"Doctor Who" The Idiot's Lantern (TV Episode 2006) Poster

(TV Series)


Debra Gillett: Rita Connolly


  • Eddie : Don't mind the wife, she rattles on a bit.

    The Doctor : Well maybe she should rattle on a bit more. I'm not convinced you're doing your patriotic duty. Those flags. Why are they not flying?

    Eddie : There we are Rita, I told you. Get them up, Queen and country!

    Rita : I'm sorry.

    Eddie : Get it done. Do it now.

    The Doctor : Hold on a minute.

    Eddie : Like the gentleman says.

    The Doctor : Hold on a minute. You've got hands, Mr Connolly. Two big hands. So why's that your wifes job?

    Eddie : Well it's housework, isn't it?

    The Doctor : And that's a womans job?

    Eddie : Course it is!

    The Doctor : Mr Connolly, what gender is the Queen?

    Eddie : She's a female.

    The Doctor : And are you suggesting the Queen does the housework?

    Eddie : No! No, not at all.

    The Doctor : Then get busy!

    Eddie : Right, yes sir. You'll be proud of us sir. We'll have Union Jacks left, right, and centre.

    Rose : 'Scuse me Mr Connolly, hang on a minute. Union Jacks?

    Eddie : Yes, that's right, isn't it?

    Rose : That's the Union Flag. It's the Union Jack only when it's flown at sea.

    Eddie : Oh. Oh, I'm sorry. I... I do apologise.

    Rose : Well, don't get it wrong again. There's a good man, now get to it!

    The Doctor : Right then! Nice and comfy, at Her Majesty's Leisure.

    [to Rose] 

    The Doctor : Union Flag?

    Rose : Mum went out with a sailor.

    The Doctor : Oh, I bet she did.

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