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Watch it for its style element and exceptionally opulent sets
ssvikas20 June 2007
How many stars or superstars in India have the status of being treated like a God, being cheered at every punch-line or cool gesture, being in a position where a mere nod has the potential to change political fortunes? From his humble beginnings as a bus conductor in Bangalore, Shivaji Rao Gaekwad, aka Superstar Rajnikanth is simply larger than life and this time it has just gone bigger with Sivaji, his one hundredth Tamil flick. With more than 700 shows on a single day running now, it just can’t get any bigger.

With an enormous budget, which according to varied reports ranges between INR60Cr to INR80Cr, Sivaji is the most expensive Indian film to date; with nearly INR35Cr and overseas rights going to the highest paid lead star Rajnikanth. The dizzy numbers easily outweigh any of the stars of Bollywood and compares with Jackie Chan, the highest paid actor in Asia who is an exponent in the genre of stunt based action and style.

In his latest flick Rajnikanth plays the title role Sivaji, a US returned wealthy software engineer turned social reformer. Incidentally, his name in the movie is same as his original Maharashtran name and also the name of the legendary king. In his path, the reformist finds many obstacles which, needless to say are handled with unprecedented ease and in a populist approach with lots of cool and crazy style thrown in.

For worshipper fans, Rajnikanth gives them an overdose of style. The opulent sets, especially for the song vaaji vaaji are beyond proportion. With numerous costumes and hairdo changed nearly for every couple of lines. The outdoor shots are equally creative with a colorful group song, El Mariachi style sets for one and European locales for another. Shriya has done a fabulous job of looking great as both, an item girl in the songs and as a homely girl in the story. Nayantara too did a great jig in the first song. Although AR Rahman was not up to his usual mark, the sets compensated for it.

Coming to the substantive part of the movie, the story, script and dialogues, my review may not be on the dot since I didn’t really get all of the Tamil dialogues. I should have ideally seen a Telugu version. But, really, how does language matter when most of the movie can be understood by situation. Style and opulence are there for all to see. In what is a departure from full Tamil dialogues, Rajnikanth is a suave and cool computer wizard with some English dialogues. May be, this was designed to appeal to Gen-next Southerners, many of whom are well placed software engineers in India and abroad.

Although some may argue that Rajnikanth movies are all about unrealistic style, it is important to consider that this in itself is a different genre. Similar unreal & stylish movies include Quentin Tarantino flicks like Desperado, its sequel, Chinese flicks where people fly, Bond flicks and of course and the Recent Dhoom 2. The last Rajnikanth movie I saw was Padaiyappa which I felt was a tad more realistic. But, who cares about realism when you know fully well that stylish movies are usually no-brainers and especially when you see a whole multi-ethnic multiplex audience going into frenzy at every other scene!
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Sivaji - The Boss
kbs_sugadev18 June 2007
Sivaji - The Boss Whenever I go to a movie, I just wish to forget the logic and want to be entertained for 3 hours completely. This is what happened to me, a thorough entertainment. One of the best movies by Superstar.

Rajini - He is all the way in this movie unlike padayappa or Chandramukhi. The opening scenes were too good. As everybody else have exploited the plot, it is about black money and a timing one. Shankar wants his ideas to be expressed loudly and he has chosen Superstar this time and has given it pretty well. There were some loop holes, which may be forgiven as this is just a movie (How can people expect a natural drama with Rajini?).

With Vivek, he makes the crowd go crazy with comedy, especially when Vivek stops Rajini from telling punch dialogues and when Rajini speaks about PROFESSIONAL ETHICS to a corrupt minister.

Costumes and make up help Rajini to look younger. Commendable work by the group. Scenes, where Rajini looks Whiter, puts the audience in surprise.

Styles and Actions are too good. Villain Suman has given his best for his role. Shreya looked like Diva in song sequences and fits for purpose.

Mottai rajini rocks everyone on theatre.

Finally Shankar wanted a film based on a strong message for Black money and Rajini has once again shown why he is an uncrowned Emperor of Indian Cinema.

Forget the logic, go watch the movie and get yourself treated. Because Shankar and Rajini have given the best of their PROFESSIONAL ETHICS.
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100% Rajni movie
vimaln18 June 2007
This is a 100% Rajni movie.

One has to see the movie and experience it. No words to describe the sensation.

Shankar has used Rajni's talents 100%.

