"Justice League" Wild Cards: Part II (TV Episode 2003) Poster

(TV Series)


Arleen Sorkin: Harley Quinn, Dr. Harleen Quinzel


  • Batman : Harley, where's Joker?

    Harley Quinn : After all these years, you still think I'd give up Mr. J?

    Batman : Why not? He gave you up.

    Harley Quinn : That was a long time ago. He's changed. We've been to couples counseling.

    Batman : I'm talking about right now. Or haven't you been watching the show?

  • The Joker : It's only a matter of time now, a few more minutes and millions of people are going to go...

    [flips his lips] 

    The Joker : "b-b-b-b-b-b-b." and it's all because of you

    [Leans close to Ace] 

    The Joker : . The best sidekick a homicidal maniac ever had.

    Harley Quinn : [offscreen]  What about me?

    The Joker : Harley!

    Harley Quinn : [Camera pans to reveal Harley Quinn standing in the nearby doorway, who then advances on The Joker]  Yeah, Harley, you worthless two timing piece...

    The Joker : Wait! Wait. We can't let everything we have be ruined by a silly misunderstanding.

    Harley Quinn : And what is it that I'm not understanding?

    The Joker : That we're two of a kind, that you'll always come back to me.

    Harley Quinn : Yeah, I guess I do, don't I? But...

    The Joker : Like the swallows in Capistrano, and there's one other thing you're not getting.

    Harley Quinn : What?

    The Joker : That you led Batman right to my doorstep!

    [Backhands her] 

    Harley Quinn : Uh!

    [She staggers backwards through a blackboard and to the floor, out cold] 

    The Joker : Tough love. Very effective, don't you think so, Batman? Yoo-hoo! Batman! I know you're here s-

    [Batman punches him in the face from offscreen, knocking him onto his back] 

    The Joker : Oh!

    [Gets up as Batman approaches] 

    The Joker : Oh, there you are. Acey, why don't you give him a piece of your mind?

    [Ace looks to Batman and starts to use her perception altering powers on him] 

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