Eagle vs Shark (2007) Poster

Loren Taylor: Lily



  • Lily : How did you find out where I live?

    Jarrod : I got my flatmate to ring up your work. Tell them it was an emergency. You probably shouldn't go in there, they think you're dead.

  • Lily : Some people don't have sleeping bags.

  • Lily : Do you want the big fries?

    Jarrod : No.

    Lily : It's free. I'll give them to you. The big size. Free. You'll save a dollar fifty. Free.

    Jarrod : Um, ok.

    Lily : Do you want cheese on your burger?

    Jarrod : No, thanks.

    Lily : It's free, too. I'll give it to you. You'll save sixty cents.

    Jarrod : No, thanks.

    Lily : Why? It's free cheese.

    Jarrod : Can't eat cheese.

    Lily : Oh, ok. No cheese.

  • [as Lily enters the room, her face caked in makeup] 

    Doug Davis : Woah!

    Nancy : Wow!

    Doug Davis : Stop the press! We've got a fashion model in the house! Is that the makeup you got from us?

    Lily : Yep.

    Doug Davis : And your skin's all right?

    Lily : Yep. Why?

    Nancy : Oh, we were just wondering.

  • Lily : I have two things to say. One: I am leaving tomorrow on a bus. Two: that could change.

  • Jonah : Take me away from here.

    Lily : Where?

    Jonah : Anywhere. Help me escape.

    Lily : Okay. Where should we go?

    Jonah : Where do you want to go?

    Lily : Home, I want to go home.

    Jonah : Ah, home's horrible. You must want to go somewhere else.

    Lily : Mmm, dunno. Australia?

    Jonah : Nah, not there. My ex-wife lives there.

    Lily : What, is she alive?

    Jonah : Who cares about her, she's a lesbian.

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