The movie has everything. #Style #Grand and Rich #Action #Comedy #Message #Romance

and above all #Rajni

I watched the movie in USA. The fans were crazy. We whistled and clapped and it was a fun to watch the movie. The movie was full house on both the shows we had.
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Excellent!!! 'superstar' Rajinikanth All The Way!!
The_Jihadi15 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sivaji starts on with Superstar Rajinikanth (Sivaji) in jail. Sivaji goes in his flashback and there we witness that sivaji comes from America to chennai for business. He makes a plan of making a Medical Institute for Open Heart Surgery for poor people who cannot afford High Amount for the surgery. But the Evil (Suman) doesn't approve it. Instead of making this institute one should better make Shopping Malls and Multiplexes is what he believes.

Sivaji proceeds with his plans and stopped by Anti Social Elements. A typical Director Shankar's characters such as Curropt Ministers, Curroupt Officors etc. Suman with the help of the corrupt system makes sivaji poor. But sivaji bounces back with his new plan of Exposing those Curroupt people by their unofficial hidden black money and illegal documents and plays his games of getting the black money to his US Account and turning it into donation and continue making the Medical Institute for poor.

The camera work is just brilliant. Director Shankar once again proves that he is much much much higher than any other Indian Film Maker in Film Making. Musically the film is awesome!! A R Rahman does it again. The sets (Totta Tharani) speaks the amount of money that has gone into. Till date this film is Asia's Most Expensive Film. Approximate budget of Indian Rupees 150 Crores!!! Performancewise Super Star Rajinikanth is just Brilliant!! An out and out show stealer. Shriya does not matches the superstar's caliber but still she is good. Vivek is good too. Suman is very good as the evil. Raghuvaran has just 4 scenes to perform but comes good as a surprise!! The film has it all!! Superstar Rajinikanth and Director Shankar creates magic on the screen!! A film that is not to be missed at any cost!! Bravo!!!
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Rajni all the way through !!! Shankar falling way below his standard !!
scorpion8314 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Just came back from the preview screening of Sivaji here in Chennai .. Overall the movie was excellent .. just because Rajni carried the movie all the way through !!

The plot was very good but the way it was presented was very weak .. still the one man show does the trick and no one could stop enjoying the movie !! It was a treat to watch the totally reinvigorated Rajni of early years ... The first half was good with good comedy from Rajni and Vivek whereas I felt that a whole lot was missing in the second half. Though the Adhiradikaran song and the build up towards that .. with Rajni enacting Sivaji, MGR and Kamal Haasan was just enough to make me watch this movie second time ... it was just the maximum we could expect from a Rajni movie !

Shankar has done an excellent job with the comedy scenes, songs picturisation (Oru Koodai was extremely good !!), story theme and in overall presentation but should have concentrated a lot more on the screenplay. Had it not been Rajni in this movie, im sure that this would have bombed at the box office with just a small puff of smoke !!

Rajni .. I have no words to describe the portrayal of the character of Sivaji and MGR (Yes .. You read it right !!). He has done a marvelous job and no wonder he is the un-comparable SuperStar of Indian cinema. The first scene of the second half .. in the tea stall .. is just one scene that would prove that he is the leader in dialogue delivery, dark humor and style. Just awesome !!

Overall, we had total fun for the money we spent starting from the dance in front of the theatre before the movie to enjoying the terrific performance by the icon !! As a Rajni fan I would rate this movie a 10/10 for having all what we expect from a Rajni movie !! and as a normal viewer I would rate it a 6/10 .. Yes .. Shankar could have done a lot more !! Enjoy the movie !!
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Sivaji - One of the BOSS(Best of Super Star)
maakkr2117 June 2007
Movie starts with the normal logic as our Super Star want to do good things to the society by constructing a University but villain Suman (who has done a decent job) creates lot of difficulties ...the story goes with the slow pace and our Super Star falls in love and wants to marry the gorgeous Shriya( She looks so beautiful and fits her role perfectly) .Normally our Super Star will not have any trouble to make a girl fall in love or mostly girl's will be running around to impress him but here it is different, our Super Star has to struggle to win the heart of Shriya . Vivek comes with our Super Star for most of the scene but honestly speaking I didn't feel a great sense of comedy through him when compared to his previous movies. At one stage our Super Star is in bankrupt because of the hurdles made by the villain. There comes the interval ,after seeing the first half , I did n't feel a great impact on the movie, bit worried whether I am watching a movie which is worth of the price 20 Euro (double the price of a English/Hindi movie) I paid because of slow pace and normal comedy scenes.

