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Wonderful feel-good matter what anyone else says
ronniebun26 July 2008
It is rare for me to feel so strongly about something that I actually register on a website JUST to add my own comment to it. Well, this is what I just did here on IMDb because.... this movie rocks. I'm looking at the ratings breakdown and almost half of the votes are 1 out of 10 while the other half is evenly spread over ratings from 2 to 10. Is it just me or does someone want to bring this gem of a movie down? o_O

Eddie Murphy is awesome as both Dave (the ship) and its captain, and the supporting cast is brilliant...I smiled throughout the whole movie and had some real laughs, the plot is tight with no real holes I could make out, AND... whoever it was that said the whole premise is silly and laughable is forgetting one important thing about these kind of movies: They're fantasy entertainment.

And on that basis, "Meet Dave" works. Humor, warmth, a friendship/self-confidence message, faith in the good in humans, it's all there and wonderfully done. Of course the plot is more than unlikely, but that's the beauty of movies in general - they can take you to an imaginary world and let you be amazed at the "what-ifs."

It's just such a shame that most people aren't even going to bother seeing this once they glance at the IMDb rating. As for me, I can't wait for the DVD release. It rocks, from the first minute to the last.

Welcome back, Eddie Murphy :)
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A lot better than expected!
kbros1124 August 2008
I am part of those people who surfed on IMDb to check the rating of this movie and was amazed to see it scoring less then a 4... Obviously this is not going to deserve an Academy Award, but still I don't get all those people who gave it a 1/10. What where they expecting from a movie with this kind of plot?

On the other hand, I found the movie a LOT more entertaining than expected! I had "normal" expectations for the movie, thinking that I would have sat having a decent time for a couple of hours. Instead I found myself laughing out loud most of the time! Eddie Murphy proved to be in great shape, as just his facial expressions were enough to set the audience on fire! The movie was also carried on in a smart way, without turning boring or too obvious.

This is STRONGLY suggested if you have kids!
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I totally agree ! A great family comedy film
noalpha27 July 2008
I've just watched the film and wanted to take a look at it on IMDb. I actually couldn't believe that it's scored only 3.2 . Well, if your understanding of comedy is chicks with no tops in it and using slang language, then maybe this is not a film for you. But the film has clearly nice, fun jokes. It's suitable for families. I actually enjoyed the film and would suggest it. I have enjoyed watching film of Eddie Murphy since my childhood and with this film he still shows he's really a nice comedian. So i can say to people who would like to spend some time with laughing, they can go and see this movie. I don't think they'd not like it if comedy is what they are looking for.
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If it makes you laugh then why fight it?!
mattramsden8-121 July 2008
Before I start ranting I would like to make it clear that I think this site is fantastic as it epitomises democracy and allows people to present all their contrasting opinions which are all equally valid. However I have a problem with some people who seem to take a snobbish attitude to films (and culture in general), and seem to discount a film's credibility before/after they've seen it, often due to the actors or even the audience that it is aimed at. If you don't like silly films with dubious reality, then why go and see an Eddie Murphy film in the first place?!In my opinion each film should be rated on it's individual merits, and how it compares to the genre. Why not go and see a film with an open mind and then rate it on the reaction that it provokes? This is a film for children and adults alike, not meant to be taken seriously but is a Hilarious film! There is not one person in the cinema who was not creasing themselves...I was sat next to a man in his fifties who enjoyed it just as much as I did!I am normally a bit undecided when it comes to Eddie Murphy, but this is by far the best film I have seen him in. His physical comedy and facial expressions are comic genius, and there are plenty of laugh out loud moments. Yes, it is definitely a silly comedy and the plot deteriorates vastly in the last third and is swamped in sentimentality. However isn't that what you expect from Eddie Murphy and a Hollywood film?! If you fancy 90 minutes of fun and pure laughter then this is the film for you...however if you are not a fan of Eddie Murphy or silly comedy (elf, galaxy quest etc) then give it a wide berth!
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Great movie and a great story for my kids with a positive message
elderdave12 June 2015
I have had this movie a while and watched it with my two son's, twice in two days. It is hilarious for both me and my two boys. The story line is very interesting and fun to watch the "dave" ship go about their mission. We had some great family time with this movie and is now a personal cult classic in my home! Not sure what else to write but for a family movie you cannot go wrong. I tried to find a Eddie Murphy fan page to share my review but it seems you have to pay money with all the so called fan pages on the net. Anyway, thanks to the writers, cast and crew for a great movie!! 'd love to get a autographed photo of Eddie Murphy for my two boys, they are young and think he is hilarious! Although they only know him as "Dave" haha.
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Cute, Funny, Entertaining, a comical Sci-Fi
yariv-427 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
I'll start by saying I was surprised to see it got such bad scores. The wife and I thoroughly enjoyed it and liked the movie a lot. OK, so no gazillions of dollars in special effects and touch ups, but the story is good and cute, and got funnier as it went along. Interesting too and it was just fun. Enjoyed a lot. If you see it try to take it lightly cause its what it is.. fun. (Just imagine a Star ship that looks human.) Now I am just a movie fan, but i enjoy movies so this is it. Anymore would be a spoiler. This movie needs more support so here goes. Go get it and enjoy.

