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An hour of perfect television
el_monty_BCN17 November 2011
I know it may sound like hyperbole, but no matter how I look at it, I reach the same conclusion: This episode of Firefly is one of the most perfectly constructed pieces of entertainment I have ever seen. It has absolutely everything you could possibly wish for: humour, intrigue, sex, romance, moral dilemmas, action, a neat twist... Moreover, it is a self-contained enough story and so engrossing in itself that even someone watching who is new to the show can still be thoroughly entertained, yet for those who already know the characters, it develops and advances them in subtle but crucial ways. You just couldn't ask for anything more. This should be a blueprint for what every episode in every TV show should strive to be. Firefly was a good show overall, certainly, but this episode alone would more than justify its existence.
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An unforgettable guest appearance by Christina Hendricks
Tweekums25 April 2010
It is hard to pick a favourite episode from a series as consistently good as "Firefly" but this must be a contender; I don't think I can find fault with a single scene from the opening where Mal confronts a group of bandits while wearing a dress and a pretty floral bonnet to when he finds a beautiful stowaway aboard Serenity who claims to be his wife to the conclusion where the ship is in danger of being caught in a net which would kill the crew. As well as having a great story this episode has some of the best dialogue in the series; I'm sure if I hear references to "a special hell" or "I call it Vera" years from now I'm sure I'll know the scene it came from.

The regular cast is joined by the beautiful Christina Hendricks who does a great job as Mal's new bride Saffron, I'm sure most male viewers will think that they'd have succumbed to her charms long before the captain did. Writer/creator Joss Whedon did a fantastic job coming up with such a good story which includes excitement, humour, sexiness and even a surreal anecdote about the juggling of geese.
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Mal's Wife
claudio_carvalho29 October 2016
Mal and his crew goes to a planet and they party with the locals. When the Serenity leaves the planet, Mal finds a beautiful woman called saffron sneaking in the ship and she tells that she is his wife. Shepherd recalls the party and concludes that Mal has married with Saffron in accordance with the costumes of the planet. While the crew is entertaining with the situation, Mal plans to leave Saffron on the next planet. But out of the blue, he is attacked by Saffron that also attacks Washburne. Who might be the mysterious Mrs. Reynolds?

"Our Mrs. Reynolds" is one of the best episodes of "Firefly'. The identity of the gorgeous and naive Mrs. Reynolds is a surprising plot point. The lovely Christina Hendricks is tailored for the role of Mrs. Reynolds. My vote is nine.

Title (Brazil): "Mrs. Reynolds"
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Good Episode.
Son_of_Mansfield29 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Our Mrs. Reynolds, along with the pilot, Serenity, represent the high point of the series. This episode is by far the funniest, highlighted by Joss Whedon's rare blend of witty, awkward humor. The funniest part is watching Nathan Fillion trying to rebuff the charms of his supple child bride as the crew, most hilariously Book, tease and taunt him. Just before she is reveled as the wolf in lamb's clothing, she uses a highly suggestive bible story about seeding that elicits Mal's classic understatement, "Wow. Good Bible." A perfect example of the center of the show, a misfit family, with a great guest spot by Christina Hendricks as the scheming Saffron.

Mal: "Well my days of not taking you seriously are certainly coming to a middle."
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Best episode of the series
toobisbee29 August 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Without question, the best episode in the entire "Firefly" series! (See it and "Trash" back-to-back - excellent bookends!) By turns, hilarious, poignant and scary - and back to hilarious again - this is the episode that should be studied intently by all serious television writers.

You will never predict at the beginning of the episode exactly where it will end up. We are introduced by the (apparently) helpless waif named Sapphron, who is used by her rustic kinfolk to ingratiate herself to Capt. Reynolds as his new wife, as a reward for his kindness to them.

Things go south very quickly when Reynolds does not reciprocate the same feelings toward Sapphron as she demonstrates toward him. And his embarrassment and frustration is a source of constant amusement and bewilderment to the rest of the crew.

But things are not all that they seem...Go - watch and enjoy; I only envy the fact that I cannot have the same pleasure you will have by watching it for the first time all over again!
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The turning point
jamariana24 July 2017
I first started this show in 2014, shortly after I finished watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel. I had wanted to watch another television programme from Joss Whedon, a very creative mind of our time. I had heard many great things about this show, so I was incredibly excited to start it. The first two episodes didn't hook me, perhaps because I had too high expectations. Recently, I decided to continue the show because I saw it was on Netflix. And wow, oh, wow, I must say, this episode makes me understand why the show has such a huge cult following. It makes me understand all the praise and hooplah. This was an amazing thrill of an episode - so wonderfully crafted and intriguing. Even for a person who would not want to watch the full show, I would recommend this episode.
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Is He or Isn't He...?
ShepherdSpy9 March 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Unfortunately,I never had the chance to see this episode or the (Lamentably cut short) series on it's original airing,so this review is following my viewing the box set (recommended!)