Now come the Second half, starting with Thalaivar tossing the coin and starting his revenge, from here the Movie goes like a Jet flight. Our Thalaivar rocks with the awesome look and style. Lots of humorous scenes and extraordinary fights in the Second half adds more feathers to the Success hat. The Most fantastic part of the Movie is the last 15 minutes where our Super Star turns from Sivaji to MGR, I wish MGR could have introduced much earlier. Movie ends with our Super Star's Victory over villain as well as in the movie.

Sivaji's technical team has done a tremendous job especially Cinematography, Art Direction,Editing... .

Fights and songs are too good where our Thalaivar has done a Kalakal(super) performance. ..

AR Rahman ,no wonder about his role in the movie which is a major pillar for success

Shankar has used his high cost formulas in an efficient way for our Super Star which made me feel that I am watching a movie which is worth of the price, I paid.

-Sivaji is a huge feast for Rajini Fans, you will enjoy 200% guaranteed entertainment if you search Super Star Rajini in Sivaji but if you search Shankar in Sivaji then only 20 % so enjoy the movie ,don't look for logic as well as Shankar.

Sivaji worth watching again and one of the BOSS(Best of Super Star)
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The Real Style
jbragadeesh30 June 2007
When the best people in the south Indian cinema meet (Shankar, Rajini, A.R.Rehman, AVM), the expected hype will be too much. There was a lot of pressure on both the fan's part and the movie makers' part to make Sivaji a huge hit by all means. It was a long time since padayappa, they've seen Rajini in full action. Baba was a clear let down. Chandramukhi was not a Super star centered movie. And for his reputation and style, the fans were very thirsty and were ready to see movie of any kind with their super star in form. In fact, i am a hardcore superstar fan. And i was one of the thirsty fans waiting to see my hero in action. For a guy like me, this movie has everything in it. A nice blend of action, comedy, stunts and THE STYLE of Super star. You cannot expect too much logic. Not for the super star. The director has to satisfy both his fans and Rajini's fans. I felt totally satisfied after coming out of the theater. Well, the movie did have pitfalls but the star's style easily dominated them. Overall rating : 8 out of 10.
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Fight corruption in style...SUPERSTYLE
navenkumarselva23 January 2016
This movie is just Rajini-show all the way through, fighting corruption with his unique style and mannerism,this is surely a win-win situation for the Superstar and Shankar.This is definitely not Shankar's best,movies like Indian and MUDHALVAN were better when it came to showing real life events real,nevertheless this is just pure entertainment.The supporting casts such as Vivek,Shriya and Suman the villain did a tremendous job.The villain had a special makeover which removes him from his original face,brilliant make ups,magnificent cinematography,not A.R Rahman's best work,but certainly a good soundtrack and there were many songs which became big hits,overall a huge family entertainer and corruption fighter.Lets fight corruption in style,SUPERSTYLE...
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A rajini buffet!
faizermohomed521 August 2013
If you want to see a Negro RAJINI, a Caucasian RAJINI, RAJINI performing daredevil stunts, RAJINI performing slapstick comedy, breath taking dance moves by RAJINI, an Emotional RAJINI, the philanthropist RAJINI, The Stylish RAJINI, The "Villain" RAJINI and finally the ultimate mass hero, the super star RAJINI - This is the movie for you. Rajini being chiseled by director shankar who has packaged whole of the above ingredients into a wafer thin plot and made a wholesome entertainer that leaves you yearning for more of the one and only RAJINI diet. A must watch for those who require a stress buster after a hard grind and a decent entertainer for those who seek time pass, an entertainer which requires you to keep your brain safe in a locker and just play the DVD, sit in front of the monitor and ENJOY!!!!!!
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Entertainment guaranteed
rar_ind14 July 2007
Those who think that the movie is not that good, should watch it again because many like me have enjoyed the movie very much the second time!! rajini's acting,style and his sheer presence are the highlights of the movie....shankar has given his best too....shreya looks sexy all the way....vivek's role as a sidekick goes well as well....all the people behind the camera deserve a standing applause as well....lot of money has gone into this movie-nearly 80 crores INR - solely dependent on Superstar's fame...and the way people have received this movie,it might bring in lot of profit to the producers/distributors and whomever concerned with the movie....a must watch for every rajini fan and for others,watch it sans expectations....100% enjoyment ride
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rajdoctor2 July 2007
Rajnikant is a superstar of South Indian Tamil cinema. He has more than 50,000 fan clubs and he is worshipped as God in his Tamil - land. His movies are awaited eagerly and released with festivities and gala fair. This movie Sivaji is the costliest movie of India USD 21 million – 5 to 10 time higher budget than usual movies. Within its first 2 weeks it has already done business of more than USD 25 million in India. In UK too it raked above – Pirates of the Caribbean 3, Oceans' 13 etc. It is just Rajnikant's antics that people come to watch. He is a typical aging superstar of India – dancing and fighting! Director Shankar has carved a niche for himself of tackling the subject of corruption with big star-cast, big movies and in a commercial format. This was the first engagement of Shankar with Rajnikant and it has to be BIG and good! That is what I expect.

