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Tabasco sauce!
jotix10010 November 2009
Warning: Spoilers
This installment begin with Larry at a golf range practicing. Another golfer arrives with a bucket full of balls. One drops to the floor in between the two positions. The newcomer looks at Larry, who can't be bothered to pick up the ball and hand it to the guy.

Larry accepted a dinner date to an old acquaintance, Gil. It so happens this man used to be a porno star. Cheryl reminds her husband they had dinner reservations for the two of them. Larry suggest to stop over after they eat.

Jeff, who has been hospitalized, needs a bypass. He summons Larry to ask him a special favor. Since Susie is going to be at the hospital during the procedure, he gives his friend the combination for the safe where he has stashed away his collection of porno movies and magazines. Larry reluctantly agrees.

As Larry and Cheryl drive to Gil's party, they get lost. They are driving in circles in an area they are not familiar with. Finding a an older woman on the road, they stop to see if she can be of help. Obviously, she has no clue as to directing them, ending with an argument in which she rips the instructions. As they continue driving around, a car is coming in the opposite direction and Larry decides to ask. The driver happens to be Brian, the fellow of the incident at the golf range, who is also attending the party. Larry's excuse to Brian is he didn't help with the ball because of his bad back. This man proceeds to drive away without giving the necessary instructions!

When they arrive, the host asks them to take off their shoes. Cheryl complies, but Larry keeps his on. To their amazement, this is a dinner party and they have already eaten. Gil's wife is upset because Larry doesn't want to observe her house rules. Things turn worse at the table. Gil offers a story from his porno days. It has to do with having found the perfect solution for the times when he cannot have a full erection. The solution is applied by a crew member that involves the usage of Tabasco sauce!

The whole thing is too much for Cheryl who wants to leave right away. Before that, one of the guests asks to see Larry's watch, an anniversary present from his wife. As they are about to open the door, Larry knocks down a valuable lamp that Gil and his wife had bought from the sore golfer. It is obvious the price is going to be astronomical, but what can Larry do? The hostess goes berserk at this point. The golfer in order to test Larry accidentally drops a lighter next to him, but it is never picked up! As they're going to the car, Larry realizes he's missing the watch. Cheryl is upset because it was her gift to him. She asks him to go back to retrieve it. When he rings the bell, the hostess is not happy to see him again. A meek Larry takes off his shoes as he goes to claim his watch.

The end of the segment involves Larry going to Jeff's house to go what his friend had asked him. After getting everything out of the safe, Larry notices a tape that features Gil in one of the porn films in which he starred. He decides to watch the tape on the bedroom television but little prepares him for the surprise he gets as Jeff's parents walk in and watch horrified what Larry is seeing.

Robert B. Weide directed this chapter from the first season. Two main thoughts in Mr. David's mind seem to be: a) useless driving instructions and b) having to apologize for something we don't consider to be rude, and c) obeying someone else's house rules. How many times have we found lost trying to follow written instructions that might have been simple to follow to those who know the way. Apologies are something that don't come natural to some of us, when we think we are right, and how do we go into excuses not to appear guilty of what we are being accused? Finally, some people are reluctant to be observant of the wishes of others when being treated as guests.

Brian Palermo has some good moments in the show. Bob Odenkirk is Gil, the former porno star. Mina Kolb and the late Louis Nye, appearing as Jeff's parents show up at the last moment. Nan Martin is the crazy woman found on the road.
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a masterpiece of awkward humor
framptonhollis1 November 2017
Every step of the way, you know there will be a misstep. The anticipation is strong, but the payoff is somehow always stronger, packing the greatest punch no matter how subtle that punch may be.

This episode of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" nails its depiction of life's most absurdly awkward moments in a laugh out loud fashion. As the episode progressed, it just got funnier and funnier, and everything led up to a fantastic sequence in which Larry David has the most uncomfortable encounters at an eccentric (but not over the top) dinner party with a porn star and his zany, explosive wife. All in all, an entertaining gold mine of comedy.
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Predictable, yet fun, but too sensational this time around.
Graggoz22 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
It beings with a totally unrealistic scene from a social point of view at a golf driving range. To have the man standing there and wait for Larry to give him that ball is totally unrealistic and irrational, especially since Larry is a significantly older man than the guy who dropped the ball (Brian), Larry is holding a golf club, while Brian have put down his bucket and bag already with both hands free and his golf ball lying one foot in front of him as a result of his clumsiness, and ball didn't even roll over to Larry's place. Sure you may argue this is a bit picky to criticize, but as the show is trying to be a realistic show of Larry's life, scenes including unrealistic social interactions like this really hurt the plausibility of the show's plot to be honest.

