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First 2-part episode
kevinolzak22 March 2014
"Quarantine" was the series' first 2-part episode, set during a summer heat wave, with Wojo arresting a suspect (David Darlow) for trying to rip off a warehouse. He claims he just wanted to make a bed, having traveled all around the world free as an eagle (Fish: "you talking' to me?"). Collapsing after sampling Nick's coffee (Yemana: "it was a fresh pot!"), the doctor (Arthur Peterson, later of SOAP) narrows his diagnosis to either chicken pox or small pox ("we're not foolin' around with athlete's foot here buddy!"). The entire precinct winds up being quarantined for the night, with Paula Shaw as 'human relations consultant' Paula Capshaw, who claims entrapment when asking the undercover cop for 60 bucks, "on a whim!" (she takes a liking to Fish). Jack De Leon returns as Marty Morrison (fourth appearance), Ray Stewart returns as Darryl Driscoll (second appearance), hoping that Barney can offer a positive reference for Marty (after 8 arrests!) so they can move to California. Rounding out the cast is James Gregory's Inspector Luger, who inquires about Marty and Darryl ("Barney, where'd you pick up the Lavender Hill Mob?").
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