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You play as the zombie, you laugh as a human
Infest012519 May 2007
This game is great, and me and my friend play it all the time. The co-op is great, graphics okay, sound great, and the gameplay is great. But the greatest part is the humor. Me and my friend crack up endlessly whenever we play this game, whether its a civilian walking on a land mine, or we rip off a soldier's arm and use it as a weapon. My only complaints are that the learning curve and loading screens are a little long, and that the training at the beginning is a little boring. Aside from that it's a hilarious, action packed game, it may be a little short, but it is still fun to play, and it is great to find out the whole story of stubbs by getting to the end.
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Great Game
jbento27 January 2006
Warning: Spoilers
This is one of the best games i have ever played. It was really hard to find but it was worth the look. It is super gory but in an entertaining and cartoonish way. After playing this game, i never looked at a barbershop quartet the same way again. Its really cool to look behind you and watch a horde of zombies lumbering around and mauling people. The characters were very memorable, and the game managed to make Stubbs look like the protagonist. One of the coolest moments in the game is when you get to see the city of Punchbowl in total chaos. Citizens try to grapple with the undead, the army is sending out containment teams, and explosions and gunshots are heard throughout the city. The sound system is one of the best i have ever heard. Everything is crisp and clear. This game is for fans of the zombie genre who want to live the dream.
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Zombie Fun!!!
Wolfdemon22 October 2006
Warning: Spoilers
Zombies. For far too long, they've been used as enemies in the Resident Evil series and in the George Romero films. It ain't the case in this game from Aspyr and Wideload, Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel without a Pulse.

Plot: During the time of the Great Depression, Edward Stubblefield a.k.a. Stubbs was a down on his luck traveling salesman. One day, Stubbs was shot and killed then buried in a grave somewhere in Pennsylvania. Jump ahead to 1959, basket orphan turned millionaire Andrew Monday and his mother, Maggie Monday has built a state of the art city of Punchbowl. Punchbowl is free of crime, pollution, etc. For some strange reason, ol' Stubbs returns from the dead with love on the mind and a hunger for human brains. Stubbs and his zombie horde will have to fight through police, citizens, and vaudeville security guards to get to Stubbs' true love, Maggie Monday. 4/5

Graphics: The graphics may not be the best in the world but they're certainly colorful and has that nice 50s feel. In later levels, things get a little more dark but it doesn't stop the game from being a true piece of eye candy. 4/5

Sounds: The sounds of zombies moaning and humans screaming are a nice delight. Songs from the 1950s sung by bands of the new millennium really suit the humorous tone of the game real well. 5/5

Gameplay: The whole gameplay based on the Halo engine. The controls are well done but control over the zombies are limited. Although Stubbs is a zombie, he still retains some of his human functions like drive vehicles, fighting his enemies, shoving his fellow zombies into the right direction and even whistling at them. Stubbs also has a few tricks up his sleeve such as stunning his foes with farts, possessing his foes with his left hand, throwing guts bombs, and rolling his head as a bowling bowl. Pretty nice features on Wideload's part. 5/5

Stubbs The Zombie in Rebel Without A Pulse is a nice game though pretty short. If you ever wanna play as a zombie or just like zombies in general, then this game is for you.

Final Review: 4/5
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