"The Avengers" Room Without a View (TV Episode 1966) Poster

(TV Series)


Patrick Macnee: John Steed


  • Varnals : The ministry told me to expect you, Steed, but they gave me no instructions about you, Mrs. Peel.

    John Steed : Perhaps they wanted to put your innitiative to the test. Not to worry, I'll be responsible for Mata Hari.

    Varnals : Just the same, I think I should ring the minister to insure -

    John Steed : It won't do you any good, old boy, he'll be on the golf course by now.

    Varnals : Well, the junior minister then.

    John Steed : Out for his early morning ride.

    Varnals : Well, the senior secretary.

    John Steed : Oh, you'll get him alright, but we must take this situation serously...

  • John Steed : Have you seen Cullen?

    Leonard Martin Pasold : Seen, signed and delivered.

    John Steed : Cheers.

    [holds up glass] 

    John Steed : You've beat me to it by a day. I had a message from my New York office late last night: sign Cullen. But you got there first. Kidnapped. Right under my nose.

    Leonard Martin Pasold : That's how the prune wrinkles.

  • John Steed : [posing as M. Gourmet]  Mr. Chessman, forgive me, it is a little hot here, don't you think?

    Max Chessman : Look at me. One of nature's jokes. A fat man with thin blood. I have to keep the temperature to steady 80 degrees.

  • John Steed : [Steed, dressed as a waiter, finds Mrs. Peel locked in a cell]  You rang, madam?

    Emma Peel : [appears in small window in the door]  Yes. I want to change my room, there's a honeymoon couple next door.

  • Emma Peel : [after a fight]  Hard labour?

    John Steed : You should see the other fellow.

  • John Steed : [to Pasold]  Fascinating game, chess. Pitting of wits, strategy, point counterpoint, rather like war. What's your interest in Dr. Cullen?

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