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  • When a preserved annexe of the Great Library of Alexandria is discovered, many nations send their fleets to lay claim to its treasures. The UEO orders Bridger to mediate the dispute and sends a team of ESP parapsychologists to help the negotiations.


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  • While exploring the Mediterranean Sea, the seaQuest discovers an annex of the great Library of Alexandria. This causes an international incident when several countries claim ownership of the riches, and it's up Bridger to mediate the situation.

    In addition to mediating the representatives from Greece, Italy, Tunisia, Israel, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Turkey, etc. the Captain (Roy Scheider) must deal with the invasiveness of parapsychologists who are searching the members of the crew to uncover the 'leak' from SeaQuest. Since the news of the discovery resulted in an influx of ships from the various countries claiming ownership almost immediately after the find, the leak became too obvious to ignore.

    Dealing with the invasion of the mind probing team and juggling the invasions of greedy nationalists who would rather see the destruction of the find than let it be shared creates a series of mind games for Capt Bridger. He rises to the task and finds a solution for both the countries and the parapsychologists who have their own agenda.

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