Anyway, Later, Larry accidentally call the wrong number and ends up getting invited to a party hosted by an old friend, Gil, who used to be a porno star, the very same day that he already had plans with Cheryl. Gil faxes him the directions as he apparently live quite far out in the wild.

Jeff being hospitalized, asks Larry for a favour to get hold of Jeff's secret porno collection to assure it will not get revealed should he die. So he gives Larry his keys.

So the week-end comes and Larry and Cheryl are heading for the "porno Party". Cheryl who was sceptic from the very start of the idea to attend this party, get progressively more annoyed as they run into various problems to even get there. She acts really well during these scenes I must say.

They ask an old woman for the road. This scene is really funny as it point out the humour in some people's overwhelming desire to help people with directions when they are lost, despite they may not really know the directions themselves any better than the people asking.

Larry then realizes she cannot possibly be of any valuable help, yet the woman insist of trying to help and refuses to give the paper of the directions back. The scene is spot-on what I like best about Larry David. The woman's desire to help out is much more based on a need to satisfy her own need to feel being helpful, than actually being helpful in itself. Realizing she was only trying to satisfying her own need of helping when Larry is repeatedly asking to get the directions back, she gets annoyed and rips the paper. 10/10 for this scene!

Cheryl now gets more unhappy.

Later, they ask another person for direction. It turns out the driver is Brian from the Driving-Range. Brian, for some bizarre reason, still upset about the minor detail on the Driving Range, tries to get revenge on Larry for this. Larry tries to blame it on him having a hard time to bend his back. The scene ends with Brian asking Larry:

"Then Maybe you should just bend over and kiss my ass, and maybe next time, you will remember to pick up the f***ing golf ball."

Poor scene and Brian Palerma acts poorly throughout the episode.

Finally they found Gil's house and steps inside, a house which apparently is a strict no-shoe zone, initiated by Gil's wife. However Larry refuses to take them off. It turns out that the so-called porno party was a dinner party , making their late arrival somewhat embarrassing, an emotion well delivered.

Gil then, macho and full of himself, directs and introduce them to the dinner guests, Brian and his wife being one of the five couples. When all are sitting down, Gil starts and tell a nasty porno joke taking a full 2 minutes of the show. The story was not only unnecessarily vulgar and inappropriate, it was also way to long. I mean we could quickly tell that Cheryl had had enough from this dinner party, there was just no need to drag on this story for so long, it didn't make it more embarrassing and it wasn't funny. It's not that I am sensitive to vulgar sexual or porno language, because I am not. But the scene's vulgarity and most importantly the length of it was totally uncalled for.

After the dinner Bill apparently or accidentally drops his lighter right in front of Larry making a similar scene as we witnessed on the golf course. Larry then tries to pick up the lighter as a gesture of politeness but have to do it while pretending to have a bad back. Like as if the initial scene of the driving range wasn't bad enough, they had to repeat it once more time. Anyway Larry's attempt at picking up the lighter makes him accidentally shatter a very expensive and rare lamp leaving glass spill all over the floor.

This makes Gil's wife, who had already been annoyed at Larry for being late and refusing to take off his shoes, release her annoyance for Larry and especially the fact that he was wearing shoes inside. Larry and Cheryl are more or less thrown out of the party.

The next day Larry goes to Jeff's house to get his porn. Jeff finds a movie starring Gil, so out of curiosity he puts it on to watch some. Well what happens? You guessed it, Jeff's parents enters and see him watching the porno.

A horrible ending to an already mediocre episode as it once again leaves the plausible realism a bit to far and even doing so without really surprising or making a funny point out of it.

So after giving 8-rating on the two first episodes, this rather disappointing episode only get 5 stars from me. I hope this episode was an isolated mistake and that better episodes are around the corner.
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