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Bring Me The Head Of Fox Mulder
Muldernscully21 November 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Providence continues the storyline of William's life being in danger for being some kind of "Christ child". Except in this episode, some Super Soldiers is thrown in dampening the story some.

With Scully's child's life at risk, Scully chooses to revert to the creed of the X-Files of "trust no one", not even Skinner. Gillian Anderson is exemplary again in this episode. Scully gets murderous intentions when trying to get information from Agent Comer. This is a very desperate side of Scully that we rarely see. We've seen her threaten people with death before, but not choke anyone before.

When the spacecraft opens for the first time, the score by Mark Snow reminds me of the Raiders of the Lost Ark score when they see the ark for the first time. I wonder if that was intentional.

We also see a new side of Reyes in Providence when she enters the hospital chapel and prays for Doggett. And not to be outdone by Reyes, Doggett receives a revelation in his coma, hearing voices, warning him to warn Scully not to trust Josepho.

Besides continuing the possible continuity error from last episode of Mulder supposedly being dead for six months, even though we know he was alive two months ago in 'Trust No 1', another minor script error occurs when Josepho quotes scripture to Scully. He asks her if she knows the Bible. She replies that the scripture is from Ephesians. Wrong, Scully. The scripture Josepho quoted is from Ezekial. Somebody messed up there.

Besides mentioning Super Soldiers again, this episode is a step below Providence because it makes the Lone Gunmen to be completely inept. The place the cell phone in the baby's car seat but the lady is gone by the time Scully gets there. Then, they put a tracker on Josepho's truck, but lose the signal in the hilly terrain. For some unknown reason, Chris Carter and Frank Spotnitz wanted to make the Gunmen look absolutely useless.

The Toothpick Man appears again in this episode, is given some lines, and is revealed as a Super Soldier. He appears to hold a high position with no title. I wonder if he was intended to be the new "Cigarette Smoking Man(CSM)" before it was decided to end the series after this season, because he appears to be set up in the same manner as the "CSM" character.

Providence is still a decent mythology episode, but dragging Super Soldiers into the storyline again and ridiculing the Lone Gunmen just hurts the episode in my book and makes it not as good as Provenance.
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"It would appear now that everything is dead but this case."
classicsoncall28 August 2017
Warning: Spoilers
If the intent of this episode was to keep the viewer confused as to what's going on, I think the writers largely succeeded. As explained by FBI agent Robert Comer (Neal McDonough), according to an ancient prophecy, Scully's baby William is destined to become the savior of humanity, but only if Fox Mulder is still alive. If he dies, William will instead lead the Colonists. Because Comer believes that Mulder was killed by the cult, it was his mission to kill William to prevent humanity's destruction. My question would be - how does any of this make sense?

Here's something else I don't get. The UFO cult leader in the story is revealed to be a man named Josepho, who once survived an ambush in Iraq while serving with the military. He claimed he was saved by four guardian angels, which translates into X-Files language as four super soldiers. In the cast credits for this and the prior episode, actor Denis Forest is listed as the 'Lone Man'. Why not just call him Josepho?

So then, if the cultists are kidnapping baby William in order to protect him, does it mean they are for the alien invasion and the colonists to succeed, or are they opposed to the aliens and intend to hide him? With all that, baby William is left behind when the space ship discovered by Josepho takes off, leaving the cultists dead in it's wake. Whether the baby is going to be the savior of humanity or the leader of it's destruction, why not take the kid and keep him under wraps? Totally confusing for this viewer, but I'm open to other interpretations.

With all that, Assistant Director Follmer (Carey Elwes) now opposes Deputy Director Kersh (James Pickens Jr.), Doggett's out of his coma thanks to the alien artifact, and Toothpick Man (Alan Dale) is revealed to be a super soldier. Ai, yai yai! Just a little too bizarre for me.
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Salome UFO cultists asks King Kerod Scully to bring him the head of Mulder the Baptist?
Sanpaco1312 February 2009
Warning: Spoilers
So now that Scully's baby is gone, the FBI launches a task force to find him but Scully decides to launch her own personal task force like always. I always think its funny whenever someone goes missing on this show and the FBI launches a search team seems like Mulder and/or Scully and/or Skinner is always mad. If I weren't a viewer of the show and instead an actual FBI agent busting my butt trying to find this kid then I would think Scully was a pompous ungrateful bitty because she leaves the office and starts talking about how its a joke and all. Anyway, Doggett is in the hospital and apparently Reyes thinks that because TLG were ambushed and lost the baby that they are not to be trusted. You're one to be talking little miss been on the show less than a year. Scully and Reyes go to FBI cult guy's hospital with the healer artifact from the space ship and make him talk and tell them what is going on and why and then they are caught and leave the room and Charles Widmore super soldier kills FBI cult guy making it look like Reyes and Scully probably did it. Scully slips out and goes to find the cult and save her baby. William opens the UFO they found by crying a bunch and everyone blows up except him and Scully and Reyes find him and something something blah blah blah I forget. We do get a slight indication that Brad Follmer is gonna pull a Skinner and actually turn out not being a bad guy but just a jerk face in the beginning because that's what you do at the FBI. Oh and Reyes prays to Doggett when he's sleeping and then Doggett wakes up and thanks her. 6 out of 10.
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