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Season 1

5 Sep. 2006
An FBI hostage negotiation team with a personal relationship try to work with a suicide bomber to release hostages and get him to stand down.
12 Sep. 2006
An air traffic controller suspected in a mid-air collision takes the tower hostage, and Matt must find some way to get through to him before hundreds die in the planes he's preventing from landing.
19 Sep. 2006
After the team finds out a crime boss' daughter has been kidnapped, they have to use their skills on both another agent whose tap it was, and the father before starting things with the negotiator.
26 Sep. 2006
Partners in Crime
Matt's ability to separate his feelings from the job are called into question when Emily is taken hostage.
31 Oct. 2006
Life Support
A hostage situation at a hospital brings back memories for Matt that may complicate the negotiations.
7 Nov. 2006
One Shot Stop
When an infamous sniper turns out to be a copycat, Matt and Emily try to draw the real shooter out before more people are killed.
14 Nov. 2006
Man of Steele
A man cheated out of an adoption takes a young girl hostage, and the team reluctantly works with an obstructive local shock jock to resolve the crisis.
21 Nov. 2006
When a hostage becomes attached to Matt in the aftermath of her kidnapping, her claims of a stalker begin to worry Emily.
28 Nov. 2006
Peer Group
17 year old Cary Steckler masterminds a plot to humiliate his high school tormentors (Andre, Chuck and Tina) by kidnapping them and "putting them on trial" live on the web, and Emily and Matt have to revert to younger versions of themselves (she the picked-on, he the bully) to get through the teens and prevent tragedy...
5 Dec. 2006
Accidental Negotiator
Emily and Matt end up sidelined in a negotiation when the HT will only talk to the first woman he spoke with, but her actions and demands put the operation at risk.
12 Dec. 2006
Matt and Emily cross the border unauthorized, tracking an escaped HT, but the tables are neatly turned when they find him and end up trapped.
8 Jun. 2007
No Strings
A Homeland Security customs agent (Fisk) tries to allow a container into the port of Los Angeles without inspection. Fisk takes three people hostage when the container is about to be searched, and the FBI steps in to negotiate. Meanwhile, Emily contemplates accepting a one-year assignment on a Special Task Force in Quantico that would mean being separated from Matt, who does not respond as she had hoped.
15 Jun. 2007
Two hostage crises split Matt and Emily: A train with too-knowledgeable HTs do a Houdini; and a schizophrenic patient breaks with reality, taking his doctor and her husband hostage.
22 Jun. 2007
Road Trip
When a cult leader abducts one of his followers and takes to the road, Matt and Emily's only chance to prevent an explosive outcome is to reach out to one of the members in the R.V.
29 Jun. 2007
Lie to Me
A young boy is abducted from the Santa Monica Pier.
6 Jul. 2007
Dennis Ryker, key witness in a top level money laundering trial against Norris Burke, is kidnapped with his partner Lorraine, who is soon freed. The kidnapper's MO and knowledgeability indicate a security forces professional with torture experience. He demands millions 'for the dirty money to be recovered', or will kill Ryker. The FBI agent in charge of the money investigation is Cheryl Carrera's ex, Sam Weaver. Several players prove dirty, but who is in league with who?
13 Jul. 2007
The Kids in the Hall
Californian juvenile prison riots are prevented by closing the institute and replacing it by an 'inhumane' state-of-the-art security facility. Murder-convicted lifer Jerome 'Rome' Kaden is violent towards the rookie guard Tony, but the leader of the inmate gang prevents the attack. Matt sympathizes with the sole demand - a televised hearing from senator Espinosa, and even digs into his past when he demands SWAT-type action. This may cost him his job and Emily. An unequal inmate bond also proves crucial.
20 Jul. 2007
The CNU resolves a hostage situation when a corporate executive takes 16 hostages in the company's boardroom. A second crisis involves a domestic situation that results in Matt and Emily questioning a decision they had made during the earlier standoff.

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