"Batman" Flop Goes the Joker (TV Episode 1967) Poster

(TV Series)


Cesar Romero: The Joker



  • [Alfred and the Joker are engaged in a swordfight] 

    Aunt Harriet Cooper : Alfred, be careful! The Joker's an arch-criminal!

    Alfred Pennyworth : I know, madam, but a very poor fencer.

    The Joker : You anglo-fink! I'll smash you to smidgens!

    Alfred Pennyworth : May I point out that smidgens is a childish effusion which should have no place even in so poor a vocabulary as yours, sir.

  • [over the telephone] 

    Batman : This caper was even more obvious than most.

    The Joker : Ohhh! You can say that over the phone, Batman. But if I had you here, I'd pound you to a pulp!

    [Joker does not realize Batman is there in the room and hangs up. So does Batman] 

    Batman : Start pounding, Joker!

    [Joker turns and throws up his arms in fright] 

    The Joker : Aaaah!

  • The Joker : [Terrified from the up-and-down ride the Joker is getting on the batpole]  Help! Alfred, old pal! Have pity!

    Alfred Pennyworth : We Anglo-finks have a long memory.

    [Alfred then sends the terrified Joker down the pole again] 

    Alfred Pennyworth : One really shouldn't take pleasure in another creatures misfortunes, but, uh, occasionally, one may be forgiven for a slight twinge of satisfaction.

  • Baby Jane Towser : Joker, you could at least untie us. My hands are getting stiff.

    The Joker : Oh, but of course, my dear. The Joker is nothing if not magnanimous.


    Mrs. Putney : How about me?

    The Joker : Well, my generosity does not extend to overweight matrons, madam.

  • The Joker : [entering Wayne Manor with Baby Jane tied up]  Where's Bruce Wayne?

    Alfred Pennyworth : Mr. Wayne is not at home, sir.

    The Joker : Too bad! I'll get my revenge later. Right now I'll settle for cash. Where's the safe?

    Alfred Pennyworth : My duties do not include aiding and abetting thievery.

    The Joker : [holds up a gun to Baby Jane's head]  Oh, no?

    Alfred Pennyworth : I see.

    [closes the door] 

    Alfred Pennyworth : This way, sir.

  • The Joker : [after being shot back up the Bat Pole]  Someone get me off this crazy dumbwaiter! I can't breathe!

    Batman : Joker says he can't breathe, Alfred, why don't you give him some breathing space?

    Alfred Pennyworth : My pleasure, sir.

    [hits the down button on the Bat Pole elevator] 


  • The Joker : Stand back! Stand back I say, or I'll --

    [finds the batpole switch] 

    The Joker : ahh! What's this?

    Alfred Pennyworth : Don't touch that!

    Alfred Pennyworth : [turns the switch]  Aha! A secret passage!

    [slides down the bat pole] 

    Batman : Alfred, what's happened?

    Alfred Pennyworth : I'm afraid the Joker accidentally tripped the batpole switch and mistook this for a secret passage, sir.

    Robin : Then he's down in the batcave.

    Alfred Pennyworth : Ah, he didn't quite make the batcave, Master Robin.

    Robin : Then where is he?

    Alfred Pennyworth : I believe he should be arriving presently.

    Batman : The emergency Bat Pole elevator. Fast thinking, Alfred.

    Alfred Pennyworth : Thank you, sir.

    [Joker is shot back up the Bat Pole] 

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