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  • After the crash, Kellerman tries to suffocate Lincoln, but he is saved in the last moment by a stranger. Sucre leaves the solitary confinement and Michael tells to his partners that he has completed the map, but he needs the key of the infirmary. Abruzzi is back to Fox River, apparently converted in a religious man. Warden Pope sends Captain Bellick to find Lincoln before notifying the authorities. Nick tries to convince Veronica that they are losing time checking the calls of Quinn's cell phone. Michael kisses Sara and asks her to wait for him. Tweener is in trouble with Avocado and he castrates the abuser. Lincoln sees that the stranger is actually his father, and he explains that he worked for the powerful Company, and Lincoln is a victim of a big plot against him. He had leaked information of EcoField and they used Lincoln to force him to show off. Michaels asks for help to Nika. Veronica finds many calls from Montana. The Vice-President tells her brother that he is alive just because of her, and he replies that he does not understand how they have not killed her yet. Abruzzi meets T-Bag and asks him to forget everything, and they seal truce. Nika seeks out Sara and tells her life and how Michael helped her, but she actually steals Sara's key. A guy sees the Mustang in a junkyard where Aldo and Lincoln are hidden, but Kellerman bugs the conversation and goes to the spot. However, the police arrive and Captain Bellick arrests Lincoln, saving him from Kellerman. Sara seeks her key and recalls her meeting with Nika Volek; she calls maintenance service to replace the lock. Nick works for Abruzzi. Michael invites David and he betrays the plan to Captain Bellick. Lincoln is back to Fox River under 24 hours surveillance.

  • While in transit to see LJ, a truck crashes into the van carrying Lincoln and it sends him rolling from the vehicle. Agent Kellerman arrives at the scene and tries to smother Lincoln, but his father, Aldo Burroughs, rescues him just in time. Aldo removes Linc from the scene of the accident and informs him that everything that has happened to Lincoln is Aldo's fault and The Company is the reason he left his family. Years ago, Aldo was employed by The Company but he left their employ so he could rise the ranks. After he left, Aldo leaked information about Terrance Steadman's dirty dealings. The Company framed Lincoln as an attempt to draw out Aldo. Because of all of the heartache caused by his father's actions, Lincoln finds it difficult to forgive him. Agent Kellerman quickly locates Aldo and Lincoln in the junkyard, just as Captain Bellick arrives. Lincoln voluntarily gives himself up to Bellick and is returned to Fox River and placed under twenty-four hour surveillance. John Abruzzi returns to Fox River following his hospital stay after he was sliced open by T-Bag. He claims to have become religious while recovering and offers a truce to T-Bag. As T-Bag is about to cut Abruzzi again, C-Note stops him and tells him that Abruzzi is their ticket out of Fox River. Abruzzi contacts Nick and reminds him of their deal. To complete his escape plan, Michael needs a copy of the key to the infirmary. Michael asks Tweener for another favor: a bump and swipe to grab Sara's keys. Tweener says that in return he wants Michael to kill Avocado, his cell mate who has been brutally raping him. Michael refuses Tweener's request. Tweener begs Bellick to find him a new cell, but the Captain ignores him. Later on back in their cell, Tweener takes a razor blade and cuts Avocado's genitalia. Michael tries to steal the keys from Dr. Sara Tancredi by distracting her with a kiss. When he cannot do it, he calls his mail-order bride who meets with Sara and snatches her keys. Sara figures out the plot and has all the locks re-keyed. Nick and Veronica have the cell phone LJ stole from Quinn. They notice a number of calls originating from Blackfoot, Montana. Michael asks Tweener if he can trust him. Tweener again turns to Bellick for future protection from Avocado. Bellick demands to know what Michael is up to, and Tweener blurts out that, "Scofield and his whole P.I. crew...they're escaping." Bellick tears up the guard's break room and find the hole in the floor.



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