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Phyllis Breaks the Bank
Hitchcoc22 February 2017
This episode centers around Phyllis Lindstrom (Chloris Leachman). She has had a fight with her husband who has told her that she needs to cut down on her spending. Mary suggests a budget and Phyllis goes ballistic. Mary also finds out that her rent has been raised by thirty dollars a month. She asks Lou for a raise. No soap. Phyllis finds out that she and Lars are nearly broke, so she goes off to look for work. Her top job qualification is that she knows which wine to pick for dinner. Anyway, Phyllis always seems to land on her feet.
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Fantastic Phyllis Lindstrom
Rrrobert4 December 2019
Fantastic Phyllis episode.

Phyllis is flabbergasted when Lars asks her to cut her spending. When it is revealed they are nearly broke Phyllis tries to look for a job but she has no useful qualification, no experience, no practical skills.

Every scene sparkles in this episode.

It features Doris Roberts, Phyllis in some fantastic costumes, and another peek inside the Lindstrom apartment.

This was Phyllis's final MTM episode before moving to her spinoff series, the premise of which pivoted on the low finances / lack of job skills angle.
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