-Jerry Cohen
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Another Good Murphy Film Hugely Critized
darren-r-holloway16 July 2008
I just finished watching this movie and i have to say that the rating for this movie should have been a lot better.

A lot of people are suggesting that eddie's career is going downhill but in my opinion its gone from good to bad back to good. He started his career with some brilliant movies (Coming to America, Beverly Hills Cop, trading places etc) and also two of the best stand ups i have ever watched (Raw & Delirious). His career hit a snag with movies like boomerang, metro, holy man etc.

His latest films have been very good and i think they will keep getting better. Shrek trilogy, Norbit, Dreamgirls, Daddy Day Care etc.

If you want to watch a good movie with a few good gags i would definitely recommend this one.

Eddie Murphy plays an alien captain who his sent to earth with his crew in a ship shaped as eddie murphy to retrieve a rock. During their time on earth they learn more about human life learn to become part of it.

I wont go into to much detail but i would recommend this movie.
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browniesnack5727 December 2014
Warning: Spoilers
This is the most hilarious movie I have ever seen! Especially the fighting between the two cops. Also it is very educational since we see clear signs of homosexuality in Nr 4. Which teaches kids about gay rights and equality! So I can definitely say that this is a great movie, great humor and overall awesomeness. Also great anti-bullying message in the beginning of the film! This movie contains hilarious scenes, sci-fi action and entertainment, and educational messages to kids! IT is the most awesome science-fiction comedy I have ever seen! I can only compliment it to the skies! This movie is also very realistic as it takes place in NYC! And we see cool reactions to the spaceship Dave's weird actions and the nice tolerance Dave receives from Gina and Josh. And it is so nice to see that the Captain suddenly becomes friends with Dooley! How adorable is that. Not to mention when Dooley gives back the crew member in his pocket and acts like " I think this is yours?"! How awesomely cute is that! I. FRIGGIN. LOVE. THIS MOVIE!!!! GO WATCH IT!!!!
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Is this Batman & Robin? Then why a three for God sake?
cosmorados18 July 2008
Meet Dave is the story of a crew of miniature people inhabiting a big robot who has come to Earth on a mission to save his people. Eddie Murphy plays the Captain of the vessel and the outward version of the vessel which as automaton has limited capacity for emotion. However after he is damaged in a collision with a vehicle he decides to attempt to learn more about these earth people, spending time with Gina who ran him over and her son Josh, who worries that he isn't a hero like his late father. As you can tell from what's been written so far, this is no kitchen sink drama but a light-hearted Disney-esquire comedy.

Meet Dave is a fun family film that doesn't challenge us too much and has it's heart in the right place. There is plenty of toilet humour which kids always love and some genuinely funny moments throughout, I laughed, the audience laughed. We did not pelt the screen in outrage and nor did we sit there in silence for 2 hours as we did with the film I mentioned to start with. The film is like a cross between "Galaxy Quest" and "Doctor Dolittle" and while the humour is more akin to the latter "Dolittle" this is still a fun family film. So why three or less?

