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Liv Tyler: Angela Oakhurst



  • Angela Oakhurst : I disagree strongly with that finding. Your Honor, I think that Charlie needs to find his own way. Not on our time, but on Charlie's time, and I think that will happen. He'll find people that will fill his life again. Not today, but soon... slowly.

    Mr. Fallon : Can I just ask a question about your life experience in regard to this long-term illness? I'm curious, how old are you?

    Charlie Fineman : What does that have to do with anything?

    Judge Raines : Dr. Fineman...

    Charlie Fineman : That question sucks, your Honor.

    Mr. Fallon : It's actually a good question.

    Charlie Fineman : No, no, no! It sucks. It sucks. You know if we're gonna talk about age... he's gotta go to little league practice.

  • [Charlie is meeting Angela for the first time. Angela goes off to get a cup of coffee] 

    Charlie Fineman : Are you kidding me? She's a baby.

    Alan Johnson : Listen, you're right, she's young. But, she's-she's good. She's got a lot of experience with *loss* and grief counseling. Just give her a...

    Charlie Fineman : [interrupting]  She's got nice tits, that's not good.

    Alan Johnson : Since when?

    Charlie Fineman : [pause]  Good point.

    Alan Johnson : Listen. Look, we'll just do the meet-and-greet, you'll see what you think and if you like her, we'll just... we'll go from there.

    Charlie Fineman : Am I wrong about her tits, though?

    Alan Johnson : No, you're right. They're wonderful.

    Angela Oakhurst : So what are you guys talking about? What's so wonderful?

    [silence from Charlie and Alan] 

  • Angela Oakhurst : Charlie, before you go, I'd like to say something. Look, the fact is you had a family and you suffered a great loss, and until you discuss that and we can really talk about that, this is all just an exercise. I can be patient, Charlie, but you need to tell someone your story. It doesn't have to be me, but someone.

  • Angela Oakhurst : You wait for me enough times out on the street though, you might owe me some dental work.

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