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Dana Scully: [to Comer] Now, tell me who sent you to kill my son or I will take that pillow from under your head and make them the last breaths that you take.

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Walter Skinner: Agent Scully! What are you doing? I thought I told you you didn't need to be here.

Dana Scully: [resentfully] I just had to see this for myself.

Walter Skinner: Go home.

Dana Scully: To *what*?

Walter Skinner: I'm just saying, you don't need to put yourself through this, Dana. We've got every stop pulled; every available agent working to find your son.

Dana Scully: ...And A.D. Brad Follmer leading the charge.

Walter Skinner: Deputy Director Kersh asked him to take the lead. He knows how to run a task force. I think you see that in there.

Dana Scully: I see a man who withholds information for Kersh. A man who not once but *twice* failed to prevent an attack on my son. You see a task force in there. I see a whitewash.

Walter Skinner: I know you're upset, but you can't possibly accuse Follmer or Kersh of having any part in this.

Dana Scully: What is it going to take for you? How many people have to be taken out for you to open your eyes to it? My son... Agent Doggett... Mulder.

Walter Skinner: Kersh protected you by not telling you reports of Mulder's death. As did Follmer. As did I.

Dana Scully: You call it protection. I call it a systematic effort inside the FBI to eliminate us.

Walter Skinner: You accuse anyone of anything in the FBI, you have to accuse me along with them.

[Scully walks off and steps into the elevator]

Walter Skinner: Scully, where are you going?

Dana Scully: To find my son.

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