The story is about a NRI computer engineer Sivaji (Rajnikant) who comes to India to do charitable work (story of Swades!?). His good work is blocked by red-tape, bureaucracy and corruption at every level – even after giving bribes he does not succeed and ends up in jail. Then he comes out and seeks revenge in more unlawful ways to achieve his dream. Parallel to this there is a love story of Sivaji with Tamilselvi (Shreya) and comedy track with of Sivaji with his friend Arivu (Vivek).

The movie is over-the-top and only Rajni fans would like the movie. It is a typical commercial Indian masala format – with gaudy dresses, sets, huge dance troops, anti-gravity defining stunts, hero bashing 15-20 goons, gross comedy – and the list goes on and on and on…It is all in all a Rajni movie! Director Shankar has not left any stone un-turn in including every gimmick that will bring claps and cheers to the Rajni clan of front benchers.

I was expecting a bit more intelligent movie from Director Shankar, but I was let down. As the major box office collections are ringing and filling the distributors' accounts – everyone is having the last laugh and happy times.

A.R.Rahman's musical score is a big let down; the background score is a bit better and tempo driven. Rajni has acted with his usual style and zip. This is my first movie viewing of heroine Shreya, and she looks beautiful and acts well. Vivek as a comedian gives ample support to Rajni's whimsical feats.

It is so strange to hear that Sivaji that is a south Indian Tamil movie is doing good business in North Indian Territory. Thanks to the media hype and the overseas collection of this movie. If illiterate villagers in India can sometimes watch an English language movie and like it – why not a Tamil language movie? Sad thing is that it requires North Indians to go out and see this movie only after overseas / international success of this movie.

In India we do not require – Superman, Batman, Spiderman – we have our Rajniman. I will end up with the catch-line spoken by Sivaji – Cool.

Anyway - Sorry the movie was not so COOL to me!

(Stars 5 out of 10)
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Sega Fight-a Sivaji Right-a Give Me Three Time Style Yea..
pmbadur22 June 2007
The most hyped movie in Tamil Film Industry for the past two years. It was hyped because it was to be hyped as such. Forget about the logic, forget about to story telling and creative thinking. Just sit back and relax for three hours and enjoy the movie. Since you will not watch this movie if any other actors have done the lead part.

The movie has to be watched one and only for Rajni Kanth's performance and style. Initially it was extremely doubted how Shreya could be a joint for Rajni Kanth. But Shankar's idea was not wrong, they had a very good Chemistry if you do not think Rajni Kanth is in his 60,s and Shreya's in 24 or something in their age.

Coming to direction and the story part. Shankar seems to be totally confused about the story plot, the way he crafted it. A confused climax. In the previous movies of Shankar the message is the one drives the whole movie, where as in Sivaji. The message comes in the climax that Rajni did all this to remove the black money in the country and yet to see that poorer are still poor. You need to watch closely at the end of the climax you still see people selling cows in village tradition using a money card. The message comes at last so that you wont find a clue about the complete mis direction of the story that they were not able to find a way how to end the movie.

Music - Yet another A.R. Rahman's midas touch.

Special Effects - Well done K.V. Anand who has worked for one year to complete the STYLE song. Heard it is a DV Technology and nothing to do with the Graphics.

Stunt Choreography - In the climax fight,it was showed Rajni's going to fly like as in Matrix but its just nothing. Too many longer fight scenes without any good cause could have made them shorter.

A lot of hard work has been done. Could have come better if Rajni Kanth's talent have been employed properly.

