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A Truly Great Treehouse Episode(SPOILERS)
I_Am_The_Taylrus28 December 2006
Warning: Spoilers

This is, by far, the best Treehouse of Horror episode ever. I mean, the sixth season of the Simpsons was truly amazing, definitely the best season, so the sixth season of course has the best Treehouse of Horror episode. This episode also features my favorite segment of all time, the Shinning. It is obviously a parody of the Shining, which is one of my favorite movies of all time. The Shinning is very hilarious, but at the same time it is the scariest segment of all time. Who doesn't like a good scare?

Here is the plot of the first segment, the Shinning. Like I said before, it is pretty much a parody of the Shining. The family has to take care of Mr. Burns's mansion. Burns and Smithers take all the beer supply and cut the cable. Basically there is no television or beer. That is not a good sign for Homer. He goes insane because he can not handle no beer or TV. Also, a spirit Moe tells him if he kills his family he'll give him a beer. Luckily, Lisa finds a hand-held TV in the snow and Homer's urge to kill fades, but the family freezes and are forced to watch the Tony Awards.

In the second segment Homer breaks the toaster. He rebuilds it and puts a piece of toast in. It takes him back in time. He kills something and the future is totally different. He keeps in going back in time until he finally gets a nice future, the only problem is that humans have snake-like tongues.

In the third segment the teachers become cannibals after Principal Skinner tasted Jimbo with sauce on him. The teachers then give students detention whenever they move. When they are sent to detention they are eaten. Bart, Lisa, and Milhouse escape but are grounded up by a blender. Then it all turns out to be Bart's dream. The family then sings when they are turned inside out by a fog.

Overall, this is the most sick, disturbing Treehouse of Horror ever. It is very gory and bloody and should not be viewed by young children. Really listen to Marge's disclaimer at the beginning of the episode this time. She is serious. Anyway, the second segment I did not really like as much as the first segment or third segment, but it is still a fantastic segment. Plus, it has a great line said by Maggie. This is a spectacular episode throughout.

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A classic Treehouse of Horror, and a classic Simpsons episode period
gizmomogwai2 October 2009
Warning: Spoilers
I've been intending to watch The Shining and its Simpson parody The Shinning (part of Treehouse of Horror V) back to back for a while now. I guess it's fitting that I've done it now as part of my reviewing of Halloween and horror-themed movies and TV throughout this October. Treehouse of Horror V is, along with Treehouse of Horror IV, the best of the Simpsons Halloween episodes.

The first segment of the episode is The Shinning, based on the classic 1980 movie The Shining. It's amazing how much of the two-hour and twenty-minute movie they managed to fit into nine minutes of this episode; redrum, the bartender ghost (here Moe), the wife swinging the bat at her insane husband, the maze, a mention of the history of murders at the building, and the freezing at the end are all here. The Shinning is not only funny, it's able to tell the story in a competent way- so much so that I enjoyed seeing The Shinning as a kid even before I saw The Shining.

The rest of the episode deals with time travel and cannibalism at the elementary school. There are some good laughs (Homer evidently thinks a rock is a good tool). The Nightmare Cafeteria segment is surprisingly disturbing- but that makes it perfect for Halloween. The real star of the show, however, is Groundskeeper Willy- axed in the back in all three segments, before coming back to participate in the musical number at the end of the episode. Willy later played an undead murderer in Treehouse of Horror VI, but it's really THOH V where's he's the bigger standout.

Happy Halloween.
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One of the best
safenoe21 December 2016
Warning: Spoilers
I would say the earlier Halloween episodes were the best, and I loved the reference to The Shining, which Groundskeeper Willie jokingly said he couldn't mention because of copyright laws!! Anyway, Bart as the "shinning" to alert Willie in the event Homer gets all "Here's Johnny!!"

The time machine toaster segment was quite thought provoking and made you really think about the consequences of going back in time and thinking about every little decision or act you make.

The final segment, set in the school canteen, was wickedly funny, with many puns about the fate of the students, in particular Gunter and his German background.
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BEST Treehouse of Horror
malmsteneino8 September 2019
Warning: Spoilers
Time-travelling was great idea! Things what Homer make on his travelling, is scary and funny!! And as from Homer come crazy, I realky scary...
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"After all, isn't there a little Uter in all of us?" To me, best Halloween special ever done, bar none! Warning: Spoilers
So firstly, Homer may be a secret idiot savant in the world of quantum mechanics, because after repeatedly trapping his hand in the toaster one morning, he repairs the thing and accidentally invents a dang time machine! The first segment is the most lighthearted and moves a mile a minute, and what's really great about it is just how funny and creative it is with the ways that Homer keeps screwing up the present as he goes back and forth through time - and oh if he'd only stayed a few seconds longer in the world where it rained doughnuts! Once again it was awesome seeing Flanders as a villain, this time as an almighty happy tyrant who hands out forced labotomies at the slightest violation of his impossible decree of constant good behaviour! "The Shinning" is really in a league of its own as far as Simpsons parodies go, and it really has it all, great laughs, chills, and a fantastic parody that apes but still somehow captures a little of the spirit and atmosphere of the source material. I love how, rather than there being any kind of slow breakdown, Homer is instantly insane as soon as he discovers that he has neither beer nor TV! There's such an excellent blend of scares and comedy put into it, even during the great sequence that every Simpsons fan has probably quoted at some point, when Homer goes crazy "Don't mind if I do!!!" and babbles a lot of hysterical nonsense at Marge before scaring himself into falling down the stairs, it retains the slight horror edge even in the midst of all that laughter. "Nightmare cafeteria" even more so is very funny but has some real horror elements in it and really pushes the limits of what they could do in terms of gore, and I just find it the scariest Treehouse story ever. I love Skinner in it, as he acts like his usual buttoned-down principal self, but with an eerie added note of sociopathy as he and the teachers systematically harvest the kids of Springfield Elementary, it's creepy! Even the loony twist ending is kind of unsettling, with everything that happened having merely been Bart's nightmare version of the school...but then there's a final great big screw you to the censors as everybody is grotesquely turned inside out by an insidious fog and sings a happy showtune! It was abrupt but I think it made for one bizarrely charming ending. I find this to be a perfectly done Treehouse of Horror and it's The Simpsons at its funniest, smartest, and of course its scariest! Happy Halloween folks! X
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Better then Halloween 4
atinder11 February 2010
There Halloween tales First tale was The Shinning The Simpsons are asked by Mr Burns to caretaker Hotel, before Mr Burns leaves Smithers kill the Cable TV and remove all the beer, two things that Homer love. It dose take long for Homer to go insane and Marge lock him up in freezer, when homer start to eat then number of horror Ioons such as Freddy, Jason, Pinhead and Mummy who drag me out which I did find really great.

Tale 2 Homer keeps getting hand stuck in toaster so he tires to fix but then keeps goes back time, he kills a fly and when comes back the world as changed but then he tries to fix but then he can't get is normal time.

It was odd story story they did have some good jokes but I wish Homer had happy ending, i wish ending staying in the Rich house, we would have love raining Dounts.

The next story Nigthmare cafeteria Kids are going missing school and school are serving some nice food for change named after some of the kids have gone missing, Lisa and Bart both run to Marge who know help at all. As they got back school they face it, will they make it out live.

I find this much more funny then Halloween 4, it some great funny jokes in this episode.

8 out of 10
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