Mal and the crew carry out a Hired Gun Job on behalf of a settlement plagued by a bandit Gang,and are invited by the townspeople as honoured guests to take part in a celebration afterwards. Next Day,Serenity's taking off to Move on,and down in the Cargo Bay,Mal meets a stowaway-A Woman who Claims to Have Married Him during the Party..Which Wedding He has no Memory of... It's a comedy of Errors,but all is not as it seems....And We get to meet Vera!
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Our Mrs Reynolds
Joxerlives31 December 2011
Warning: Spoilers
Our Mrs Reynolds

The good; The Mal/Jayne exchange on the wagon cracks me up every time. Some great acting by Christina Hendricks and the scene where everyone stands around judging Mal upon meeting his bride is hilarious. Some nice tension too as they ingeniously slip the net.

The bad; ?

Best line; Mal; "How drunk was I last night?" Jayne; "I don't know I passed out" plus Mal; "You've the same right as anyone to live and kill people"

Kinky dinky; Mal cross dresses. The bandit leader demands 'one on one time' with Jayne's missus. Zoe refers to Saffron as Mal's 'nubile slave girl'. When Mal finds a naked Saffron in his bed she declares she's 'made herself ready for him', she started without him? She 'swells to think of you in me' as indeed does he. It's been a 'long while' for Mal. Wash likes forward women. Jayne never kisses his women on the mouth. Another thank you kiss from Mal to Kaylee.

Capt subtext; Obvious jealousy from Inara, the only other member of the crew who's not laughing at all this. Also jealousy from Zoe, maybe over Mal but also over Wash seeming to like Saffron. Note her pride later when she learns that Wash resisted and stayed true to her. Kaylees's the only one who doesn't feel jealous, she feels for a crying Saffron describing Mal as a monster for upsetting her. Huge battle of seduction between Inara and Saffron but who's conning who? Like all straight men Mal loves the idea of two women together, thinking that Inara kissed Saffron rather than him.

Women good/men bad; If Saffron is to be believed girls on the backward planet are kept in a 'maiden's home' and given away in arranged marriages. Mal decades Saffron 'No one's property'. Zoe takes exception to the idea that she might cook for Wash.

Happy high-class hookers in Space; Saffron refuses to be a 'doxy' and expresses contempt for them. Mal never beats around the bush and refers to it as 'whoring'. Inara actually thinks the arranged marriage is degrading. Also she reveals her speciality is washing her client's feet.

Fanfic; Plenty where Saffron seduces Mal, Inara and any and all of the entire crew. The adventures of Mr and Mrs Reynolds also popular.

Questions and observations; The opening dirge is very Xena. We see the friendship between Mal and Jayne developing to a great degree, they seem more like buddies in this ep than before. Is Bau a real dish? We learn a little more about Mal, he's from the planet Shadow. The way the wreckers refer to the Firefly she sounds like the Volkswagon Beetle of spaceships. Note Saffron seduces Mal not with her body so much as flattering him for his morality. Inara pretty handy in a fight, maybe they teach more than footwashing at the academy. Why don't they all just pile into Inara's shuttle when they're being lured into the net? Or if they depressurise the cargo bay wouldn't it alter their course? Presumably the suit keeps pumping oxygen in when the visor is shattered allowing Vera to still function in a vaccum. Very little River in this ep, does she even have any lines? . Marks out of 10; 8 bordering on a 9, really good, up there with Serenity as the best ep so far, funny, thrilling and some great character moments, really like Saffron and I hope we might see her again, I hope the rest of the series is this good.
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Say "I do" to this episode
Fluke_Skywalker12 March 2018
Warning: Spoilers
Plot; A stowaway aboard the Serenity claims that Mal's seemingly innocent gesture at a party united them in matrimony.

This is a mostly fun and lighthearted episode w/a wicked (though not wholly unexpected) twist. The guest star is a young and utterly ethereal Christina Hendricks, who does a great job at playing the seemingly innocent would be bride. It struggles to include the entire crew in the story, w/Simon and River (who, if she's in the episode at all, is only in the background) but it may be the most purely entertaining episode since the pilot.
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