Overall a must watch Rajni Kanth;s movie I give a 8/10 because of Rajni Kanth.
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sivaji,not a shankar'
cberameshin21 June 2007
sivaji is a visual treat for all rajni lovers and unfortunately not shankar'.you can see the technical brilliance handled lavishly as in all other shankar messages were good,but the director has not worked to remove the flaws in the story.usually his stories are uncommon and the flaws in those films cannot be seen until you think on it.sivaji is an exception-common story even though he has tried to create an awareness on a hidden social cause,flaws show themselves clearly in the story.

inspite of this the film has an enormous response only because of rajni!one and only rajni! Every frame of the film has been done grandly.good work by the film crew.screenplay is fast.songs were rich and stylish.

if shankar had satisfied for the flaws in the film,the world would have turned on him in appreciation.
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F*****G Load Of Crap !!!
stiva9 July 2007
Warning: Spoilers
$20,000,000.00, wasted...

No Logic... Very Cheap humor... Not Shankar's original... My prediction came true...

Same concept over and over again... Guess the director couldn't come up with a different story... The graphics in the movie are in such a way that it looks like it's telling graphics are used here... Very cheap graphics... Cheap action... Shriya has no role at all... Even the songs are very bad... A bit disappointed with A.R.Rahman, this time... Also, with Shankar too, I was disappointed... I mean, come on Shankar, you can do much better than this... What, you couldn't a different story other than political corruption ??? Enough with this crap... We get it... We already got your point in your first movie, Gentleman itself... You don't have to rub it on our a**** over and over again... So far you have done a total of 8 movies and only 4 are different... Try to think outside the box....

A movie full of trash... Total garbage...

This movie doesn't deserve a budget of $20,000,000...

Come on directors !!! Do a sensible movie... Get a different story... Try something new...

For style alone, I give it 1/10... On second thought, this movie doesn't deserve that single vote too... Styles not memorable like his old styles... Not a memorable movie too... I was really lucky not to have spent $17 for this crap...

Caution to Rajni fans:- -------------------

Stay away from this comment if you can't stand criticism... I may not be a Rajni fan, but, I like movies with excellent plots and good stories...
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just an average movie with a weak storyline
sanju_k16 June 2007
The movie is a usual shankar's movie with a theme which he has followed from his earlier films like genlteman, Indian and so on. The big hype created for this movie goes just in vain and doesn't seem to satisfy the audience. The first half of the movie has nothing to do with story just mean comedy. The second half may start of well then of no use a cliché which shankar follows.

The director has not taken much importance to the story which he has taken to create rajni's looks which is rather ridiculous and funny. The movie's +ve aspects may be the camera work by k v anand and music by ar rahman.

The movie is all about bringing up a better country without corruption by one man Sivaji.
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An All In One Package , Nothing Special
niralji6 December 2008
The fact that Rajini was the lead character in this movie made it all a huge box office. As I was watching the movie, it felt like the earlier monochrome movies Rajini was in years ago came to a waste in the current films his in. As mentioned, this movie has it all- from proclaimed director S.Shankar to well know music director A R Rahman, however the lack of depth in story makes it all shallow. Many say go watch this movie for Superstar's Rajini's super style, yet it was overly done making it a little weird to watch, sort of may I say childish, and could have been brought down a little bit. But I shall say no more on this styles as most of the Indian community are absorbed to it.

Anything special to expect from Sivaji? Nothing. Why watch it? If you're a fan for his 'stlye', go ahead. Is this a movie worth to watch for its story? Not quite, everything is cliché, you have the super bad guys and the super goody and the super comedian, its a tosai or naan. But who's actually going for the story, Rajini can be making a 100 more films like this and a million more will be filling up the cinema sits.

Folks, it's time for a REALISTIC change.
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Truly amazing !!!!!!!!!!!!
digan_sam16 June 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sivaji is those kind of films which have humour,fun,action,romance all laced with a social fact all shankar's movies have come out with a social message...But the sad thing people watch it just like a movie and they don't imbibe all the messages shankar tells in their real life... u cant find better action than this in Indian films.. u cant find a better social message than this in Indian films/ romance and fun are good indeed..but i wont say they are the best we've had in Indian cinema.... that too the last 30 mins, are the electrifying moments of Indian cinema...suman,shreya,raghuvaran.vivek all have acted well..shreya looks sexier than ever,,,.. In terms of acting, Rajini truly rocks..this is surely his best movie...but we'll have to wait and see, if he does better movies in future, or this is his best..guys, all ill say is that , this is a total family entertainer, with no gory bloodshed..the message this film intends to say is really awesome..i hope that message reaches all politicians and businessman, and they do understand the truth what shankar and rajini intend to say....
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Worst. film. ever.
screen-name-19 September 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Sivaji, a computer engineer from the U.S. returns to his native country with a considerable fortune. Being the typical kind-hearted hero, he wants nothing more than to put his money to use by building a college. And, in the typical fashion of Shankar, those absolutely heartless and corrupted government officials pull the plug on construction. The rest of the movie revolves around Sivaji fighting corruption in the government while at the same time romancing a girl called Tamizhselvi (or Uma, if you watched the Telugu version). The major problems I have had with this movie are as follows:

