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Eddie Murphy: Dave, Captain



  • Captain : I am Dave Ming Chang.

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : I am Dave Ming Chang.

    Various crew members : I am Dave Ming Chang.


    No. 4 - Security Officer : And I am Johnny Dazzle!

    [everyone stares at him.] 

    No. 4 - Security Officer : What? Not everyone has to be Dave Ming Chang.

  • Dave : Welcome to Old Navy.

  • Gina Morrison : [Dave is looking at a picture of Gina's late husband.]  Captain?

    Dave : Yes?

    Gina Morrison : That's my husband. He was a captain with the Navy.

    Dave : I am a captain.

    Gina Morrison : Really? A captain of what?

    [Inside the ship, Number 3 looks something up.] 

    Dave : I am a captain of crunch.

  • [in an alley outside Gina's apartment sometime after she hits Dave with her car] 

    Gina Morrison : Hi, are you all right? Because you just ran off!

    Captain : Contact, everyone! Our first verbal encounter!

    [into microphone] 

    Captain : Thank you for your concern.

    Dave : [speaks with extremely high pitch; bottles explode in background] 

    Captain : It's way too high! More bass!

    Dave : [speaks in extremely low pitch] 

    Captain : Level the frequency!

    Dave : [speaking perfectly]  I'm all better now.

    Josh : [to Gina]  How hard did you hit this guy?

  • Captain : Lieutenant Bottoms, what is your status?

    Lieutenant Bottoms : Captain, we had a small gas leak. It was silent, but not deadly.

  • Gina Morrison : I'm Gina, by the way. Gina Morrison.

    [pauses, waiting for him to tell her his name.] 

    Gina Morrison : And you are?

    Captain : 3?

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : This is a list of the most common names on this planet.

    Captain : My name is...

    Dave : Ming Chang.

    Gina Morrison : Ming Chang?


    Gina Morrison : Sorry, sorry, you just struck me more like a "Dave" or something.

    Dave : Which happens to be my other name.

    Gina Morrison : Dave...Ming Chang?

    Dave : Dave Ming Chang.

  • Captain : Number 3, do we have significant linguistic information to communicate with these natives?

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : Yes, I tapped into their central planetary database named "Google."

    Captain : What a frivolous name for such a vital function.

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : Well, if you prefer, there's another called "Ya Hoo."

    Captain : Baffling!

  • Gina Morrison : Dave, I feel just terrible about this whole thing...uh, and I was gonna have some breakfast. Would you like to join me?

    Dave : No, I really have to be going now.

    Gina Morrison : Are you sure? I mean, I sort of have a rule that when I hit somebody with my car, I need to make them breakfast!

    [she laughs, Dave doesn't.] 

    Gina Morrison : That was a joke.

    Dave : [blankly]  Hahahahahahahaha hahahahahahahahahahaha ahaha ha hahahahahahahaha. Woo-hoo, woo!

  • Gina Morrison : So, where are you from? Do you live around here?

    Dave : Yes, of course. I am just a regular person from right here on Earth, just like you. I just don't get out that much.

    Gina Morrison : Yeah, judging from your suit, I'd say since about 1978.


    Captain : Note: all-white apparel is not as standardized as we thought.

    Gina Morrison : [laughing]  You late for a Bee Gees concert or something?

    Dave : Bee Gees. Barry, Robin and Maurice. The brothers Gibb. Winning ten Grammy Awards and selling over 100 million records.

    Dave : [high-pitched, fast singing]  Well, you can tell by the way I can use my walk / I'm a woman's man, no time to talk / Eh, Eh, Eh, Eh, Stayin' Alive / Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  • [they finish watching "It's a Wonderful Life."] 

    Captain : [crying]  "Lasso the moon". Physically impossible!

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : [crying]  Absurd.

  • [Dave is dancing with Gina] 

    No. 2 - 2nd In Command : Sir, we already have the orb. There's no need to continue this charade.

    Captain : Not now, Number 2! I'm trying to let the music take me!

  • [last lines] 

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : I didn't think we'd make it out of there, Captain. Good thing you have such big feet.

    Captain : We'll have much to explain when we return home.

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : We'll find another way to save Nil. There are plenty of worlds out there for us to explore.

    Captain : Yes, Number 3. But what we learned on Earth is more valuable than all the salt in the galaxy. And when we do return, it looks like I'll be needing a new Number 2.

    No. 3 - Cultural Officer : I think you'll be needing more than that.

    [they kiss; the crew cheers] 

    Captain : Cue the new anthem.

  • Dave : We have got to get out of here.

  • Captain : [after getting knocked out by a baseball and is shocked with a defibrillator]  Power has been restored!

  • Captain : [after getting "knocked out" by a baseball and is hit with a defibrillator ]  Power has been restored!

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