I think that for many film reviewers that sit through and be nice to the usual tripe that passes for entertainment over this season there has to be a villain, a film that they slate that then bombs as a result, and sadly this is that film. I also suspect that there is also an element of "compromise movie on a date" disappointment and maybe even a few "The film I wanted to see was full and I have to sit through this" resentments going on. Having seen some truly terrible mediocre films that critics rave about like "Charlie's Angels" and "Forty days and forty nights" these films that no critic has the b*lls to slag off for fear they won't be invited to more screenings, well boo hoo! I have no cross to bear in that department and this is a film that is funny when it wants to be, it means well, and, whilst it is a tad predictable, the same age group of kids that liked "Dr Dolittle" will certainly like this, especially appropriate for younger children who may find "WALL-E" hard going, bearing in mind it is great for adults and older children, but not necessarily very young kids. P

Critics are just jumping on the bandwagon to attack this film, it really isn't as bad as the examples I've mentioned. The only drawback in this film is that the effects aren't particularly great at a number of points but better to have a film that's okay with poor effects than poor with okay effects.

If your family enjoyed Firehouse Dog, and the silly humour of that, chances are they'll like this.

Family Fun
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A cult classic in the making
ajy114 July 2008
I haven't written many film reviews lately but I felt compelled to talk about this one since it has been beat up so much in the press. And it imploded at the box office, where people are seeing the mediocre WANTED instead. It will be very unfortunate that people will miss out as this film was an absolute surprise to me. Based on the trailer, I was expecting the worst. The film, especially in the first half, is a spot on spoof of normal human behavior. The film has a lot to say about consumer culture, the homogenization of people, racism, etc. All done via elements that owe a lot to INNERSPACE, STAR TREK, even CRIMSON TIDE. Eddie gives a fantastic performance and certain elements of his turn as the Large Dave actually were an homage to Steve Martin, Buster Keaton, and other slapstick comedians. One particular sequence will make you never hear the employee greeting, "Welcome to Old Navy" the same way ever again. Things do get watered down in the last third, which is a real shame. I still think it's worth checking out though....all the adults were laughing the hardest so it totally doesn't appeal to the target audience. I think that's what will make this more of a cult classic over time as people discover it....anytime you make a film that is judgmental about modern society and its values, people seem to ignore it, a la IDIOCRACY. Be the one to discover this picture before other people eventually catch on when it hits disc.
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fishcough-118 July 2008
I didn't expect much from this movie, but it had me and my 18-year-old son laughing almost every minute. That doesn't happen too often. Thanks, Eddie!

Oops, I see I need a minimum of ten lines. OK, Gabrielle Union was gorgeous. That guy from 30 Rock who always wears the baseball caps with goofy slogans on them was in it. Ed Helms was really funny as the mutineering 2nd in command. Murphy's stint as a substitute teacher was hilarious (watching him speed-write the math equation on the chalkboard). He did the best Nathan's hot dog eating performance ever. Are we up to ten lines yet? No need to go on. It was a funny movie that deserves higher ratings than it's gotten, which is why I wanted to post a short review. Enough words yet? Did I mention Gabrielle Union was gorgeous?
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Meet Eddie Murphy's last shred of dignity
Smells_Like_Cheese17 July 2008
Once upon a time, in a magical world we like to call the 1980's, Eddie Murphy was on top of his game, not only was he on top, he was actually funny! He made comedy after comedy after comedy of non stop laughs and nothing seemed like it could stop him; then the world of the 1990's came, as much as we hoped for Eddie, it seemed like he had more mediocre comedies; then the new millennium, oh, boy, his world has shattered since then. He was very lucky to have an Oscar nomination with Dream Girls, yet continued to release bad movies such as Daddy Day Care and the disaster that was Norbit, now we have Meet Dave, which would've been a good bad movie with unknown actors, but since we have well known actors, you can't help but feel bad for them, but Eddie Murphy just keeps making mistakes after mistakes and I'm just wondering what the heck was he on to think this was the script that will save his career, because I want whatever he's taking since he's in a La-La land right now.

I feel silly telling you the "plot", but I'm going to try to make it work. Dave is an alien who has crashed into Planet Earth, he has little people inside him who control his movements and voice. Dave is on a mission to gather all of the Earth's water and bring it back to his home planet. But when he meets a single mother, Gina, she shows him a good time in New York City and all of a sudden the little people wanna stay on Planet Earth. But one little alien named Agent number 2 is planning on succeeding at the mission and take over, yeah, that's the plot.

