they really are. I have converted my negative opinions to ones of respect after watching some on Fashion Police e.g. Amber Rose seems like a really normal, sweet, reasonably down-to-earth person and just cause she dresses like a ho that does not make her one.

Now the reason I didn't include Joan Rivers in the panel is because honestly she is just the comedic relief host. I think we can all agree that she is there for veteran experience but the problem is her jokes are getting tired and vulgar to the point of making me want to be sick, and I don't offend easily. Also I find she is repeating the same bits over and over again which feels tired and stale. They've allowed her to be put up on a pedestal and it makes for uncomfortable scenes. It's painful to watch Giuliana's face as Joan says something truly offensive ("please get me off this show, I can't take this anymore"). And her untalented daughter Melissa tags along for the ride as a packaged deal. This is the reason in my opinion the show is an 8. It is a shame because if Joan wasn't there I would give it a resounding 10.

The show has some great aspects though including the games such as "starlet or streetwalker" and "guess me from behind". It is a bit of fun that breaks up the serious fashion. I also find myself being impressed by their comments regarding areas to improve outfits as for the most part they are insightful and correct. And the panel (excluding Joan) are quite objective and try hard not to bring their personal vendetta's into judging. They don't discriminate against weight, age or eccentricities and judge on whether the individual is living up to their potential and looks great for the individual they are. Although yes occasionally their b!tchy side does come out every now and then but who can honestly say they have never been a b!tch before in their lives. I know I can't.
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Kathy Griffith was boring. Joan Rivers would have said...
elizusui13 January 2015
Fashion Police was so boring that I only watched half of it this time. I really miss Joan rivers and Kathy Griffith is too agreeable. Here are my thoughts. Joan Rivers would have said... Julianne Moore's dress: "geez, her dress looks like someone poured silver paint all over her naked body and put feathers on the bottom. I mean doesn't the dress make her look naked?" Emma Stone: "Geez, this is too casual. So inappropriate for Golden Globe. it looks like she took a night club outfit and put a huge bow in the back. Definitely one of the worst." Claire Danes: "she looks like a dead vampire straight out of a casket. Ai yai yai. What happened to her? Is there a new vampire movie that she is auditioning for?" Nina: "geez, did someone take a curtain and just draped it around her? The dress is not fitting right, baggy in the middle, not tailored right. She should fire the person who created it." Lorde: "she looks like she is going to work and just put a bikini on top." Lana: "the dress looks cheap. It looks like she paid $100 for that." Lupita: "she is half a flower pot. She is growing flowers from her breasts." Kathy Griffith was just too safe, too agreeable and afraid of taking risks.
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