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A good Dept. S adventure
shakspryn18 June 2017
I like this episode of the series because all three of our main trio get their moments to excel. Sometimes in this series, as in The Champions by the same company, ITC, the female member of the team does not get much to do.

For this outing, our team is working in Spain, and we get some nice countryside exteriors. Given the budget, it's almost certainly English countryside doubling for Spanish, but it looks good.

One of the guest stars is George Pastell, one of those character actors for whom you think, "where have I seen this guy before?" Looking him up, he played the train conductor in the Bond film, "From Russia with Love," so many will find him familiar from that role.

In this episode, we get a lot of action. The pacing of the episode is good and it never drags. A general note: in The Avengers, the plots were often very outlandish, even fantastical; in Dept. S., the plots are much more credible, which I think a plus.
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