I work at a movie theater so I get to see movies for free, the way I figure it is even if a movie looks bad, just give it a shot, it may not be as bad as it seems. Now granted, this movie is one step above Norbit, that's the relief, but the major problem here is, this movie isn't even good for the kids, it insults everyone's intelligence. Now I love movies, I also have an extremely open mind and will say if a movie was fun and to give it a shot, but Eddie Murphy, we need to save him if he can't save himself, his intervention must be the biggest movie flop in the world, well, I think he's succeeding with Meet Dave. Meet Dave has 2 funny moments, then the rest of the script could have been written by 5 year old. I wouldn't recommend this, the only thing it wasted was my time.

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Great Family film!
jade-byoung4 August 2012
Another great kids film by Eddie Murphy! :D A funny film which has an interesting plot and is great for people of all ages My little sister loved it and laughed pretty much all the way through.

I don't know how people can write bad reviews on such a great film! It may not be the most exciting film in the world but hey! it's better then most. Has some great acting by most of the cast including Elizabeth Banks and Eddie Murphy.

The film had a great ending and people shouldn't listen to the negative feedback :)

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I really really liked it!
edescot75 March 2011
Hey, this movie made me laugh out loud a dozen times, it is more fun than most of the big comedy flicks out there in the last five years. Come on laughs, unique special effects, a fun if improbable plot (well it is sci fiction after all). Good for the whole family to watch together with a number of subtle and not so subtle take offs. Oh, I'm sorry no overt sex and violence to speak of even with a couple of hot babes in the cast for eye candy. I can't understand the fairly low rating of 4.9, it deserves better. Especially interesting was the dual role of Eddie Murphy, playing both the space ship and the captain of the space ship. Not your usual dual role even for Murphy. Perhaps the movie just didn't have a specific audience, appealing a bit to everyone but not a lot to one group of viewers. Who knows...
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Better than advertised
drebaby13 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
The trailers don't do this movie any justice. I saw Hellboy II, Journey to the Center of the Earth and Meet Dave, and believe me "Dave" was the best of the three.

This movie would have fared better if released in February, March or October without the heavy competition form the other blockbusters.

The movie's sight gags were good some of course a little silly or but others were just plain funny.

The audience I saw it with thoroughly enjoyed the movie and there was plenty of laughter throughout the movie.

Mini Eddie was much more looser than Spaceship Eddie.

Please tel you friends to go see this before it is snatched from theaters.
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I met Dave and I was glad I did.
MairegChernet6 August 2008
You know, these critics need to go easy on these kinds of family movies, because the bad reviews really made me underestimate the film. But when I saw it, I really enjoyed it. For a family movie, Meet Dave is great. Although it was a bit superficial, it kept me laughing almost throughout. I don't even know why it's getting such bad reviews. I do know though that bad marketing is the main cause of the film being so unsuccessful .

Meet Dave focuses on a bunch of miniature aliens who land their human-sized spaceship on earth on the lookout for their lost "orb". Eddie Murphy plays both an alien and a spaceship perfectly. Especially the first part of the film as he is getting accustomed to earth people is just hilarious. The things he does and how he does them are really funny.

Usually I somewhat believe what the critics say about a movie. But this is one film that certainly made me not believe in what they say.

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Not bad.
Calvinsemail22 July 2008
Warning: Spoilers
Well, Eddie Murphy has once again proved that he can play multiple roles(Norbit, Nutty Profesor). I honestly would not be surprised if there was a movie starring just him. In this movie, a tiny meteor lands on earth. A small boy finds it and keeps it. 3 months later, a space craft lands on earth in the shape of a human. It is controlled by aliens the size of Lego people. Turns out they need the space rock so they can use it to save their planet. On their search for it, they learn how to interact with humans. This movie has certain qualities that make an O.K. film. Most of it is whoopee-cushion humor but some of it works out. It also teaches kids that no matter how big or small you are, you can accomplish anything.
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Meet Dave - with it's inoffensive humor, clever premise and universal values - redeemed Murphy's horrible Norbit in my eyes
saarvardi6 July 2008
Truth is, I've always been a sucker for sci-fi comedies. From Weird Science through Men in Black all the day down to Evolution, I like my science fiction bagged with a nice big grin and an ironic wink. This is especially the case with big blockbuster seasons, when most of the studios take their movies ever so seriously, diving into the psychological depths of rejected superheroes (Hancock) or preaching against violence through supposed fantasy flicks for kids (Prince Caspian).

