"Power Rangers Time Force" The End of Time: Part 2 (TV Episode 2001) Poster

Michael Copon: Lucas Kendall, Blue Time Force Ranger


  • Trip Regis : [after Wes has locked the Rangers into the Time Ship]  I feel like this is my home!

    Wes Collins : No! That's not possible!

    Trip Regis : WHY?

    Wes Collins : Because this is MY time, not YOURS!... Your lives are waiting for you in the future.

    Lucas Kendall : But Wes you could be destroyed.

    Wes Collins : Maybe, but I won't stop fighting until I've taken my last breath.

    [looks up] 

    Wes Collins : The vortex is opening.

  • Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts : [as they're about to undergo memory adaptation]  NO! I don't want to forget. In fact, I'm going back to help him!

    Alex : [grabbing her arm]  Jen, just wait...

    Katie Walker : I'm with you, Jen!

    Trip Regis : We all are!

    Lucas Kendall : [to Alex]  Don't try to stop us!

    Alex : [to Jen]  I don't want you to go. You could be destroyed.

    Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts : We have to! Don't you see? How could we live our lives *knowing* it cost Wes his.

  • Trip Regis : [Rangers thoughts as they're about to undergo memory adaptation]  I wish I'd been there to fight with you Wes.

    Katie Walker : I'm sure you fought with courage... right to the end.

    Lucas Kendall : You saved the future, Wes.

    Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts : I don't care what this machine does to me. I'll never forget you Wes. And I'm proud to have been your friend. I'm only sad that you never knew how much you mean to me.

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