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John de Lancie: Nigel Pennington



  • Charlie Fineman : [Charlie, Alan and Nigel are all eating at a diner. Charlie is well aware of what Nigel really is; a therapist. He continues to ask questions toward Nigel]  I noticed in the record store, you were holding up a Bob Seger album. You a Seger man, Nigel?

    Nigel Pennington : [Brief pause]  Love Seger, yes.

    Charlie Fineman : Yeah. Smokin' O.p's, Mongrel... When'd you get into him?

    Nigel Pennington : [Looks down and looks back at Charlie]  Probably later.

    Charlie Fineman : Silver Bullet, or Seger System?

    Nigel Pennington : Well, actually, I-I don't like either of those albums.

    Charlie Fineman : That's funny, 'cause they're not albums. Those are his bands.

    [Alan looks down at the realization that Charlie knows Nigel is a therapist and that Nigel lied to him] 

    Charlie Fineman : Seger's an artist. A genius. An American original. And what are *you*, Nigel? A therapist? Is that it? You're sizing me up. You're on the case, now you're gonna *fix* me?

    Nigel Pennington : No, look, I was out for a... a nice afternoon; I ran into my old friend...

    Charlie Fineman : Oh, bullshit! You *stink* like a shrink. You got shrink hands. You ordered your salad like a shrink.

    Alan Johnson : Okay, let's stop. This was my mistake.

    Nigel Pennington : No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, this is good.

    Alan Johnson : No, no, it was my mista...

    Nigel Pennington : No, a-a-a-and... how does a shrink order his salad?

    Alan Johnson : Don't, Nigel.

    Nigel Pennington : In your opinion, I'd like to know.

    Charlie Fineman : [Immediately stands off his chair and confronts Nigel. He tightens his hands, and tenses his shoulders as he stands over him]  Let's go outside right now. I'm gonna beat your ass. I will BEAT your ass, shrink wrap!

    [People in the diner wearily look over] 

    Charlie Fineman : "Seger fan?" You'd get you ass kicked in a fucking Seger concert!

    Alan Johnson : Charlie - !

    Charlie Fineman : Get the fuck up! Get up! I made you in the record store the minute I saw your dorky face. OUTSIDE!

    Alan Johnson : Okay, Charlie. Calm down.

    Charlie Fineman : [Charlie's breath becomes heavy after unleashing his rage toward Nigel. He looks at Alan and stares at him; it was then that he realized, Alan planned the whole meeting with Nigel. Feeling betrayed and lied to, he makes his way out of the diner by storming through the now silent eatery]  You liar!

    [He then swung the glass door open and left] 

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