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  • A strategic weapon capable of releasing a neutron blast that can wipe out millions is on the loose in New Mexico.


The synopsis below may give away important plot points.


  • A Neutron 5XE weapon lands in New Mexico. The First Contact Society (a team of nerds) rushes to it to welcome it to Earth. It hits them with an energy ray. Two 5XEs were launched for the Chinese 20 years ago and programmed to return to Earth. One came down by accident in 1981 and was stopped before it destroyed everything in its path by Ken Savage aka Megaman (Richard Kuhlman) a F.L.A.G. operativepre-Michael Knight era. Jenny goes to assist General William Simonson (Georg Stanford Brown) and his army blockade. Kyle sends Duke so she doesnt too macho around her military friends. Everyone else starts looking for Ken Savage. Despite all the firepower, the military does not stop the 5XE and it hits them with an EMP ray rendering all their weapons useless. Kyle tells Jenny and Duke not take on the 5XE by themselves.

    Trek and Erica find Ken Savage Private Eye sleeping on his office couch. Savage does not react well knowing they are from F.L.A.G. and throws a filing cabinet at them. Erica and Trek are in hot pursuit. This is harder than they think because Savage can run over 60 m.p.h. and can jump over Kat and Plato. Savage was the proto-type for the Megaman project. Savage wants no part of the 5XE but the reserve activation clause in his contract can pull him back in at any time. Jenny and Duke try to get a man (Huck Liggett) and his family to evacuate (because they are in the 5XEs path), but they wont budge. Savage doesnt care about responsibility, he is obviously afraid to go after the second 5XEhe just isnt physically up to it. Savage also says their fancy cars arent good enough either and he wasnt working alone the first time. Savages partner (his wife) died in the fight against the first 5XE. Duke and Jenny find out that the EMP shields were taken out of the cars. (Gil was told to take out anything that he did not recognize in the cars because of Dennis betrayal). The home owner refuses to leave and he thinks he can stop things with a shot gun. Jenny cold-cocks him and gets the family out of the 5XEs way.

    To stop the 5XE, they have to pull the antenna off the 5XE and then Erica jumps on it (if the weight is changed, the bomb will go offErica and the antenna weigh almost the same). Savage has to coach Erica how to defuse the bomb once she is in the 5XE, He and Erica have a strong attraction to each other. Erica cuts all the wires in the right order, but she gets locked in. Nigel Davies left a message for Kenassuming he would be the one to try to stop the second 5XE. Nigel has reconfigured the 5XE and now there is a second bomb to defuse. Jenny and Duke do what they can to slow the 5XE down to give the rest of the team time to help Erica. Savage now has to get in the 5XE to defuse the second bomb. When Savage lands on the 5XE, he accidentally crushes the defuser. Since he has super-human abilities, he defuses it by hand (literally) but the effort kills him. Army Sergeant: Carlos Del Olmo, Nigel Davies (5XEs inventor): George Lazenby, Randy: Chris Dollard, Bud: Lex Medlin, Scott the mechanic: Michael Lexx

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