Amongst all those harsh and poker faced action movies, something's gotta give. Cue Eddie Murphy's endless range of facial expressions and a nice refreshing plot about a giant spaceship in the shape of... well, Eddie Murphy; and you've got yourself a feel-good movie to cool out your warm summer days and supply harmless fun for all the family, along with some good old eye-candy.

In Meet Dave, veteran comedian Murphy plays a double-role as he does in most of his films; only this time - thank goodness - we don't get to see him in a fat suit. The audience meets him first as a huge man-shaped spaceship that crashes into Earth, in search of a long lost device that might save the planet Nill, a faraway world that inhabits extremely small earthlings. Inside Starship Murphy there's a whole crew of Nilleans, led by their captain (portrayed by - surprise surprise - Eddie Murphy) and several main officers, the most prominent of which is a compassionate cultural officer, referred to only as No.3 (portrayed by Gabrielle Union from Bad Boys II and Daddy's Little Girl). The whole crew of this Star Trek-ie spaceship must navigate the vessel throughout the hazardous streets of New York while searching for the device. Numerous comic situations ensue, as the gang tries to adopt human characteristics to their ship, which finds it quite difficult to smile; speak in a normal tone (at first it's so high pitched, I laughed myself silly for well over a minute); or shake hands properly.

The plot moves quickly and has an interesting anthropological approach towards humanity as seen from the eyes of the aliens living inside the Starship Dave, while each of the crew members in turn also adopt human emotions. The core of the movie evolves, however, through Dave's encounters with local widower Gina Morrison and her son, Josh, who evoke the human core within the Captain and his crew. However, the action only starts here, as there are countless dangers that face this odd relationship - both from the world outside as well as from inside the spaceship.

All in all, I found Meet Dave (formerly known as Starship Dave) to be a nice and refreshing summer matinée (I had the pleasure of watching a sneak preview of the film on July 6th in Ramat Gan, Israel). After suffering through Murphy's crude humor and rather tasteless jokes in the awful Norbit, Meet Dave - with it's inoffensive humor, clever premise and universal values - redeemed Murphy in my eyes. So yeah, it does borrow freely from films such as Honey I Shrunk the Kids and television series such as Herman's Head - but in a world full of rehashed ideas and themes used over and over again, it still earns points for originality in my book.

Surprisingly, this was a nice little cinematic treat that actually made me smile and feel good about myself! I gave it a strong 9 out of 10.
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robot eddie does not equal laughs
MLDinTN1 July 2009
I think kids may like this movie, but I didn't care for it. I didn't find it funny. What's supposed to be funny about seeing Eddie Murphy do his best Al Gore impression? He acts so wooden in this as robot Dave. Dave is really a space ship and little people (aliens) live inside Dave. They have come to earth to take the earth's ocean so get the salt reserves to save their planet. They are tracking an orb that fell into Josh Morrison's room. And what a coincidence that Josh's mom, Gina, just happens to hit Dave with her car and invites him up. Now who in New York City what invite some strange guy into their apartment for breakfast. Gina teaches the aliens about love and eventually, they don't want to destroy earth.

FINAL VERDICT: Unoriginal. Meant more for kids.
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Meet Dave is an unexpected treat
rossoncall3 October 2008
When I saw the previews for this movie I thought that it looked lame and didn't care to see it. But then I decided it couldn't hurt to check it out. And luckily, to my surprise, I was actually amused and entertained by it. Sure, some of the jokes are typical and predictable, but the overall feel of the movie was very consistent and provided me with plenty of good laughs. And while the storyline lacked depth, it was still quite creative and well accomplished. So if you want to see a good family movie with the kids or just to give yourself some laughs, this movie is a really good pick. Just watch it to be entertained rather than for a strong story or else you will likely be disappointed.
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Really great family-fun sci-fi comedy
thorus27 July 2008
I am fairly new on reviewing movies but I am a common reader of other reviews here at IMDb as a guideline on what to expect on an upcoming movie.

