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The one where Devon gets a glimpse of the future...
cosmic_quest22 October 2007
'The Boy Who Would Be Terrian King'. Season one, episode seventeen.

This has to be one of my favourite episodes of 'Earth 2', both because it involves time travel (which is one of my favourite plot devices) and because of the interesting opportunity for character development. This episode sees, in the days leading up to Uly's ninth birthday, Devon being contacted by her son's adult self from a rather bleak future. She learns more of the Terrian changes that her son will undergo as he grows up and how this lead to him being seen as a renegade by the government, especially the now grown up Syndrome sufferers whose parents refused to allow them to bond with the Terrians in return for a cure.

Michael Reilly Burke plays Uly as a man well, showing hints of the boy he was in his love for the Terrians. Debrah Farentino's Devon is perfect portraying her shock that one day her relationship with her beloved son will deteriorate, barely able to believe this when she looks upon her son as a little boy in present day. There was also a nice appearance by the adult True to represent how their love/hate friendship will grow into a close friendship and she too will come to ally herself with the Terrians.

This was a great episode for a first season and could have been built upon had 'Earth 2' been given a chance.
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