1. This movie is much too formulaic. The hero is the typical perfect, strong, smart, noble, beat-20-guys-up-at-a-time type. And of course, this hero who wants to do nothing but serve his people is up against the typical brainchild corrupt politician of Shankar. Hero defeats villain+hero wins heroine= really weak plot.

2. Tamizhselvi is a supporting character that would probably have standard-audience feminists raiding theaters. She serves no purpose than to stand by her hero looking worried when he gets hurt, and then frolicking around him half-naked during a song. You'll notice that many reviewers who loved the movie left no comment about her other than "Shriya looked beautiful." Also note that she was responsible for landing Sivaji in jail. Because, you know, in masala movies it is IMPOSSIBLE for a hero to do anything wrong. The only thing I can say in favor of the character was that at least she saved Sivaji from being hit by a train (and even then, it required her to take part of her sari off).

3. This is a disgrace to physics and physiology alike. Those that have seen the movie will remember the scene in which a young boy on the construction site of the college was electrocuted. Luckily there was a veteran doctor nearby. You'd think that someone who has been professionally involved in the medical sciences would know basic first aid, but then again, you'd be wrong. After this child was electrocuted, the good doc placed him on a convenient platform and gave him CPR, and miraculously, the child woke. There was no mention of an ambulance being called, and the boy didn't have any burns at all that had to be treated. However, the parents were given a lecture by Sivaji about how young boys should be in school. I would have let this one pass, if the movie hadn't done a second scene in which the hero was electrocuted. You see, Sivaji was in jail, and was being tortured at the hands of corrupt officials. To escape, he concocted a brilliant plan in which he would die and then come back to life. He electrocuted himself on a nearby power line. The bad guys find him, and to avoid getting in trouble they shipped him out in a van. After some clever usage of trucks, his friends got the body back, and the same doctor brought him back to life with a Defibrillator. Again, no burns were treated, and this movie forgets that according to common rules of CPR, a Defibrillator is only effective within the first moments of cardiac arrest.

Yes, these imperfections and inconsistencies and more await those who choose to see this over-hyped and over rated film.That, and mediocre acting and song-writing.
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Realistic Cinema At Its Best: Cinematic Achievement of the Highest Order
MubukuGrappa22 October 2010
Warning: Spoilers
When the name of the "Honorable Thalaivar", Superstar Dr. Rajnikanth is associated with a film, realism and logical coherence become the cornerstones of the film. Sivaji is just another example of that.

For example, a formula film would have got overzealous and the hero would have gone after corrupt people of the foreign countries, once he cleans up India, but Not the Honorable Thalaivar! He knows that, in spite of his character possessing a US Green Card, he would have to get visa of various countries to go there; surely a man of his workload can not afford to do that, as this would be a total waste of time. Instead the Honorable Thalaivar spends the time founding colleges and medical institutions in various parts of Tamilnadu. This is real cinema at best! Similarly, when a kid gets electric shock, the Superstar scolds his parents, but only after the kid is cured by the Doctor; a non-realistic cinema would have shown the hero saving the kid himself, but not Rajnikanth. This is what realistic cinema is all about! Shivaji is the story of a noble human being, someone who worked in the US for many years, made billions of rupees (yes, billions with a B), and then has returned to his motherland Tamilnadu to do good for the people, to establish college and medical colleges/hospitals for free service to the poor people. However, he has not neglected his poor parents, he has not remembered his past, when he spent days without food and roamed without shoes. To compensate for that, he bought a huge mansion for his parents, bought them expensive car and every luxury that money can buy.

