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Joey and Pacey? No Way
cdizzle15 November 2006
Warning: Spoilers
I truly feel that Joey and Pacey don't end up together in the end. Sure, they're together at the end of the last "episode" but they're not married, and who knows what happens after that? Pacey's a nice guy, but he's also a dim fellow, and nothing between them compares to the intellectual and emotional connection of Joey and Dawson, season 1. Joey and Dawson 4 life. In addition, I feel that the writers of the show did a great deal of harm when they quickly ended the relationship of Dawson and Joey after only a handful of episodes with them as a couple. Paul Stupin mentions in the season 2 audio commentary that there were two camps working on the show: one wanted to keep Dawson and Joey together for all of season 2, and another wanted to break them up. Obviously, those who wanted them apart won out, and Stupin states in the commentary that he has always regretted that this happened. Who knows what could have materialized if they had given Dawson and Joey a full season to expand their relationship. Again in season 6, they consummated their relationship after years and years, and the writers and producers took them apart the year after. In all the years, Dawson and Joey never really had a chance to be a couple. There has been a lot of talk about "Dawson and Joey" vs. "Joey and Pacey" but the fact is that "Dawson and Joey" never happened on any kind of a substantial level, and this hurt their chances of showing what a great couple they could be, and also effected the public's view of Dawson, which has suffered greatly since.
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