Serial Experiments Lain (TV Mini-Series 1998– ) Poster

Kaori Shimizu: Lain Iwakura



  • Lain Iwakura : No matter where you go, everyone's connected.

  • Lain Iwakura : People only have substance within the memories of other people. And that's why there were all kinds of mes. There weren't a lot of mes per se, I was just inside all sorts of people, that's all.

  • Iwakura, Yasuo : Let me give you one little warning.

    Lain Iwakura : Huh?

    Iwakura, Yasuo : When it's all said and done, the Wired is just a medium of communication and the transfer of information. You mustn't confuse it with the real world. Do you understand what I'm warning you about?

    Lain Iwakura : You're wrong.

    Iwakura, Yasuo : Huh?

    Lain Iwakura : The border between the two isn't all that clear. I'll be able to enter it soon. In full range. Full motion. I'll translate myself into it.

    Iwakura, Yasuo : Even with a top of the line civilian Navi, you couldn't.

    Lain Iwakura : I can do it. I've modified mine.

    Iwakura, Yasuo : A Psyche processor, huh? But...

    Lain Iwakura : Don't worry. I'm still me.

    Iwakura, Yasuo : Sometimes I wonder.

  • Lain Iwakura : Why? Why did you die?

    Navi [Dictating Chisa's response] : God is here.

  • Lain Iwakura : [gasp] 

    Miho Iwakura : The wired might actually be thought of as a highly advanced upper layer of the real world. In other words, physical reality is nothing but an illusion, a hologram of the information that flows to us through the wired.

    Lain Iwakura : But ma...

    Miho Iwakura : This is because the body, physical motion, the activity of the human brain is merely a physical phenomenon, simply caused by synapses delivering electrical impulses.

    Lain Iwakura : But mom, I...

    Miho Iwakura : The physical body exists at a less evolved plane only to verify one's existence in the universe.

    Lain Iwakura : Are you really, truly my mother?

    Miho Iwakura : [disappears] 

    Lain Iwakura : Are you?

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