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Great overall!
konark14527 January 2016
Chandler is funny as usual. Even extra funny with his looks after coming straight from the bed: his hair tangled, his irritated look! Amazing Actor! Joey :thumbs up:! Phoebe: pregnant! Need I say more? Monica: Obsessive.  Wah-Pah! Hysterical. Rachel : extravagant. Ross: idiot. Seriously great lines but acting could use some work. Which is sad since we know his most recent income was from Madagascar 3 as Melman! Aniston is brilliant as usual in 'suppressing her jealousy' act. Monica looks hideous in Emily's dress. Joey snores annoyingly. Another good piece of acting. Hysterical performance by Kudrow. Cox tries very hard though. The story is nicely written with humor dissolved in rightly and timely. I loved this episode utterly. My Rating: 8/10.
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The One with All the Wedding Dresses
ComedyFan201010 August 2011
Warning: Spoilers
I loved Jennifer Anniston in this one. Rachel was really going crazy because Ross was getting married and Jennifer did it so well. I love the scene where Ross comes to talk to her. It is all so well done, what she was saying, how she was saying, how she stuck out the tongue.

And we get to see the girls having some fun in wedding dresses. I was a bit wondering how Monica could wear it while doing dishes, but it was pretty fun to see them all sitting on the couch in wedding dresses eating pop corn, and the fact that Rachel opened the door to Joshua was just awesome

A nice addition was Joey's snoring problem. Him coming on to the whole room and wearing the anti-snoring device were great ideas
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The One With Wedding Coming Up
devashishparnami15 November 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Rachel and Ross talk about Ross's plans to get married. Rachel pretends to be absolutely fine about it because she and Joshua are serious. Emily found a wedding dress in London but they don't have it in her size but the store in New York does. Monica and Phoebe go to pick it up and Monica tries the dress on. Ross announces that the wedding is in 4 weeks. Rachel asks Joshua to marry her and he says ... no! Joshua breaks up with Rachel and Rachel realizes she isn't handling Ross plans for the future too well because she always thought they would be together. Monica, Phoebe and Rachel dress up in wedding dresses to cheer Rachel up.
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A lot of wedding dresses
studioAT23 June 2017
Warning: Spoilers
There's some fun be had in this episode as Rachel completely goes to pieces over the fact that Ross is getting married, and consequently scares off Joshua, her current boyfriend, in the process.

The Joey and Chandler story line was fun, though not up to the usual standard I thought. Seeing Matt Le Blanc and Matthew Perry together though is a constant joy.

This is one of those episodes that is really just building up to the big series finale, and it shows a little. The plots are just that little bit thinner.

However, it does have it's moments, notably in the Rachel story line.
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