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  • It's Christmas day in the ER. An 18-year-old boy arrives brain-dead, and Carter has to convince his parents to donate his organs, since a 16-year-old girl needs a liver. Benton risks his career by preventing Romano from operating under the influence. Ross and Hathaway have a religious dispute over how to deal with a pregnant 13-year-old. Corday is charmed by a musician who is facing surgery for prostate cancer. Dr. Lee flirts with Mark but turns out to have some major issues and strange story-telling habits.



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  • On Christmas Eve a brain-dead patient gives the gift of life. Corday meets a new beau and Lee exhibits bizarre behavior. Romano is bouncing off the walls in anticipation of a dinner with Corday. Lee has instituted a new charting system that Jerry is not too happy about. The staff update Mark on news about his ex-wife. Seems they are still on her Christmas card list. The staff treat a Christmas elf with an attitude. Doug and Carter treat an 18 year old boy who was found in his bed with no heartbeat and not breathing. Just when a time of death was about to be called, Carter tries for one more heroic effort. The young man's heart is started, but there is little hope for his recovery since he had been deprived of oxygen for so long. Jerry accuses Lee of theft, but his opinions are blamed on sour grapes over the amount of work her new policies have caused him. A patient comes in with gastric distress. Small wonder... he's on a liquid diet post a stomach stapling procedure, and blended then consumed what turned out to be an entire Christmas dinner. Carter has a tough conversation with the mother of the young man who had been brought back from heart failure. Even though all tests indicate he as no brain activity, the mother keeps hoping for a miracle. In the meantime, Carter is regretting the heroic actions he took, thinking that it would have been better for for him and his mother if he had been allowed to die. Doug and Carol counsel a frightened and worried pregnant 13 year old who wants an abortion. A 16 year old girl is brought in with liver failure. Turns out she has been on the transplant list, but has a hard to match blood type. Coincidentally (or a miracle?), the same type as the boy who went into heart failure. The gastric patient goes missing as well as four trays of food. Benton starts a procedure to undo the stapling without an attending present. Romano finally shows up with alcohol on his breath and aggravated that Corday never showed up for dinner. After taking a swing at Benton, he misses and knocks himself out. After convincing the mother of the 18 year old to sign a DNR (do not resuscitate) order, Carter ignores the order in hopes of keeping the organs alive for transplant into the dying liver patient. After failing to get permission to get the organs from the 18 year old, Lucy introduces the mother of the now dead young man to the mother of the 16 year old liver patient. The mother subsequently gives permission to donate the organs. Romano threatens disciplinary action against Benton, who informs him that testing proved his blood alcohol level was so high that he should not have even been driving, much less operating. We get a peek at the craziness that Amanda Lee lives in.

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