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  • After a major drug deal goes awry and results in many deaths, Section One is called in to investigate. One of the dead was an undercover operative in a covert C.I.A. task force assigned to stop the distribution of heroin in North America and Europe.


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  • "Is there room for romance in Nikita's dangerous life? Her relationship with an architect compromises her on-the-job effectiveness...and could put her beau in the crosshairs of rival agents and Section One alike."

    This episode opens with a drug deal gone bad, rogue CIA agents steal the drugs and the money for their own personal gain. The CIA asks Sections to find and destroy these rogue agents. Section figures out that the CIA agents are ripping off druglords to re-sell the product to a man named Valerie.

    Despite Madeline's warning, Nikita and Gray's relationship is reaching a serious level. Nikita and Gray go away on a weekend together, the location suggested to Gray by Nikita's "cousin" Michael. In a scene straight out of the Nikita movie, Section calls Nikita and asks her to shoot Valerie with a tranquilizer from the hotel's bathroom window.

    Nikita meets Gray's daughter and is late to a follow-up mission because she is babysitting for Gray. Operations and Madeline tell Nikita to end the relationship and she refuses. Their response (at Michael's suggestion) is to nearly run Gray over with a car, prompting Nikita to break up with him in order to save him from Section.

    Nikita is angry with Section, namely Michael, for this...until Michael tells her what Operations and Madeline's plans for Gray were. "You still believe in free will. In here there is no such thing," Michael tell her.

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