"Fallen Angels" Tomorrow I Die (TV Episode 1995) Poster

(TV Series)


Heather Graham: Carol Whalen


  • Carol Whalen : You used to give me the kind of itch a small town girl doesn't know how to scratch.

    Rich Thurber : Damned right. And now?

    Carol Whalen : It's still a small town and you're still poison ivy.

  • [after discussing ways of thwarting the bank robbers] 

    Rich Thurber : You're forgetting about the other angle. I could bump you and take the cabbage and let the boys kill all the others. Eventually the law would get the boys and they'd fry for the deal and I'd be sitting pretty in a world far from this one.

    Carol Whalen : Would you?

    Rich Thurber : It crossed my mind.

    Carol Whalen : But will you?

    Rich Thurber : ...No. I'll go back with you.

  • Carol Whalen : Do you know what you are?

    Rich Thurber : [narrating]  Yeah, I know, but I was pretty sure she didn't.

    Carol Whalen : You're a hero.

  • Carol Whalen : Rich, have you ever read stories about people in a falling airplane?

    Rich Thurber : Hey, don't worry about it, sugar. We're going to be all right.

    Carol Whalen : People who know their time's up, so... they do things - reckless things - that they always wanted to do. Well, I've wanted to do this since I was a tomboy in pigtails.

    Rich Thurber : [narrating]  She kissed me so hard I saw stars and I wondered how many other Hollywood types had blown into her overheated life looking for a beer... but the next half hour, it was only me. A hero, she said, but what I did to her wouldn't earn me any medals.

  • [last lines] 

    Carol Whalen : Rich!

    [a shot rings out in the shack] 

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