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Wrestling Demons (#6.4)
ComedyFan201011 April 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Bailey meets Will who is taking a year from school and they end up going with Will's wrestler boss to see his wife. Julia is upset because her friend is hitting on her editor. Charlie and Kirsten decide to try IVF. The new nanny Victor is throwing a Halloween party for Owen.

A good episode about Bailey. I have been saying that he is acting old. Claudia noticed it in the previous episodes and now Will called him "middle age Bailey". I love Bailey, but I am happy that he decided to look into this and loosen up a bit. The wrestling and wife story was hilarious. And I loved the scene where Bailey goes to talk to Will wearing a pink dress. It was both funny and also sweet when Will tells him that he doesn't lose him as a friend.

Wilson Cruz is also a great addition as Victor. I liked his connection with Owen, he let him have fun unlike Bailey (although this might be changing soon as well).

And it will be intersting to see the IVF story of Charlie and Kirsten. I have no doubts she wants to take the risks. She always wanted a child.
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