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Johnny LaRue Gets A New Show
Jimmy_the_Gent414 September 2018
Guy is upset with Johnny LaRue for going over budget on Polynesiantown.

This funny episode starts off with a Catherine O'Hara in a commercial for Milk Of Amnesia, which makes you forget everything when you drink it. Rick Moranis does a Sunrise Semester where he shows you how to imitate Ed Sullivan and James Stewart.

The main story gets started with LaRue finding his name painted over in his parking spot. Guy tells him the crane shot in Polynesiantown cost too much so he is cancelling all of his projects. After LaRue begs and blubbers Guy gives him a show called Street Beef with one camera and microphone to interview people on the street. LaRue later runs into William Morris (Dave Thomas) a weaselly guy responsible for his crane shot. He promises to help Johnny on his next show.

We then see Walter Cronkite and David Brinkley on a news segment about the space shuttle. Cronkite interviews singer Robert Gordon (thinking it is astronaut Gordon Cooper). Gordon does a great version of the rockabilly song Someday Someway (written by Marshall Crenshaw, later recorded by him as well).

After trying get some money out of Larry Siegel, LaRue is set for his for his first Street Beef episode, but it ends in a brawl with cops and bystanders. William Morris ends it with a helicopter shot.

The Grapes Of Mud is a funny parody of The Grapes Of Wrath with Joe Flaherty doing a perfect Henry Fonda impression. A Rabbi (Moranis) and Scotsman Angus Crock (Thomas) offer words to live by. The final scene is Andrea Martin as twitchy sex therapist Cheryl Kinsey.
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