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Well done episode
gordonl5627 February 2014
Warning: Spoilers
THE RIFLEMAN –The Trade - 1959

This is the 24th episode from the 1958 to 1963 western series, THE RIFLEMAN. Over the course of 168 episodes we follow the life of Lucas McCain and his son, Mark. They have moved to the small western town of North Fork where they hope to start a new life. Chuck Connors headlines the series with Johnny Crawford as his son. Connors is a world class hand with a Winchester rifle which of course ends up getting him in no end of trouble.

A man, Paul Richards, rides up to the Connors' ranch. The two had known each other years before when both were cattle hands on the same ranch. Richards is now a wanted outlaw. Richards wants to make a deal with Connors. He will turn himself in to the law but he wants Connors to be the one bringing him in. Richards then wants Connors to give the reward to his girl, Katharine Bard. Bard is ill and needs medical help. The reward will help her get the aid she needs.

Of course there are complications with this plan. Bounty hunter Chris Alcaide pokes his nose in. Alcaide figures he has a better use for the $500 reward. This leads to some rather nasty unpleasantness between the parties. Iron is pulled and assorted pieces of lead find their way into Mr Alcaide. Richards is turned over to Sheriff Paul Fix and the reward to Miss Bard.

Good looking episode with veteran Joseph H Lewis at the directing controls and George Diskant handling the cinematography.
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Lucas takes on another problem with nice results.
kfo949414 October 2015
The episode begins with a man named Sam Morley and his soon to be bride, Beth Landis, riding out on a stage. Right after they leave a mysterious looking bounty hunter rides in with a wanted poster with a five-hundred dollar reward for Morley. But the stage is on its way and too late. The bounty hunter, Ferris, has to pick up the trail again.

It so happens that Morley used to be a friend of Lucas McCain. He knows that he is wanted and makes a deal with Lucas. He tells Lucas that his bride is sick and needs medical attention. If Lucas will turn him into the Marshal's office then the five-hundred can go to his bride for medical help. Lucas agrees to go along but about the same time the bounty hunter arrives in North Fork. With Morley still not placed in jail it will be easy for the bounty hunter to collect the reward and spend the money as he sees fit. And when Lucas recognizes the bounty hunter, things just might get nasty.

This was an interesting story made much better by the acting. Paul Richards, that played Morley, always gives a nice performance making the viewer believe he is an 'every-man' type of character. The script had a few problems, like having Lucas familiar with everyone in the cast, but the entertainment value of the show was not diminished. Another nice watch.
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