Similarly, when he is sent the video of the villain conspiring with the police, he does what is best for him and the people around him. Instead of sending the video to the court, thus dragging the judiciary into lengthy legal proceedings, and wasting a lot of tax money and time of the judiciary, he conceives of an ingenious plan to escape and expose the culprits. The director shows how a person tied and locked inside a room can still use the power of electricity to rescue himself. This is the pinnacle of realistic cinema. This movie is a great achievement for Tamil cinema and the Honorable Thalaivar; with this movie both of these surpass all their previous achievements and milestones!

Not only that, but the hero has not lost his heart either, in spite of all his busy schedule and troubles; he has filled his cupboards with the most expensive of jewelry for his beloved and arranged for a house full of luxuries that his future wife may need. This is the story of a man who has not lost his innocence. The way he charms his heroine, is pure brilliance and romantic cinema at its best.

Great movie, great dance numbers, great love/romance sequence, great action. Everyone must see this movie many times.

Highly recommended. Not to be missed at any cost!

Your comments may reach me at pinchashodi and the domain is yahoo.
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The Boss is back!!!
gudmonty7 September 2007
Sivaji-the boss is an "outright" entertainer.Though its not Shanker's best and its off d' same formula its still widely entertaining. Firstly we'll move on to our only "superstar"RAJNI..he's 56 and still energetic and he walks d' same as v used to c him in his 30's.His style rocks as usual.I can tell u all that shanker has exploit'd Rajni to d' max.The climax scene where he comes in his Bald look actually is really really awesome and his body language is what you call the real STYLE!!!. NOW to Shreya.She's homely and cute pls forget that in all the song sequences otherwise she looks homely in saris.Her voice sync. is pretty bad. Vivek as Rajni's uncle(mama)carries the movie very well.He adds more spice.The comedy scenes are very well reached especially where he delivers PUNCH dialouges.And Rajni along with him ROCKS!!!.He's one of finest actors who's got that body language for comedy. Now move on to the negatives.The story is'nt impressive and its not Shanker's best.You feel shanker has lost his magic and he lavishly wastes money on very silly things.The climax is'nt impressive too.It looks like Shanker dint know how to finish the movie.And the car fight seq. is pretty hilarious at the end. But on the whole as a commercial movie..SIVAJI-THE BOSS rocks!!!It's got everything for a box-office hit(a smashing hit!!).It's a Rajni film more than Shanker's.So for all die-had fans of Rajni it's a massive treat.For shanker's fans its a bit disappointment but lets wait for his next venture "ROBO".
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Shivaji is 100% Rajini, with "over-the-limit" elements, and hence suffers...
nravidas15 June 2007
Wow, I guess the most talked about film of the Century to-date is finally here. I just viewed it in Michigan. What can I say, without being disrespectful to the Super Star, who has unfortunately been elevated to a comic book Super Hero status here, sad to say. Shivaji started off very promising (similar to Anniyan) in the first half. From the 2nd half onwards, everything in the film started getting over the top (the acting, the sets, the action, the CGI, the violence, the costumes). How it dragged on for 3 hours...!

Granted, this is a Rajini film and his fans want to see him in action, but it becomes over-the-top and hence distasteful...(sigh). How much CGI of the man in action will thrill us? Thank God, we had comedian extraordinaire Vivek to spice up moments. Truly, Vivek made the film very enjoyable. I am actually waiting for the day, film-makers in India will make a Vivek film. That will be the day....

The songs were good, I really enjoyed the Vaji Va song and it really got me going. Sahana was very melodious but Udit Narayan killed the lyrics! The rest of the songs were nice, but not memorable, very unlike Vidya Sagar's songs in Chandramukhi, which struck a chord in my heart instantly. The opening Rajini song....was not punchy enough. The lush and colourful sets and scenery were astoundingly beautiful. Well, whoever behind the camera has done his role extremely well.

If you are a true-blue Rajini fan, then watching this movie would be like going for a 40-course buffet! For the rest, you would be able to savour some nice moments here and there in the film but end up with an unpleasant feeling....

What disappointed me most was the message in the film, and how the Boss went about getting his deed done with brute force, violence, bloody revenge and tonnes of cash, literally....Bottom-line, his accomplishments and dreams were realised, but in a negative style. Yes, what a style...some style.

