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War With the Lucien Alliance
fcabanski11 October 2015
Warning: Spoilers
There's some decent action, so it's not all a loss. But the episode means nothing. It goes nowhere. The Ori are still invading. If SGC and their allies don't stop the Ori soon, the galaxy is lost.

So the show starts out with another red herring Ori mention. Odyssey, with SG-1 aboard, investigates an Ori super gate. But there's only a Lucien Alliance trap.

The LA is in disarray. The under lords, lieutenants, or whatever they're called aren't happy with their leader's constant attacks against the Taur'i. It might interrupt the trade in addictive corn. Those pesky Taur'i, who have done nothing against the LA except repel their attacks, are a bigger threat then the Ori: who have sent crusaders to take over the galaxy.

Anyone who didn't know Cam was posing as the LA leader is a fool. Once again the SG-1 writers thought good drama is accomplished by keeping secrets from the viewers. But this secret isn't very good.

Vala shows some ruthlessness when she beams the :A lieutenant into space. Hurrah. That was decisive. That was nice.

At the end of the episode, it's clear Earth is now at war with the corn hustling group run by one of the wimpiest evil leaders known to sci fi.

Speaking of wimpy, Col. Emerson, commander of the Odyssey, dies in this episode. Who cares. He's had no character development. He's hardly appeared. His greatest skill seems to be sending mayday calls after getting his ship's ass kicked. He won't be missed.
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