"Justice League" Wild Cards: Part II (TV Episode 2003) Poster

(TV Series)


Michael Rosenbaum: The Flash, Wally West, Cameraman


  • The Joker : Even you can't disarm one my bombs in time.

    The Flash : Shut up!

    The Joker : What kind of a retort is that? You're not even trying.

    [Flash reaches for the blue wire] 

    The Joker : Not the blue one! You'll blow us all to smithereens!

    [Pulls his hand back, then reaches back to the wires again] 

    The Joker : Seriously, you were right. Cut the black one. I mean, the red one. No, blue. That's it, black and yellow striped one. No, wait! Green.

    [Once the bomb has 1 second left on the timer, Flash picks it up and runs offscreen with it, a distant explosion is heard, the Joker's studio shakes for a moment] 

    The Joker : What just happened?

    Cameraman : He uh... I think...

    The Joker : Get me an instant replay. Super slow motion.

    [the cameras throughout town replay what Flash did in slow motion, showing that he ran out of the casino with the bomb, down the streets, then to the outskirts of Las Vegas before it went off] 

    The Joker : ... huh.

  • The Flash : That about wraps you up.

    [King mumbles under the Mummy wrapping] 

    The Flash : I know. It's all I could think of on the spur of the moment.

  • The Flash : Hey, Supes! That's the last of bombs. We win.

    Superman : That was quite a stunt you just pulled off.

    The Flash : I know. Can't wait to catch the rerun.

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