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  • The Mammoth Mudhens are coming to town, and they are looking for the baseball stars of tomorrow. Rivalries flare when it becomes clear that there is only one contract on offer. Will it go to Bert or Cedric, and will their friendship survive?


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  • Both Bert Raccoon and Cedric Sneer are excited when they hear the Mammoth Mudhens are coming to the Evergreen Forest as part of a barnstorming exhibition. They also grow more excited, in hearing that the team is planning to recruit new talent!

    The word also reaches Cyril, as well as word that there is only one position open. Not wanting to miss out on an opportunity to do business with the team's owner, Mr Mammoth, Cyril convinces Cedric to put his all into getting ready for the Evergreen Forest's team to go against the Mudhens.

    Bert also becomes upset, when it seems that Cedric is trying to get the contract from him. Melissa tries to mend the rift between the two, but their rivalry continues to grow.

    Finally on the day of the game, both Bert and Cedric attempt to sabotage each other, eventually leading to their egos costing the Evergreen team the game.

    In the aftermath, Mr Mammoth's sidekick explains that they do have an offer to join the team: for Cyril Sneer! Apparently, observing Cyril's protestations and voicing from the sidelines impressed Mammoth's sidekick, and they feel Cyril would be perfect to coach the team. However, Cyril egotistically balks at the 'paltry sum' his contract would entail. Angrily tearing up the contract, Cyril quickly regrets this move, as the hardball tactic does not phase Mr Mammoth and his sidekick, as they walk away.

    With the rivalry over, Cedric and Bert mend their friendship, and begin to play a friendly game of baseball with their friends.

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