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  • Pedro, an engineer posted in a village in the North of Portugal, waits desperately to be transferred back to Lisbon. Ever since his road project was cancelled, he's had nothing to do except work on the village website he created. Just when a transfer seems imminent, Pedro receives a letter from a large multinational. They summon Pedro to close the site, citing domain name infringement. Failure to do so will result in a 500.000 Euro lawsuit. But only the village association can close the site. And the villagers refuse. Their logic: if the site is worth 500.000 Euros in damages, then it's worth 500.000 Euros. The situation spins out of control when the press gets wind of the story and the villagers' plight becomes a cause célèbre from New York to Hong Kong. But as interest rises, so does dissension in the village. Under the media spotlight, the villagers start to change - and not always for the better.


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  • A small village in Portugal, Águas-Altas, is being sued by a Spanish multinational corporation because the village hosts a website that uses the same name as an international brand of mineral water. A judicial battle for website begins, that quickly turned in to a media circus. Thus the residents of this small village, who are not even sure what the internet is, are forced defend their website and their villages honour.

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