"SpongeBob SquarePants" Hooky/Mermaidman and Barnacleboy II (TV Episode 2000) Poster

Bill Fagerbakke: Patrick Star, Fish #3



  • Mr. Krabs : What did I tell you about those hooks, boy?

    SpongeBob SquarePants : Well, I...

    Patrick : I'll tell you about the hooks. You ride them up and up and up, and then you gently float back down.

    Mr. Krabs : And do you know what happens when you don't float back down?

    SpongeBob SquarePants : Gift shop!

    Mr. Krabs : Worse! You end up vacuum-packed in a can of tuna, with nothing to look forward to but the smell of mayonnaise.

    [SpongeBob and Patrick gasp in horror] 

    Mr. Krabs : I want you to promise me you will never go near those hooks again.

    SpongeBob SquarePants , Patrick : We promise, Mr. Krabs!

    Mr. Krabs : I wanna hear a sailor's promise. Yo ho, yo ho. Near the hooks I'll never go.

    SpongeBob SquarePants , Patrick : Yo ho, yo ho. Near the hooks I'll never go.

    Mr. Krabs : [a hook gooses him]  Yeow! Mother of pearl! Fire on the poopdeck!

    SpongeBob SquarePants , Patrick : Yeow! Mother of pearl! Fire on the poopdeck!

  • SpongeBob : Doesn't look like any carnival I ever...

    [bumps into a hook] 

    SpongeBob : Excuse me.

    [gasps as he sees the hook] 

    SpongeBob : Stop Patrick! Don't touch it! This isn't the carnival, Patrick. Those are hooks. Mr. Krabs said they were really dangerous.

    Patrick : [sits on a hook]  Hmmm, I sense no danger here, how can they be dangerous?, they're covered with free cheese!

    SpongeBob : All I know is that Mr. Krabs said... Patrick, don't do that!

    Patrick : [puts a hook with cheese in his mouth]  Cheesy!, no danger here, go on, try it

    SpongeBob : But Mr. Krabs said...

    Patrick : SpongeBob let me ask you something

    [puts 9 hooks in his mouth] 

    Patrick : does this look dangerous?

    SpongeBob : [screaming]  Patrick don't!

    Patrick : Lighten up, will ya? Or do I have to eat all this cheese by mysel...

    [hooks pulls him up] 

    SpongeBob : [gasps]  Patrick! Help! Oh, Patrick, help! Oh, Patrick, come back. Oh, my best friend.

    [Patrick floats down and SpongeBob runs into him as he hits the ground] 

    SpongeBob : Patrick, you're alive.

    Patrick : Am I ever, you should try it

    SpongeBob : But... What about the surface?, and your britches?, and the gift shops?

    Patrick : You just jump off before you get too high.

  • Patrick : Hey SpongeBob, you're going the wrong way

    SpongeBob : I always go to work this way

    Patrick : You're not going to work today, we're going to play hooky!

    SpongeBob : But Patrick we promised

    Patrick : Well I had my fingers crossed

    SpongeBob : You don't have any fingers Patrick

    Patrick : Well that Mr. Krabs is just a big dummy, we played on those hooks all day long and nothing happened to us

    SpongeBob : But Mr. Krabs said...

    Patrick : [interrupting him]  Look SpongeBob are you going to listen to a big dummy, or are you going to listen to me?

    SpongeBob : Umm

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