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  • The family's job at Mr. Burns' country estate goes awry when Homer goes mad; Homer's attempt to repair a toaster results in inadvertent time travel; The school staff turn cannibalistic.

  • The Simpsons get hired by Mr Burns to take care of his country-side mansion for the winter where Homer starts going mad. In the second segment, Homer's toaster breaks and in trying to fix it, he inadvertently made it into a time-machine in which cause terrible consequences. In the third segment, Bart and Lisa's start killing and eating the students in the school when they misbehave.

  • The Simpsons family go to take care of Mr Burns' country-side mansion where literally goes insane. Homer tries to fix the toaster but accidentally turns it into a time machine. Every day in the school cafeteria, kids, one by one, are mysteriously vanishing when the real people behind all this is the school teachers.

  • The Simpsons are employed on Mr. Burns's country estate-and Homer goes insane. And act two, Homer's attempt to repair a toaster lead him repeatedly back into the past-and he inadvertently changes the future. And the final act, the school cafeteria turn to an unusual source of food-and schoolchildren start mysteriously disappearing.


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  • Marge warns that the episode is frightening and children should not watch it, but her message is hijacked by a radio transmission from Bart who plays the episode anyway. But Homer makes funny noises and ruins the mood.

    The Shinning

    The Simpsons go to Mr. Burns' mansion in the mountains to become its caretakers. Before he leaves, Mr. Burns cuts off the television and beer supply, believing that without these distractions this will ensure hard work from the family. While there, Groundskeeper Willie discovers that Bart has the power to read his thoughts and that if Homer goes insane, he should use this to call him. The absence of his two favorite things sends Homer insane and a ghostly Moe makes a deal with him that he'll give him some beer if he kill his family. Homer makes good on his promise by making crazy noises and faces, then charges Marge. She runs over to a glass case enclosing a baseball bat, breaks the glass, and grabs it, threatening Homer. He warns her to give him the bat by backing her slowly up some stairs. She swings it at him as he continues to ask her for it. Eventually he laughs and calls her a scaredy-cat, making hideous face. Catching sight of his own hideous face in a mirror cause him to faint with fright and fall down the stairs, unconscious. Marge hauls his body into a cold storage room, leaving him there with until he's back to normal. She then grabs a can of Chili to cook for her family. Soon after Homer wakes up and is in heaven, stuffing his face with food. However, that is short lived as Moe and his gang of ghouls(consisting of a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy, Freddy Kruger, Jason Voorhies and Pinhead) all drag him out of the storage room to finish the job. He then begins chasing the family with an axe and Bart uses his powers to call Willie, who runs to the family's rescue dropping his portable television in the snow but Homer kills him by stabbing him in the back with the axe. Homer chases his family outside into the snow and just as he is about to strike them, Lisa picks up the portable television that Willie dropped and shows it to him. With access to television again, Homer's insanity gradually fades. The family sits in the snow to watch with him and eventually freeze. As the Tonies begins Bart tells Homer to change the channel but Homer reminds the family that they are frozen. As the family watch the Award Show helplessly, Homer informs them that his urge to kill is rising.

    Time and Punishment

    While trying to fix a broken toaster, Homer accidentally turns it into a time machine. It transports him to prehistoric times where he realizes that if he affects anything in the past, he could cause changes in the future. He kills a mosquito before returning to the present and finds a dystopia where Ned Flanders is now a world dictator. Homer travels back in time again to try to set things right. However, he accidentally kills a fish, and after returning to the present he finds Bart and Lisa are giants. He then infects the dinosaurs with a cold virus and wipes them out. He is initially pleased with the results in the present; Bart is polite, the family is wealthy and Patty and Selma are dead. However, he is horrified to find that Marge does not know what a donut is (although when he leaves, it is revealed that in this world it rains donuts). In another world, Willie tries to help Homer, but is stabbed in the back by an axe (again) by a talking Maggie. After several more trips back and forth in time, Homer eventually arrives in a reality that appears normal. However, he finds that humans eat with frog-like prehensile tongues, but decides it is close enough.

    Nightmare Cafeteria

    Principal Skinner is worried that the detention hall is becoming overcrowded and Lunchlady Doris is being forced to serve Grade F meat in the cafeteria. Skinner discovers a common solution to both problems: eating misbehaving children. The first such student is Jimbo Jones who is served as "Sloppy Jimbos". Üter is then sent to detention and made into a German meal called "Üterbraten". Bart and Lisa figure out what the teachers are doing, but one by one, the kids are gradually eaten away. The kids try to get Marge to help, but she gives them advice, "look them straight in the eye, and say 'don't eat me'" . Eventually Bart, Lisa and Milhouse are the only students left and they decide to escape. Skinner and the other teachers corner them on a ledge above a giant operating blender. Willie tries to save them, but Skinner kills him (Willie [after stabbed], "Oh, I'm bad at this"). Milhouse, Bart, and Lisa fall to their dooms.

    Ending segment

    Bart wakes up to find that the last segment was all a dream. But a strange and unexplained case of fog turns the family inside out. They enjoy it and start a chorus number with (an also inside out) Willie. At the end of the song, Santa's Little Helper comes into the dance number, and bites a helpless Bart by the leg. Bart is unable to fight his dog and is dragged off screen, screaming (it is presumed he is possibly eaten).

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