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Strong Start to the series
ltdab23 June 2014
L&O: Trial by Jury had a more difficult task setting itself apart from its parent series. SVU had a clear focus on sex cases, while Criminal Intent gave us the perspective of the perp. Trial By Jury is, in some ways, just the second half of an episode of Law and Order. This episode makes a strong case for the series. We see the defendant choosing a lawyer, the defense making decisions on how to handle the case, and the jury deliberating. This episode is based on a pretty straightforward premise - a rich defendant to murder and a case without any forensic evidence, only motive. It makes a strong case for the spin off by allowing an interesting perspective on the case. It's a little heavy-handed in it's portrayal of the defendant, he's clearly the bad guy and every scene sets him up as someone for the viewer to dislike.
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Drawing to an inside straight
bkoganbing19 February 2013
The debut of Law And Order: Trial By Jury involves ADAs Bebe Neuwirth and Amanda Carlson taking on a case with no body and a strong alternative suspect. One good alternative and a few others. An aspiring Broadway actress is missing and Fred Dalton Thompson feels like taking a shot at Tony Bill a Broadway producer who has one bad reputation. Yet it might be that which convicts him.

Future Criminal Intent regular Annabella Sciorra plays Bill's defense attorney, hired deliberately by Bill to counteract the two women prosecuting him. The better not to raise feminist hackles over a man who is an alpha male to the extreme.

This debut was also one of the last appearances of Jerry Orbach who has left the NYPD and joined the DA's staff of investigators. I was shocked to see him in a closeup with his shirt clearly too big for him. No doubt the cancer was sadly taking its toll.

No body and a good alternative. Neuwirth and Carlson are really drawing to an inside straight.
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