I wasn't very surprised to see another Eddie Murphy movie being rated that low when I checked for "Meet Dave" here at IMDb, but if I wouldn't have read the review of mordillo 92 from Australia, I would have missed a very entertaining comedy ( so thanks from here, mordillo ;D ) I wont write more about the movie as there have been some well written reviews in this thread already, but I am very glad I saw a good movie with Eddie Murphy again.

I also followed his career since the 80s when he was really great, and at some point I have to admit as well that he became less funny than in the beginning, which can have several reasons, like me getting older, humour changed, he got bad roles and stuff like this, but with "Meet Dave" he showed up again like some old friend I really missed - this movie suits him really good, and I am looking forward to see him again some time.

Sorry if this became an "Eddie Murphy" thread, but i had the feeling the whole movie was just rated on him, tho ..

Btw: I gave it a 9 just of the current stats, otherwise I would have sure give him a real 8 ;D
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You Have to Be in the Right Frame of Mind for This One
jmcarlson2-726-8005169 October 2016
I have hated most Eddie Murphy's "family movies", but this one took me a little by surprise. It was a real family movie that appeals to both young and old alike. Many others have gone into detail on this film, so I won't.

But I think it really helped that I was in the right frame of mind for this one... I just didn't expect anything good to come of this and the trailer didn't help. It made the movie look real dumb and I took a pass on this one for a long time. It made it look like a goofy comedy without any real heart and it dose have heart as the aliens begin to be corrupted by human emotions. So for some real family fun, you should check this one out.
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Good show for the family
jen_mom69 June 2012
I don't know why this show was bashed so much. You can't go into every movie with the expectation that its going to win an Oscar or an Academy award. This is a fun movie that is great for the whole family. With ages 39y down to 4y and all ages in between it was enjoyed by all in our family.

A rigid "alien" ship (in the form of Eddi Murphy) full of little people, comes to earth looking for an orb that missed it's target, our oceans. The orb is to collect earths ocean waters for the salt to save their own planet. But things change during their mission and they not only locate the orb but find more then they ever expected.

So if your looking for a fun show for the whole family then give this a try. If your expecting an Academy award winner then you should probably pass. But then again...maybe this is just the show you need.
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Didn't expect much ... and was greatly surprised
rogerm_5917 August 2008
Meet Dave isn't an act of comic genius, but it was much better than I expected. Murphy plays the captain of a space crew from planet Nil, which possibly stands for Nerds In Laboratories since they are a highly technical but socially inept race. Imagine, if you will, an offspring of Dr. Spock and Dr. Strangelove. The film has some great (though too-often predictable) moments of comedy as Murphy and gang navigate the earthly environment in search of the Orb. Nice sub-text around: what if all you knew came from Google? But not-so-nice sub-text about the environment, too much like a frying pan upside the head for my tastes.

All in all enjoyable as long as you don't think too much.

(Now, if Murphy would just do another Beverly Hills Cop I'd be really excited.)
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Genuine, fun movie for the whole family.
Rob67826 October 2008
Great movie, great entertainment and good fun - everything I love in a movie.

Eddie Murphy is Dave Ming Cheng (what a great name) but in fact Dave Ming Cheng is a robot controlled by mini people from another planet.

The mini people are on a mission to take all of earths sea water to save their own planet. However they didn't take into account this primitive planets love of diversity and individuality and the effect it would have on their regimented lives.

I love my Sci-Fi but you can tell from the tone of the movie straight up this isn't going to be a detailed Sci-Fi offering idea's and images to tantalise the senses. The Sci-Fi component is secondly, maybe somewhat like Bruce Almighty, its there, its explored a little but we don't get hooked up on it.

One thing I really liked about this movie is that it doesn't try too hard. It remains genuine to the movie and the personal relationships that develop. It would be very easy for a movie like this to get cheesy but it manages to stay on track and have a lot of fun along the way.

If you see my country of origin you know we love some toilet humour and the post hot dog scene is a crack up :)

My advice, ignore the IMDb ratings, pay more attention to the latest reviews and enjoy a good fun memorable movie the whole family can enjoy.
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