"Night Court" Top Judge (TV Episode 1988) Poster

(TV Series)


Harry Anderson: Judge Harry T. Stone



  • Harry Stone : Cleaver, you may be younger, you may be faster, you may even be smarter. But you will NEVER, EVER, be crazier... than me.

  • [Cleaver challenges Harry to a battle of pranks, but Harry demurs] 

    Mac : Sir, I cannot believe you didn't take the challenge!

    Roz Russell : Where is your pride?

    Christine Sullivan : Rip his guts out and use 'em for garters, sir!

    [off their looks] 

    Christine Sullivan : Metaphorically speaking, Your Honor.

    Harry Stone : Don't you guys understand? I-I don't want to beat Cleaver. I just want to spend my few remaining years in... peaceful contemplation.


    Harry Stone : What's that?

    Roz Russell : It's coming from Cleaver's briefcase.

    [Harry pops open the briefcase and peeks inside... and a spring hand pops out, hitting him in the face with a pie. Harry looks up, and slowly rises to his feet, his face still covered with whipped cream] 

    Harry Stone : I'M GONNA *WASTE* THE SUCKER!


  • [after Cleaver challenges Stone to a final duel of pranks] 

    Mac : Sir, I don't like this.

    Christine Sullivan : I don't either, sir.

    Harry Stone : Oh, come on now, what's the worst that could possibly happen?

    Dan Fielding : AAH!

    [Dan runs down the hallway, chased by a giant, Indiana-Jones size eight ball. He runs out of view - CRASH!] 

    Roz Russell : [winces, but]  It's okay, the motorcycle gang broke his fall.

    Dan Fielding : AAH!

    [Dan flees back up the hallway, pursued by the motorcycle gang] 

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