In conclusion, Shivaji conquers the bad guys and his fans and will be remembered as the most stylised Matrix-Bond-Robin Hood-Rajini-over-the-years film of Tamil Nadu and perhaps even India, but does not capture the heart...sorry Boss!
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standard audiences -stay away from this crap
vijil-johnson15 June 2007
this is the worst shankar movie i have seen the film has the worst choreographed stupid fight scenes and an unbelievable car collision scenes in which all the cars colliding with rajni's vehicle are being shown flying like paper pieces. that sequence devastated the entire movie. the songs are not at all beautifully pictured .agreed,costly sets are used ,but it is sheer waste and looks unpleasant to eyes. the timing of the songs is the worst. dialogs are pretty good and the basic plot is also good.comedy at some parts are great,especially involving rajni and vivek.but vivek steals the show. but the picturisation is the worst. shreya has been used as a sex symbol in the movie. so the male audience will be happy. also nayanthara looks so sexy in an item number . by seeing the film it is sure that rajni had directed this caper and shankar was sidelined.

summary:the story had good potential, but the final picture

was a crap.

verdict:only real hardcore rajni fans should see it. for erotic purpose the film is good. standard audiences stay away from it.

prediction : the movie will do good in Tamil nadu as most of the

people go to the movie only to see rajni.
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Nothing but a "Croak of SH1T".. Pathetic ..#*@!!
Maverick200718 October 2007
Warning: Spoilers
Face it guys, this is nothing but a movie for dick heads.. F****D Up man.. Totally F****D Up...

Just because Rajani has got a star status,we can't accept any crap he comes out with;he has to be choosy with the script and choose roles that suit his age.. hey man, grow up...!!

I don't get it.. this is supposed to be a $20 million movie and all they could come out with is pure Trash... i've heard that most of the budget have been spend on Rajani's makeup like hair fixing and going the extreme of using computer graphics to make Rajani look fairer in song sequences..

I would say even cartoons have better script than this one. Maybe they'll make Rajani the next superhero who can kick ass the Superman & Spiderman.Well,lemme see the possibilities here.. how 'bout "The Incredible Rajani" or maybe "The Masked Rajani".. Cool.huh..!!!

No logic throughout the movie; the fight scenes are the worst & stunts defies all laws of Physics(Einstein would've had a stroke if he'd seen this movie;lucky for him,he's not around to go through all that torture)...

and you know something... this is funny.. it even defies the laws of medical science.. man, an electrocuted guy coming to life; gimme a break..!! If only he'd revealed how it's done, we could've saved a lot of electrocuted people everyday..!! Come on..!!

Again the movie has nothing resembling a plot & it's always the same old story of the supposed to be "dashing,young,nice,singing,dancing" hero trying to do something good for the people and the resulting face off with the villain..

And as always the young(younger than his own daughter!!),sexy but dumb heroine screws up everything and the extra nice,forgiving hero has to bring everything back together..

Also, the climax is always very predictable.. it always has to be a " Happily ever after " just like in fairy tales or producers face the threat of burned down theaters by dumb fans.!!

Oh my..we don't want that happening, do we..?!!
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Total Piece of Crap
maxreev19 January 2009
I watched this movie because of the widespread popularity.But dear readers,i gotta say,this nothing but some piece of crap.The film starts with the hero IE Rajni Kant coming to India to invest his money in the welfare of his native people.It is felt that he is acting as a software engineer(i mean fake engineer),he doesn't have a good look even though his face is been whitewashed in a song.Seems like he studied martial arts under ninja masters in engineering college because he is cracking 100s of people with objects such as guitar.There is another scene in the film where he destroys lots of cars using his car and he exhibits cycle stunts with an SUV.Then towards the end,some crap sentiments has been stuffed.Overall,this movie is for someone who doesn't have any brains,especially who don't know about scientists like Newton,Einstein etc.Oh boy these scientists would have killed Rajni Kant and then suicide themselves(Otherwise Tamils would have killed these guys).
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i've seen better movies
slifer999910 September 2007
I've waited 3 long months just to watch this movie and from all the records it was breaking, day by day, my expectations were sky-rocketing. But when i watched the movie just a few days back, i was REALLY blown. I personally liked Aparichithudu a lot better than Sivaji because of better screenplay, story, and music. I expected Shankar to do better than Aparichithudu but he failed to do so. The sole plus of this film is RAJNI ALL THE WAY!!!!! Be it dances (give him a break, he is around 58) or fights, he performed really good. Especially scenes when he enacted NTR, ANR, and Chiranjeevi. Fights were OK (i liked the way they were shot on steadicam). Music by Rehman sucked BIG TIME! Cinematography was excellent. Like i said, Shankar disappointed big time with a weak screenplay but it is ONLY RAJNI who carries the film.
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