"21 Jump Street" Gotta Finish the Riff (TV Episode 1987) Poster

Holly Robinson Peete: Officer Judy Hoffs



  • Captain Adam Fuller : Now, Madigan's been with the municipal school district for three years. Last semester he was promoted to principle over at Grant High. It's a very tough school. Madigan has a rap as a very tough guy. I guess the P.T.A. figure, it would work out.

    Officer Judy Hoffs : But it didn't.

  • Captain Adam Fuller : The kids name is Reggie Brooks. Guys like him don't handle being humiliated. They lose the rep, their gangs take a walk. We put out a warrant for Brooks right after a pipe bomb blew off the hood of Madigan's car. He disappeared. Reggie is a three time loser as a juvy, last week he turned eighteen. So this will be the first time that he's been suspected of a felony as an adult.

    Officer Judy Hoffs : What about the bloods?

    Captain Adam Fuller : Death threats, angry acts from the gang members for skipping school. My bet is they're just waiting on the word from Reggie to take that shot.

  • Captain Adam Fuller : Now remember you gotta get close to Madigan and I.D. the gang members.

    Officer Judy Hoffs : How are we supposed to do that?

    Captain Adam Fuller : You're undercover cops. You're supposed to have an imagination. But use your heads 'cause I'm sending you in armed.

    Officer Tom Hanson : Hey, Jenko never sent us into a school armed.

    Captain Adam Fuller : That was Jenko. And what I'm looking at here is a Frasier blood who wants to kill a principle.

  • Reginald Brooks : Hey, hey, hey. Not bad. How come I never met you?

    Officer Judy Hoffs : 'Cause you were too busy getting punched out by the principle.

    Reginald Brooks : I still woulda heard.

    Officer Judy Hoffs : Oh, yeah. Well I heard about it way over at Jefferson. I just transferred in.

    Bobby : Hey, Reggie, another new student man. Come on, we better go check her out.

    Reginald Brooks : No. I'll shake her down myself. Check out her bag.

    Officer Judy Hoffs : Let me know if you find something you like.

  • Officer Judy Hoffs : [to Reggie]  You're not going to Indiana, Reggie. You're under arrest. I'm a police officer. You make one move and I'll blow a hole right through your head.

  • Reginald Brooks : [negotiating on the phone]  Does anybody want anything?

    Officer Doug Penhall : Yeah I want the $160 for my pizzas.

    Officer Judy Hoffs : And I want to use the bathroom.

  • Reginald Brooks : How much is 20 pizzas worth?

    Officer Judy Hoffs : How about the whole sophomore class? They're all a bunch of wimps anyway.

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