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Martin Kimbrough: [shakes hands with Joe] Mr. Mannix, Martin Kimbrough.

Joe Mannix: How do you do?

Martin Kimbrough: You said you wanted to talk to me about Tully's death?

Joe Mannix: Yes, but, uh, before we do, I'm a private detective like Wes Tully. We were friends.

Martin Kimbrough: What is it you want to say about Mr. Tully's death?

Joe Mannix: He was murdered.

Martin Kimbrough: It was ruled an accidental drowning.

Joe Mannix: Well, it was made to look that way. He was murdered.

Martin Kimbrough: How can you be so sure?

Joe Mannix: I was told so. In a way.

Martin Kimbrough: Told by whom?

Joe Mannix: Wes Tully.

Martin Kimbrough: [sighs] Mr. Mannix, you'll forgive me, but... riddles don't amuse me.

Joe Mannix: Wes came to my apartment the morning of the day he died. He was worried.

Martin Kimbrough: Worried about what?

Joe Mannix: [shows Kimbrough a can of undeveloped film] About this. He had it hidden in his home. Cost him his life.

Martin Kimbrough: [takes the canister and examines it] What is this?

Joe Mannix: Undeveloped negatives of a man Tully thought masterminded the robbery at your bank four months ago- Darrell Andrews. Wes took the pictures, but never got a chance to develop them.

Martin Kimbrough: How did you get this?

Joe Mannix: He told me where he hid it. Just in case.

Martin Kimbrough: Wes Tully's been dead for two days. Why have you waited so long?

Joe Mannix: I was in San Francisco on a case. I left a couple of hours after talking to Wes last Sunday. I just got back this afternoon and heard what had happened.

Martin Kimbrough: Why have you brought this to me?

Joe Mannix: Wes asked me to. After all, you and the bank directors were his employers.

Martin Kimbrough: Yes, of course. I'll call the police.

Joe Mannix: I've already called them, Mr. Kimbrough. Lieutenant Charleston is due back from San Francisco at 9:00 A.M. I'm gonna meet him.

[takes the canister from Kimbrough]

Joe Mannix: I don't think it would be very healthy for you to have this around the house. You may have callers.

Martin Kimbrough: Callers?

Joe Mannix: Two men have been following me.

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Executive #2: [Joe is about to enter an office in the police station] Mr. Mannix? I really, really wouldn't. You're being watched.

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